CW: Turn around bright eyes.

“I turned my back on the sun…”
– a prompt for this week’s CW piece.
[Source: a note with an idea I found, scribbled years ago]


I turned my back on the sun,

but it didn’t get offended.

It did not run away,

or hide behind the horizon.



it kept on climbing

the firmament

to get closer to me.


It cast a shadow

of gentle warmth

upon my face

and wrapped me

in its embrace.


Listen, Child…

it whispered.


I’ve learned many wise things,

but the one that stuck with me

was to just be yourself.


No matter who turns on you,

keep on walking.

Maybe even,

at some point,

extend a hand

and a warm smile.


Because maybe they weren’t turning

on you

but they turned

towards their future.


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9 thoughts on “CW: Turn around bright eyes.

Add yours

    1. I’m more than glad to do so! Thank you for asking.

      The story is about someone walking as the sun rises in front of them. But then, for one reason or another (maybe because the sun is in their eyes?), they turn around and walk in the opposite direction, turning their back to the sun. However, the sun is not affected, and so it keeps rising. Gliding through the sky towards the sunset spot. If you walk long enough (in a straight line), the sun will finally appear in front of you. That’s the logistics.

      But it made me think about people who leave their “friends” behind because they changed their path. It’s not because they don’t like them anymore, or feel superior, but because their path in life just changes. That friend shouldn’t just get offended because of that. Hence the last lines – maybe they grew apart because they were trying to follow their dreams. Not because they wanted to dissociate from their friend.

      Also, I feel like, because the sun is out there all day, observing us, it has a lot of lessons to teach.

      Does that make any sense?


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