HW: #MondayMotivation – No pain no gain.

As I was closing out the week on Friday, I realized that I felt really good. No, I did not win the lottery and my life was not all sunshine and rainbows. On top of feeling good, I was also full of energy. 

Goldie, it was Friday. How was that possible?” – I hear you ask.

I asked myself that very same question. My whole weekend was productive. Not only did I get to rest and do the things I wanted to do, but I also managed to be productive. Craziness, right?

In order to figure out what jump-started me, I sat down and thought about it. Surprisingly enough, the answer came to me within seconds. For most of you, summer is half-way done. (Whatever you do, please, do not kill the messenger.) For me, it has been a rather rainy season the past couple of weeks. It messed up a lot of my outdoor plans (mainly biking) and I was miserable. But something changed last week.

Last week I decided to take matters into my own hands and reach for what I wanted. What was that? No, I did not get myself a huge fan to help dissipate the clouds. On the contrary – I accepted the weather, turned around and started working out indoors. 

Aside from working out inside, I also now seize EVERY non – rainy moment that I can and go outside to play some sports, bike, or even walk. I choose to cherish the sunshiny days so much more because of the cloudy – rainy ones. Try and remember that you can complain a little, but in the end, do not let it get you down to a point where you cannot enjoy yourself.

Working out/ being active is easy to neglect. We have busy schedules filled with all sorts of stressful tasks and encounters, so there is no surprise that when we get some time to ourselves, we just want to do nothing. Sometimes that is exactly what you need. It is definitely something that I condone since I know how important resetting your brain (and body) can be. However, what last week reminded me was that sometimes getting up and moving can change a lot. For the better. 

The interesting part is that my realization made me think of the dichotomy between the lazy me and the part of me that does not want to feel miserable. The decision to be (more) active can be off-putting. We do not have time. We are tired. The weather is bad. The gym is too far. Trust me, I know. Coming up with excuses could make me rich. If I had a dollar for everyone that I have made… 

However, because of that feeling I had on Friday, I am willing to put in the work. Last week helped me realize that starting up something is not the easiest thing in the world. We often put things off due to a variety of reasons. Starting is not easy. And what happens if you start, but then quickly falter? You have to start again. And what happens then? We come up with a range of excuses and put that thing off again. There is a time and a place for everything. 

Friday reminded me that I should focus on the effects of something more than the excuses. Did you not feel better when you were more active (literally and/ or figuratively)? I know that workouts definitely help me. They help my brain recharge (because I am not really using it when I train). Moreover, it recharges my social batteries since I do not have to converse with anyone if I do not want to during such activities. And obviously – it makes my body feel better. It powers me. Win-win on all fronts. What could I be doing with my time? Binging TV shows? Maybe. That will only get you so far.

Today, on a Monday, think of something that might seem painful to you (figuratively speaking). Something that you are not a fan of doing. Something that could, however, help you in your life. What is it? The beginnings might be tough, but imagine the “feel good” feelings once you get into it and GO FOR IT! Immerse yourself in it and BE HAPPY!

I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I feel like today is a great day to actually start it. I have had a good week and weekend and I want to capitalize on it. What is it that I plan on restarting? Writing creative pieces in response to prompts every day. Do not worry, I will not be sharing them all here. It is just for me. Something to help me boost my creativity and foster my passion for writing.

How are you feeling this Monday?

Was your weekend productive?

Is there something that you want to start today?

How does an active lifestyle make you feel?

Stay golden,



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21 thoughts on “HW: #MondayMotivation – No pain no gain.

Add yours

  1. I’m feeling good today..
    Yes the weekend was productive… I figured out a solution to an issue I was facing at work.. and interestingly the solution is something that makes me feel proud of myself… I know it’s nothing new that I discovered… But it feels good when you find solutions to your problems…
    I wanted to start blogging again.. but I think I should get back to reading and writing first, before getting back to blogging..
    An active lifestyle makes me feel energetic. It makes me feel I’m adding value to my life..

    Side note- para 4.. there is a typo… “I sat* down…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for pointing out the typo! Corrected.

      Glad to hear you are doing well. Good to see you around these parts.

      Solving ANY problem is a great thing. No matter how big or small. You’ve overcome an obstacle. Well done.

      Why do you think you should get back to reading and writing before blogging?


      1. Thanks, I feel re-energised towards work since I solved the problem.

        Because I’ve been telling myself that I’ll get back but I don’t. But after reading this post, when you said that you’ll write daily but not post…something told me that it was reading and writing that got me to blogging. Sharing with the world doesn’t need to become an obligation.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The same for me – writing came before blogging. The reason why I won’t post is because I do not want to overwhelm my readers. I seem to be posting often enough already (at least 2 times a week).

          And of course it does not have to be an obligation. The only thing that I will say is that the longer you are away from blogging, the harder it is to get back. I think we might have discussed this in the past already, but I just wanted to remind you about that. Not to influence your decision, but to help you consider all the options and their effects.


          1. Yes, we discussed it earlier. But I feel that I need time. I post now, it will feel like an obligation.
            I know I already have lost a lot of time, but it’s okay. This time, I’ll plan things better and not do them just out of instinct.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. I am feeling better today than I have for the last few weeks. As you might see in my next post, I’ve been stuck in a daze where every day has been a blur. As for the weekend, I was supposed to take a trip with some friends, but did not end up going. July has been a difficult month financially, and though they offered to pay my expenses, I could not bring myself to burden them. Your post is almost a polar opposite of the way I’ve been feeling. Hopefully, I can turn that around this week.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 1. It’s good to hear that you are doing better than before. Any progress is good and should be celebrated.
      2. I’m sorry about your financial struggles. That really does suck, since it only worsens your worries and does not help get you out of a slump.
      3. I hope you can, too. Because I’ve been low recently. Days have been a blur, but I still wanted them over. I am beyond happy about my turnaround. Let us hope it lasts a while and it also rubs off on you.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Being active is ESSENTIAL for my mental health. Pushing that start button on the treadmill is rarely easy, but I always force myself to think forward to when the workout is done and how I will feel then. Proud of myself. Physically healthier and more energized. Mentally stronger, more centered and prepared to people. All good things. I cannot think of one single workout that I have completed that I wasn’t happy to have done so after the fact…even the ones in which I injured myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is no secret that working out releases oxytocin. We often associate being active as something that is good only for the body. It is associated with mental pain (Do I haaaaave tooooo?). But you got that right – it’s important for body AND mind. It’s tough to start, but once you’re done, you will feel better. Especially if you make it a routine.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s great! I’m glad you’re doing better. I like being active and trying new things, but I always feel weird doing something out of my norm — and being active is definitely out of my norm. Someone/something else has to get me rolling (or drag me along) first; and even then, I quickly fall back into my slump. I actually felt pretty well today though: I went outside, I talked to people; and was just generally in good spirits.

    Liked by 1 person

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