HW: #WednesdayWisdom; Rest when you are dead.

It is not rare that I hear: “I will rest once I die” when I tell someone to calm down and take a break. While I admire their dedication, I try and remind such people that if they do not rest, they will die. If they want to achieve things, if they want to live, they do need to rest.

It can be hard sometimes to stop and take some time for ourselves in this crazy world of “rush, rush, rush”, but in the end it is you who makes the decision to get off the one-way train or stay on the express to hell.

The “P-word” – procrastination seems to be a taboo topic, especially on the Internet. We all know that in order to be a successful (whatever that means) blogger, you need to put in the work. You have to be either writing, or reading, or designing, etc. Just like with anything else. If you want to advance your career, you have to put in the time and sweat. If you want to learn a new language, you need to sit and study. If you want to write a book, you need to actually write it and not just think about writing it.

The World Wide Web is filled with ideas of how to manage our time more efficiently. It basically teaches us how to squeeze the most out of our time. Many people realize that they want to do so many different things, but only have limited time, and so these tools can be very helpful. Managing your time in a productive way is definitely a good thing. If you do so correctly, you will be able to get many more things done in a day. You will also feel less stressed.

However, sometimes we forget that we are humans and not robots. Sometimes we have enough of the “go-go-go” and decide to take a break. We put our feet up and sit in our lazy chair for 2 minutes and 21 seconds and then we jump out of it as if it was on fire. Procrastination has set in. Time to go Google how to fight it.

The thing is that procrastination is not always a waste of time. You might argue that procrastination IS a waste of time, because it is time you could have spent on achieving, or taking care of something. That is all well and true, but only to a degree. Have you ever made a mistake, or produced less than excellent work because you were tired? I know I have. Was it worth it? Sometimes the negative side effects are not too drastic, but sometimes they just might be. Think about a truck driver who falls asleep behind the wheel and causes an accident, killing 10 people. Extreme? Maybe a little. But there are plenty of smaller disasters waiting to happen if we do not rest. The quality of our work often declines, we are more prone to accidents, and our mood can be impacted and cause interpersonal issues.

Chances are that sometimes you take your procrastination to the max. You have just discovered a TV series that is on its 7th season, and so you decide to do nothing until you binge watch all of the previous episodes. Is that good? Probably not. But it is not a strong “Yes!”, either.

The secret lies in you and your head. The amount of time I need to revitalize my body most likely is not the same amount you need. And what you needed last month might not be the same as what you need now. Things continuously change. We get exhausted in different ways (mental vs. physical) and to different degrees. You need to listen to your body and… BE HONEST with yourself. If you are an independent adult, people will not be breathing down your neck reminding you to get back to work. You might be able to stay on that couch forever. You are your own manager. Instead of binging more than 6 seasons, try watching a couple of episodes and seeing how you feel. You might need to do a full season, but it is important to continuously check with yourself. Nothing will happen if you overfill your fuel tank, but you will lose precious time and you might have regrets for wasting time in the future.

Burn out is very real. It does not only happen to doctors. It can happen to all of us. If your body aches, go lay down. If your brain aches, go and take your mind off of things. The TV show is just a blanket term for anything that you use to procrastinate. Some techniques might be less or more harmful. Again, it is you who chooses how to relax. Just remember that you ARE accountable. Listen to your body to see if it really needs rest (and how much of it), and be honest with yourself. If your body feels good to go after the 3rd episode of the 2nd season, do not keep watching, or you might run into a risk of over-slobbing (you might become one with the couch). Just know that pre-setting a specific amount of time for procrastination might not always work, because you might need more time to recover than you initially thought would be sufficient. It is a constant balancing act. Know what you need and work towards it.

Stay golden,



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28 thoughts on “HW: #WednesdayWisdom; Rest when you are dead.

Add yours

  1. Ah, so true! I don’t look on it as procrastination though, resting is also doing. I use cats as my model… they can rest for two thirds of the day every day, but when they’re active they can achieve a lot!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like that comparison. The more you rest, the more energy you have, the more efficient you become. If you don’t rest and have no energy you waste so much time on doing sub-par stuff.


  2. You know! I can so relate to this right now. All I had been doing for the past 20 days was working, studying or writing exams. I was taking my proper time to sleep but still I was exhausted, not physically but mentally. I requested for an off today so that I could just relax. I feel so free. I needed this rest so desperately. Had been literally counting days and hours that were left when I’d be celebrating the moment I get over from the exams. Now that I have to go back to work tomorrow, I am feeling fresh and re-energised.

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      1. Yes! I feel so alive right now 🙂
        Have you been procastinating because you were sick? If not, when did you take this kinda rest last? Or are you planning to relax any time soon?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No, I did not rest when I was sick, because of my work duties. So I’m totally in need of some “doing nothing”. I’m not sure when the last time was. I’d like to say around Christmas time, but I was with family + travelling, and that doesn’t always allow for procrastination. We do have a long (3 days) weekend coming up at the end of May, and I’m hoping to take it to its full potential. I might do a pre-procrastination this Saturday, too, just to recharge until then.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Christmas was ages ago :O
            Wow! A 3 long weekend! That sounds great! I don’t think I’m getting more than 2 offs any time soon. No festivities during summer.
            Pre-procastination is a nice idea to keep yourself moving till the end of the month.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Here in the US the first 5 months of the year are tough. Unless you are a federal employee, once you start work on January 2nd, you get no time off until the end of May. Then there is a Holiday in July, September, November and of course December. The 2nd part of the year always goes by faster and smoother.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I think the year goes by faster in the second half in India also. Once we get done with summers, there’s a festival every now and then. Though you don’t get holidays for all of them, but everybody’s mood is festive all the time.
                But then I have to remember that I have joined the field of journalism- I really can’t be expecting offs of festivals too. No offs on Sundays too. But I am thankful that they give me two weekly offs and compensatory offs for the festivals.

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  3. I have always struggled with being on time, and I hate it when people say it’s due to procrastination. No, I need to procrastinate MORE.
    Typical morning: I am on my way out the door with a couple of minutes to spare, when I think of something I “ought” to do. Not necessarily now, I could procrastinate, but I think, “May as well do it while I’m thinking about it, so I don’t forget later.” So I set my keys down and go do the thing. Next thing I know, I’m running behind again.
    So please don’t tell me I need to stop procrastinating. Procrastinating is exactly what I need to do more often.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Late because of procrastination? I never thought of that. What a ridiculous explanation. I think it’s due to poor planning or organization skills. Or sometimes it’s because of the lack respect and consequences. Interesting to your perspective. Next time, put it on the list and walk out the door. That way you will be on time and won’t forget what you wanted to do.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t function when I am mentally exhausted, even with my blog at times I set a time when I would love to write and post but immediately I start feeling a certain kind of way I just turn off my laptop and go do something else or rest. Listening to our bodies is very important, stress isn’t my thing.

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  5. If I am procrastinating a lot on something, it’s time re-evaluate it. Is it truly necessary or am I pushing myself into something that I know, subconsciously, I shouldn’t.

    I have learned the HARD way…take care of yourself or ELSE.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tiredness leads to mistakes for sure. I sometimes we have to deliberating hold of a response or action cause we are tired. However, i would not call that procrastination, rather i call it wisdom, patience and sensible.
    Great and very detailed analysis.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I like this paragraph: “The amount of time I need to revitalize my body most likely is not the same amount you need. And what you needed last month might not be the same as what you need now. Things continuously change..” I learned the hard way that I cannot do things when I’m tired or not feeling well mentally/physically. I used to stay up late to finish the to-do list. Now, I try to wake up earlier or at the time I usually wake up and do things in the morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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