HW: #FridayFeeling – The good outweighs the bad.

As I place the cursor in the first line of this post, I breathe a sigh of relief. Today is the last day of the month of May. During my last #FridayFeeling post, I shared my concerns regarding this month. Again – thank you to all those that sympathized and gave advice.

It is with pleasure that I report that I am alive and well. I have survived the month I was so unsure about just a few weeks ago. There were some challenging moments, but overwhelmingly, it has been a positive month.

This makes me recall my school days. There was ALWAYS someone who insisted they had bombed the test, yet they ended up getting the best score. These people tended to annoy me because they got all of the attention. People would surround them telling them not to worry. Because of that, those that actually did not do well were left to their own devices. If I did badly, I would not want pity. It would not change my grade. It would not get me out of trouble at home.

There is a little bit of guilt that I feel right now. I was worried at the beginning of the month and I shared that with you, just like those kids at school who annoyed me. Just like them, I scored pretty well.

This month I was able to keep social interactions to a minimum (as much as I could) without putting any of my relationships in jeopardy. That is a major win for me. Aside from that, I was able to leave town and enjoy myself during a 3-day-weekend. I feel renewed, refreshed, and full of energy for the coming months.

Today I feel GOOD. How do YOU feel?

Stay golden,



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25 thoughts on “HW: #FridayFeeling – The good outweighs the bad.

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  1. I was that kid who said I bombed, or just did ok, yet recieved good scores. It was because I didn’t like the attention that I would say that, as the attention usually went to the ones who scored best.

    Though I’m glad the weekend is here, I feel like crawling into a dark cave and shutting the world out for a few years.

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  2. I’m glad May was good to you. I can’t say it was good to me, though. This month has been a traumatising month for me. A Facebook friend who I looked up to in the field of writing committed suicide. Two of my friends each lost a parent. I fell seriously ill. Accommodation issues got so much worse. I don’t want to use the word “hate”, but May is my least favourite month so far this year.

    I want to look forward to a happy June, but everyone here is anxious to see what would happen tomorrow. A group of cultists have sworn to unleash terror on one of the most popular universities in our country on June 1st. They say heads of both students and staff will roll and blood work be shed. Some of my friends happen to school there.

    Am I the only who can’t wait for this year to end?

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    1. SEE? May really is terrible for suicides. I’m so sorry… That must have been quite a hit.

      Is your health better today?

      I’m really sad to hear you’ve been struggling. I hoped that you’d acclimate to school by now and it would be smooth sailing.

      Why do they want to unleash terror? If they gave a warning, authorities should prepare accordingly and everything should be fine. Unless it’s just a diversion and they will hit somewhere else. I pray that all ends well.

      You’re not the first person here on WP to say this year has sucked so far. Mine? I’ve had worse, but it’s not the best, either.

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      1. Thank you plenty for your concern, Goldie. My health is so much better now. To be honest, I also hoped that by now things would be smooth sailing, but I guess it’ll take a little longer for that to happen.

        Why they want to unleash terror is the same old cliché story — revenge. A popular musician (who we recently discovered is one of their members) was rough handled by the school’s security when he was performing at the school premises WITHOUT express permission from the school. So this is their way of retaliating.

        The school and government have taken precautionary measures, though. We’re just waiting now. We hope they don’t show up as promised.

        I also pray it ends well.

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        1. I’m glad to hear that your health is improving. I finally feel like I’m back to normal after being sick almost 2 months ago. We got the sickness out of the way early. Now the rest of the year will be great.

          I’m so tired of the whole revenge thing. Especially when it is taken out on innocent people. Especially when it’s done decades later. Has the weekend been peaceful so far?

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  3. March became my least favorite month. Even after 20 some years, March makes me nervous. January comes in a close second. Why? January was the time they let the probationary teachers know that they were the worst thing that had ever happened to the school, and they could resign or be fired. And every January, I was the first person they talked to.

    See, it’s weird with music teachers. District contests happen in April or thereabouts. They tell you that you’re the worst thing that’s ever happened to the music department, and then inform you that you have to go make the school proud of their music program in April. The notices about who’s been fired go out in March. Yup. So the kids know you’re not coming back, the parents know, the rest of the community knows. You now have a couple of weeks to finish preparing for Contest and everyone knows you’re a loser. You take these uncooperative kids and get the highest scores they’ve ever gotten and praise from the judges on your personal performance as a director and all the credit goes to the teacher who preceded you. Then they tell you that they will give you a great recommendation for your next school. Ya right.

    Imagine looking at the resume. Oh, look at that. 9 schools in 9 years, and resigned from all of them. We know how this works. We’ll keep this one until January and keep our ears to the ground in the meantime looking for someone better. It just got too hard, and I quit looking.

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    1. That is absolutely terrible.
      Could you just say screw it and now go through with the dog and pony show in April and just leave in March once the decision is made?


    1. I fully understand. I’ve been waiting for these 3 days for months. It’s my experience that finding some time off just for yourself in a tough thing to do in your current environment. There will be always something to do.
      That’s why I booked a hotel months in advance. That way I left town, and all of my responsibilities behind me. When you’re away there are more opportunities for you to relax.
      Also, sometimes it’s not possible to be all alone with no responsibilities. Limiting those and people who are dependent on you can also bring in a breeze to refresh you.


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