HW: #ThrowbackThursday; Hiding the body.

Today I think back to my childhood days. Time of fun and not many responsibilities. Admittedly, I had quite a decent childhood. I was not spoiled, but every now and again, I would get a gadget that other kids might not have had. Particularly my cousin. We would see one another quite frequently during the school year, and then spend most of the summer together. We were thick as thieves.

The only problem with him was that he was older than me, which meant that he always had wilder ideas than me. Every new toy I had had to be pushed to the limits, and so most of my toys ended up damaged in one way or another. Because I always had a ton of fun doing all sorts of experiments with him, I never really dwelt on the issues. Whenever he would leave our house, my parents would inspect the newest of toys. I did not have to say anything. They knew. As long as they did not blame me, I was fine with it. They did tell me to control my cousin, to protect my toys and to feel free to ask them for help. But I was having none of that. I was not a snitch. That I knew for sure.

My younger sibling was always unhappy when our older cousin arrived, because it meant that the youngest would be left to their own devices. We did not want anything to do with “a baby”. The things we did were dangerous. The baby would just slow us down and get in the way. My sibling complained to my parents about me playing with the cousin instead of with them, but it was like water off a duck’s back – I did not care. I had no regard for anyone but myself, really.

One evening, when we were playing upstairs and the adults were downstairs, somehow my cousin destroyed one of my cassettes. Destroy is a strong word. The reality – the tape was out of its casing. All of it. It was a mess. We hid it under the couch, where, presumably, no one would look for a while. I do not remember what was recorded on it, but I believe it was something that I liked, and so I felt my heart squeeze as the destruction happened, but I shook it off. Until my cousin and I were called before our parents. With the tape in their hands, we had some explaining to do.

It turns out that my younger sibling was so tired of not being a part of our group, that they decided to take things into their own hands and bring the evidence of our destructive ways to our parents. It was meant to show how bad of an influence my cousin was, hopefully leaving me all to my sibling. Ever since then we were made to hang out with “the baby” more often. We were extra careful about what we did in front of them.

This was the first time I got busted, tried and sentenced. And the time when I realized my sibling was evil.

Stay golden,



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24 thoughts on “HW: #ThrowbackThursday; Hiding the body.

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  1. This reminds me of a similar experience I had back in 2014 when I travelled to my hometown. In my case, it was also my cousin โ€” but he was younger. Regardless of our age difference, he still had the upper hand because he fully understood our native language, whereas I was only learning the basics. (In our hometown, very few adults speak English so communication can be challenging.)

    So, it happened that my cousin and I were going to the market one day. On our way, we met my great aunt. She gave us two nylon bags, each containing four Akara (a buns-like food made of beans).

    Scratch that. We thought they both contained akara, not knowing that only one nylon bag did. The other nylon bag contained solidified pap. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We only thought it was akara because it was ball-shaped.

    The woman instructed my cousin and I to share it with our siblings when we got home, but I didn’t know because I didn’t understand the language. My cousin who understood the language lied that she said we should eat the four akara in the first nylon bag and give the ones in the other bag to our siblings to share. And that was what we did.

    It was when we got home that we discovered that what was in the other nylon wasn’t akara but pap. Our cover was blown. (Nobody gives you pap without Akara or beans to eat it with. It’s like a tradition here.)

    To cut the story short, my cousin was severely punished; I, on the other hand, was let off with a warning because I claimed I didn’t understand the woman’s instructions.

    Still, my siblings and other cousins resented me and stopped trusting me for a while. We made up a week later, anyway.

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    1. This absolutely cracked me uuuuup! What a hilarious story. Such an entertaining read. Thank you for sharing. Your poor siblings… But that’s the thing – the bond between siblings is so weird. It can withold a lot.

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  2. What? Evil? Come now, surely that’s an exaggeration. My experience may be very limited, but in it, there are only humans, fearful and desperate, and not always aware. As a younger sibling myself, I can attest that to watch someone you’ve spent your childhood playing with, grow up and become distant, can be kind of hurtful. And as a youngest sibling, I can attest that it can be very lonely. You’re always the young one, inexperienced and foolish. All you want is for someone to see you, and treat you as an equal. And if that translates to “nemesis,” then so be it.

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    1. Exaggeration? Maybe (!) a slight one.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I can totally understand it. However, from the perspective of the older sibling, the younger one seems to get all the benefit of the doubt in the world. The older one has to carry all the responsibility. They both have pros and cons. And then there’s the middle child – either cursed or blessed, or both.

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      1. No!!! I completely forgot to count my maybes! I was actually looking forward to doing it, too. And yet, like everything else, it slipped my mind. Maybe *I’m* the evil one.

        It’s true. We young ones seem to always be given everything. We’re always the darlings. But we’re also human… And humans never count the blessings that are theirs. All we see is what someone else has: A present mind; a helping hand; common decency. But we never know how to earn it. So, leeches that we are, we cling to the people who do have those things — often in a rather painful, even needy, way.

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          1. Well… I wrote it at least twice. The word “maybe,” that is. Being aware of what you say is surprisingly hard. Most of my conversations are in my head, and those… don’t really count, I imagine. They’re just me running through possibilities. What I *can* say, how the person will respond, etc…. My real answers though, are just a blur. Possibly monosyllabic. Probably a sign that I need to get out of my head. But if I already know what people will respond before I say anything… Why bother?

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            1. This sounded like something I could have written. It almost made me laugh. I don’t bother often times because I know ahead of time and I don’t like to waste time.

              Being aware of our words and actions is tricky, but if you are able to focus on it from time to time, it can grow your awareness and help you analyze things you need/ want to change.

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        1. I participated because I wanted to seem cool. And for the most part, I did enjoy it. However, my toys being broken was when the fun ended. I did think it was unfair that we never broke his toys.


  3. We were as thick andas thieves.


    I’m reminded of my own youth: I’m the third of four boys, and my two elder brothers never included me in their activities; when the youngest arrived I had someone to play with. I don’t remember any of us being intentionally destructive, though (bar the creation of wooden block structures that we’d build only so that we could knock them down again!). I wonder whether your cousin is still ‘evil’… or whether he ever actually thought of himself in that way? (Evil always thinks it’s doing good.)

    Great post, Goldie, very entertaining and insightful! And the fact that it elicited Obinna’s instructive tale lends it even more kudos.

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