HW: #TuesdayThoughts; Sinful motivation.

Dove Promises have been my guilty please for years. The silky smooth chocolate melting on my tongue would awaken all of my senses and relax every muscle in my body. As I placed the velvet – like piece of chocolate on my tongue, I would smooth out the wrapper and read the “promise”, which was usually a proverb, or a cool saying. Yes, I like Fortune Cookies for their fortunes, too. I am not sure why I enjoy reading aphorisms on candy wrappers so much, but I know that I do. While pondering this, I came to a conclusion that it might be because it is something easily accessible – all you have to do is unwrap a piece of chocolate or break open a cookie. In today’s day and age there are easier ways – sign up for daily emails with pearls of wisdom. However, I like to control the flow of information. If I am feeling inspired (or in need of inspiration), I will grab a Dove and get to work. If I do not feel like it, I do not have to clear all the potential junk from my Inbox.

Once I have read the saying, I sit back, enjoy the chocolate and think about the writing on the wrapper. Once the chocolate has melted, it is time to get back to reality. Sometimes the saying stays with me, sometimes it does not. It depends on what it was.

A year or two (or more?) ago, Dove decided to involve its audience. Consumers were (are?) able to share their thoughts with the company, and then potentially see their sayings on the chocolate’s wrapper. Unfortunately, these are less appealing to me than the original promises. I am already having a hard time relating to people, I do not need to be reminded of this fact when I am indulging in chocolate.

Enough about Dove. It was actually a Halls wrapper that inspired this post. Chances are you know what those are, but if you do not, it is a brand of mentholated cough drops. They have helped me through some horrible times throughout my life. Whenever I feel a tickle in my throat, I rush to the pharmacy (if I do not have them on hand) in order to get some. It is possible that I am becoming immune, because they seem to have a less of an effect on me now than they did ten years ago. Or maybe the ingredients have changed and they are indeed less efficient. Like Dove Promises, Halls also have messages written on their wrappers. They are written on the outside of the wrapper, so you can actually read the messages as you unwrap the cough drop. Unlike the promises, these are rather short (often two words). They are meant to empower you and make you feel better. The producer assumes that you are under the weather (Why else would you be consuming those?), and they want to motivate and inspire you to get you through the day.

Once the drop is in my mouth, I smooth out the wrapper and place it on my desk so that I can look at it whenever I need some affirmation. Usually, it does power me through the day. Some of them speak to me louder than the others. Thankfully, there are usually a few different phrases written on the wrapper, so you can choose the one you need most for that moment/ day.

Recently, however, I read a message that did not resonate with me at all. In fact, it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

“Inspire envy.”

I read it twice, or maybe even thrice, not sure if I read it correctly. The message was the same the first time I read it, as well as the last. My eyes were not playing a trick on me. That was really what the wrapper said.

When I hear envy, I recoil. It might be because of my religious education from an early age. Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Envy is defined as “the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.” Yes, I do try to avoid sin, but aside from looking at it from a religious point of view, I look at it from the perspective of personal growth. I do not compare myself to others. I do not envy what they have. We are all different. We do not know the price they paid to get what they have. And even if it serves them, it might not be suitable for our lives. I would rather focus on my own life and what I can achieve. Looking at others just makes us bitter and resentful. Why fill ourselves with such negative emotions? If you appreciate something others have, use it to INSPIRE you. To motivate you. That is alright. But do not be envious if you are unable to get it.

If that is how I feel about envy, why would I want to inspire it in others? Why would I want them to be sinners? Why would I want them to be miserable? I am not the Devil. Also, I do not do things for others to compare themselves to. I do it for me and my loved ones.

Do you pay attention to candy wrappers?

Do you have other examples of such proverbs found in unlikely places?

How do you feel about envy?

Stay golden,



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42 thoughts on “HW: #TuesdayThoughts; Sinful motivation.

Add yours

  1. I don’t like that either. Envy is a dreadful thing to want to cause – I can’t call it ‘inspire’ because inspire means positive actions and envy is ugly, demeaning and demotivating. I used to love a tai pei game that gave a little quote if you won. I think we all like those cutesy little messages – I used to like those loveheart sweets too!
    As for Dove inciting consumers to suggest things.. maybe you shouldn’t have told me that! I’m not sure the world needs Britchy quotes!

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    1. The Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candy always baffled me. They taste TERRIBLE. But the messages indeed are sweet.

      I’m glad I told you because you would at least inject some fun into it. Not just cliches.

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  2. I have inspired envy in another. It was inadvertent. It certainly wasn’t my goal. I was explaining to a student who was memorizing a Bach Prelude that if the piece was memorized correctly, it wasn’t by sound, it wasn’t by a set of notes, it was by a pattern of chord changes. This type of memorization was moveable. If the Prelude was in the key of C, someone who’d memorized it incorrectly could only play it in that key, and should they forget a single note, they’d lose the end of the song. If it was memorized correctly, a single note would not be the downfall of the piece and the starting note was irrelevant. I then played the Prelude in C in the key of F#. He was flabbergasted. Then he said, “I want to be like you! To be able to do that so easily! I envy your talent!” I was horrified.

    I might be considered a pariah in the music education field. I can play by ear. I can arrange music on a whim. I can transpose nearly anything because I think in patterns and can hear things before they are played. I can learn a song without having seen the music. Most music teachers would despise me. Why would anyone want to be like me? I actually felt guilty. “Congratulations! Now everyone in music hates you.” There are others like me, though more successful and not hated. Jacob Collier, Freddy Mercury, Prince. There are things they can do that I cannot, and there are things I can do they cannot. I’d like to inspire people to reach their full potential, but that wouldn’t fit on a candy wrapper.

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    1. I’ve been told that I am envied before, too. Like you – I was horrified. Not only because I dislike envy, but also because I do not think much of the things people envy in me and my life. I guess it serves as a good wake-up call so that I appreciate what I have more. Also, when I hear that someone envies me, I envision them trying to steal it/ kill me/ sabotage me, etc. Weird.

      Isn’t it funny how nowadays any sort of inspiration needs to come in a tiny form?


  3. Well, I don’t like envy. Because there have been moments when I’ve experienced it and I’m not very proud of that. There have been times when my friend was envious of me, too and those times also contribute to why I don’t like envy…It inspires negativity.
    Honestly, the only proverb I remember reading on a chocolate wrapper is,”Keep smiling.”

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  4. I totally agree with your view about “inspire envy” – in fact if I saw a distasteful message like that I would probably stop purchasing the product. I have considered printing inspirational messages on the inside of my soap packages – so far it hasn’t gone past the consideration phase.

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  5. I agree completely. One should not aspire to inspire envy in others. I like to look at the notes inside of Fortune Cookies, but I can’t take them seriously. Although they may have some comforting messages at times, I can’t help but see them as mass produced products with clichés.

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  6. Inspire envy?
    Hmm, why do I feel like they were trying to pass across a positive message but just couldn’t find the right words?

    Anyway, I don’t really eat candy, but back when I was an addicted consumer, I always bought the ones whose wrappers contained riddles and brain teasers. I loooooved solving those riddles while flexing my brain muscles. It’s a shame the company that did the candy closed that line of production.

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    1. Maybe “Be an example” would be better?

      So you did eat candy in the past. OK, so you are not THAT weird after all. Riddles and brain teasers sound amazing. Now that I think about it, I think there was bubble gum with riddles back when I was a kid. I like it when there is something extra to the product. Something you don’t expect.

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      1. Yup! “Be an example” is definitely better.

        I stopped eating candy because THEY made me visit the dentist. I don’t think there’s any kid who likes visiting the dentist’s office, so I dumped them because they hurt me (literally). 😂

        I like it too when there’s something extra to the product.
        I was thinking of buying one big jar of candies, and attaching a note to each one of ’em candy. Each note would contain one of those “Did you know” fun facts, and I’d give one candy to someone whenever they visit me. But I bashed the idea. I don’t have the time for that thing. Who knows? I might do it later in future. Or maybe a candy factory might act on the idea. *Fingers crossed*

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        1. Now I remember you mentioning the dentist. Sometimes I wonder why teeth doesn’t regenerate. You know, you have your kid teeth in and then they fall out and you get adult ones. Why can’t we get them to fall out and then come back in on a regular basis (and more of a unified, rapid system)?

          That’s a pretty neat idea. I know I’d visit you more often just to read those. But I totally understand how tedious that would be to make.

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          1. You know, I often think of that, too. If it were possible, it would have been very nice! It’s just too bad we’re mammals and not reptiles. Reptiles rapidly grow almost anything they lose. Imagine losing your arm in an accident and growing a new arm few weeks later.

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  7. Oh, good. Just what we need. A chocolate company socially engineering emotions that poison the human soul. GAG.

    I wouldn’t eat that garbage, anyway, much less aspire to their soundbite nonsense. 🙄 GMO soy lecithin…

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      1. I agree with the 1st statement.

        The 2nd one, not so much. My SO has the same attitude as you. So, when I warn him that what he is consuming has poisons in it, he eats it anyway and says “It tastes good.” THAT is the pinnacle of stupidity. I tell him “Blanche Taylor Moore made arsenic taste good.” (look her up).

        Your body is a temple. If you trash it, yes…you will hasten your demise. If that is your wish, so be it. We are surrounded by toxins that we can’t control. Consuming them on purpose makes no sense to me.

        Organic chocolate isn’t all that expensive, BTW…

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        1. I don’t like the “It tastes good” answer, either.
          But I am a fan of moderation. Since I believe that I keep the poison to a minimum, I do consume it now and then without too much afterthought. Also, this is how you build up tolerance, becoming more and more immune.

          Don’t get me started on “organic” et al.


          1. You can’t build up a tolerance to GMOs. There is no immunity to acquire from that. Scientists don’t even truly know what that crap will do to the human body. And, if some DO know, they can’t speak out. Did we really need to insert a fish gene into a tomato? Did we really need to make wheat and soybeans genetically tolerant to Roundup? Did we really need to hit Omega 6 oils with hydrogen to straighten out the triglyceride chain? Do we really need to jack with nature?

            What’s wrong with organic? It’s just a fancy name for how things used to be grown before we were cursed with GMOs.

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            1. I agree that messing with Mother Nature isn’t the best idea. I agree that more research needs to be conducted. But if pests build up tolerance, why can’t humans?

              It is not a fancy label. It’s often a lie invented to rope in unsuspecting people and then overcharge them for things.


              1. There are watchdog groups out there that will tear into a company if it lies about organic certification or being gluten free. The non-gmo project is a non-profit group that investigates food. Now, that being said, the USDA Organic label is questionable because, well, it’s the government…and they half-ass everything unless it brings in money. If the non-gmo project label is with it, they have come in behind the government to double-check. Honestly, I’d rather take my chances with the labeling, slightly higher prices and local farmers than eat mainstream food, anymore. I don’t even visit restaurants unless I know exactly where that food is coming from. We have a lot of Farm-to-Table around here and you can check out any farmer. And, Farmers Markets allow you to find out what they actually raise and, the ones I have dealt with, aren’t that expensive because there is no packaging like stores. It’s a lot of work but, your health is worth it. I began reading labels and doing research 11 years ago. It’s shocking the garbage in processed food. I cook a lot and eat a lot of raw vegetables & fruit. Is it a racket? Perhaps some of it is. If I see something that says USDA Organic and it comes from China…that would be a big, fat nope. You have to be discerning.

                Regarding your first question, you are mixing apples & oranges, as the saying goes. Sure. Pests can build up tolerances to chemicals. Sure. Humans build up tolerances to drugs (more chemicals). But, there is no such thing as a tolerance to GMO. That is genetic manipulation, not mixed chemicals. That it is a rather different ballgame. It has been speculated that GMOs can re-write human DNA. The CT material I post…Chris has backed up this speculation as, guess where the introduction of GMO-anything came from? And, if it isn’t brought under control, it has the potential to destroy all plant & animal life on the planet…including the bodies we inhabit.

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                1. There’s a watchdog for everything nowadays. That’s why we have scandals. Because sometimes things are being watched and sometimes things are being done the wrong way. Whole Food and has been in trouble before. Organic labeling has been in trouble before. I do not like lies. And I like it even less when people are trying to act as if they are my savior when they are killing me softly. I’d rather take a knife to the heart with no pretense. That’s not to say that I don’t pay attention to what I eat. But I do not go ga-ga crazy over “organic” like so many people do.

                  There is no such thing because it’s still a fairly new topic and not enough research has been done. The GMO’s DNA breaks down in the process of cooking just like any other food’s DNA. Our digestion does the rest. It does not bind to our DNA to cause mutations. Also, I was talking about GMO bacteria that pesticides get used to. At some point, it stops killing them. And if they can, why can’t we? Now that is not to say I’m not weary of GMO. I am. But the path is not so clear-cut as one might think.


                  1. Whole Foods was started by the ‘Earthy-Crunchy’ types in Austin. My first introduction to Whole Foods was the actual HQ in downtown on 6th street. Massive complex, it is. As with everything else, a good idea gets corrupted by money & power. I would still rather swim in the labeling & farmers markets end of the pool than the shark-infested waters of the pesticides & GMOs. You do what you can. Past that, grow your own food…hunt your own meat. Then, you will know exactly where it comes from. Of course, as poisoned as our environment is… One of the saddest things CT found in the Akashic was that the GMO mess is so bad, it will take all of the Sidhe to correct the mess, if they can in time. Humans being humans, we aren’t reintegrating fast enough and we continue to poison our surroundings. If something doesn’t shift, and soon, Earth will have no choice but to disconnect all our root chakras and throw us off. She can’t risk all of her plant & animal life being destroyed. That is the very reason we sank Atlantis in the Atlantic trench…bacteria got loose & had the potential of destroying everything.

                    I’m not following your “no such thing”. Sorry (lost me on the point). “Not enough research has been done…” Yeah. NO SHIT. They release genetic modifications into the food supply and NOT ENOUGH RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE. And, who told you that the DNA breaks down (meaning, no harm done?) The same folks that haven’t done enough research? What if the food is consumed raw? GMO tomatoes…GMO apples…

                    How do you know our digestion isn’t altered by those genes & their vectors? How do you know it doesn’t bind to our DNA? The incidence of IBS (a blanket term where the medical profession had to call it something because they have no clue) has risen exponentially in conjunction with the rise of GMOs. That part has been researched.

                    “GMO bacteria that pesticides get used to…” Sorry. You’ve lost me on that one, too. The pesticides are chemical (Bayer/Monsanto & others). The crops they are sprayed on are GMO. Yes. Bugs build up a tolerance to the pesticides. The crops (they claim) were GMO modified to resist the pesticides (along with the other claim that GMOs were necessary for curbing worldwide starvation). Both are lies. GMOs were introduced to KILL US…not help us. And, worst of all…kill us slowly.

                    Have you done any reading on the Georgia Guidestones or Agenda 21? People screaming about population reduction… How can they claim that they are trying to stop starvation with GMOs and, then, proclaim that there are too many people on the planet? Which is it?

                    Goldie, eat what you want. I’m not trying to convert you. I am trying to explain why I refuse to participate. That’s all.

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                    1. Growing/ hunting on your own is the best way to go. I agree. However, as you stated, it’s not ideal either because of all the contamination around us.

                      I was just trying to show that it isn’t only black or white. There’s plenty of in-between. Some research has been done. Should we believe it? It’s up to you. I take it with a grain of salt. But I don’t think this is a topic of absolutes.

                      It was a typo. I meant pests. Not pesticides. So I wanted to say that GMOs bacteria are what pests learn to adjust to.

                      I do not believe that GMOs were introduced to kill us.

                      Yes, I have. It’s tricky. Sometimes you want to kill the people next to you who are going to put up more of a fight and save/ help those underprivileged. That way you have plenty of allies now and will have no competition later.

                      That’s alright. I’m not trying to convert you, either. All I’m saying is that it’s not all that easy. A lot of the time we choose what we believe in. A lot of the time there are two sides to the coin. A lot of the times things aren’t so black or white.


                    2. Nothing is black & white. Life, in general, is 50 million shades of grey. LOL!

                      “Research” is a relative term. In order to do research, you need funding. Who provides that funding has an interest in the outcome. I trust none of it because way too many skew results or, outright lie. Monsanto claimed that Roundup wasn’t dangerous. Well, well, well…it turns out, they were LYING. I hope Bayer is sued out of existence. Monsanto also gave us Agent Orange, another product that was supposed to be harmless. Yeah. Another lie.

                      I’ve read nothing about pests becoming immune to GMO anything. Can you provide links? And, in the vein of them becoming immune to the poisons, that hasn’t worked particularly well for the pollinators.

                      “I do not believe that GMOs were introduced to kill us.” And, as I have stated before, that is your prerogative. The Akashic states otherwise. My money is on that.

                      “Sometimes you want to kill the people next to you who are going to put up more of a fight and save/ help those underprivileged. That way you have plenty of allies now and will have no competition later.” Put up more of a fight? Against what? Starvation? No one should starve on a planet that can provide everything we would ever need. Are the underprivileged more worthy of “saving” than the fighters? I’m not quite following you. Allies & competition? We don’t have a food shortage problem. We have a greed and distribution problem. This planet can feed every form of life here.

                      “A lot of the time we choose what we believe in.” To our benefit or, to our detriment, yes.

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                    3. https://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/06/11/3779117.htm

                      By “putting up more of a fight” I meant people who are more educated/ intelligent. That’s just basic war strategy – you get rid of the strongest first once you still have the strength and then leave the weaker ones for last. Tackling the easy targets first will just get you exhausted before the real enemy comes in. Not against starvation – against indoctrination, against any sort of control. This all comes back to us being killed by food. Someone wants us dead? OK, but maybe it’s being done in a completely different way than you think (GMOs vs. organic).


                    4. Very interesting link. That tells me that Earth (and her guardians) are doing what they can to counteract the damn mess. I’m wishing the same for the pollinators tho, their issue is chemicals not GMO plants.

                      Oh, good Lord. It ain’t just GMOs that are being used to kill us. Have you ever listened to the adverts on new drugs & their ‘side effects’? DAMN. They are worse than the ailment the drug is trying to ‘help’! Don’t get me started on chemtrailing. Don’t get me started on fluoride. Don’t get me started on xenoestrogens. Don’t get me started on Wifi…or smartmeters. And, 5G…Jesus Christ on a tandem…

                      Poisoned air. Poisoned water. Poisoned food. Poisoned drugs. Radiation. Low frequency electrical fields. Yeah. They want us dead.

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                    5. We can definitely agree on the chemicals being a big issue.

                      I think we have a misunderstanding here. I was simply replying to your comment and talking about GMOs. Not everything else. That would be SOOOOO off-topic. And the conversation would never end. Don’t get me started on all these things, either. I wasn’t saying no one wants us dead. I was saying that eating organic might not be a 100% safe option, and speculated on some war tactics.


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