HW: #ThrowbackThursday; 22 years ago…

… yesterday, June 26th …

I was born.

It was a warm, sunny day. 


My dad came home during his lunch break and took my mom out for a picnic. I think it was those peanut butter sandwiches that made me want to come out and join them. Five hours later, I was born.

Alright, so maybe that is not true, but what IS true is that “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was published in the UK on June 26th, 1997.

Can you imagine that Harry Potter is 22 years old? Going back and reviewing things of the past definitely makes you feel older. I look back to the time when I got the first book of the series as a Christmas gift. I was absolutely hooked. 

Usually, I am rather skeptical of books number 2, and definitely weary of books number 3, but Harry Potter surprised me. It was “Goblet of Fire” – book number 4 that was probably my favorite. 

Have you read the HP books?

Do you remember what life was like when you first read HP?

Stay golden,



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23 thoughts on “HW: #ThrowbackThursday; 22 years ago…

Add yours

    1. Not my bday. I went where the words led me. But thank you 🙂
      It seems that the Philosopher was the title in the UK, but it came out as the Sorcerer in the US. I do think the original version sounds more enticing.
      Also, I’m half way through “Fatherless”. Absolutely rivetting.


    1. Scary indeed. I only watched the first film and I thought it was terrible. Because of that, I have not seen another one in full. I’ve been told they’re good, but I always prefer books to movies, so…


      1. I did. They were fun to watch tho, there was much I didn’t understand.

        GAH. IDK. The first film came out 18 years ago. It was right after 9/11. I was married to the military at the time. It never occurred to me. Too busy looking for a job and being a Corps wife… Too busy with life…

        Later on, I saw the SIZE of those things and all I could think was “Rowling is as verbose as King.”

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve only seen the first movie and I did not like it. Supposedly the later movies are great, but I never attempted watching it after the first fiasco.
          As for the book, depends what you like. A little bit of magic if you’re bored.

          Liked by 1 person

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