Award ceremony – July 2019. Receiving and giving.

Can you imagine that we are now closer to NYE 2020 than NYE 2019? Are you already thinking about your new resolutions? As a rebel, I will probably skip them altogether. Like I normally do.

But before we get into the Holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.), we still have a couple of months to breathe and reflect on the year so far, just in case we still wanted to complete at least some of our resolutions. Just yesterday I heard someone say that someone told them (lol) about their list for Black Friday shopping. Why do most people either live in the future or in the past? It seems to flabbergast the people around me that I choose to live mostly in the now. They seem to think that my life will end if I do not change my ways. I am either doing something very wrong (and my life will end prematurely; figuratively or literally), or something very right (and people will model their lives on mine in the future).

Enough of the ramblings.

How have you been? Have you been enjoying the summer?

I surely have. Aside from the sun outside, I have also received a lot of sunshine here, on this online platform. It might sound corny, but my interactions with you really do brighten my days. Moreover, I have been nominated for a few “Sunshine Blogger Award”, which I can only hope means that I bring some sun rays to your blog. Let us keep up the mutual work so it is always nice and golden in your part of the blogosphere.

Today, I thank those who nominated me AGAIN as well as those who did it for the first time. The first group must be insane. Stockholm syndrome, maybe? And the second one surely has no idea what they are getting yourself into.

Either way – THANK YOU!

Be sure to stay with me until the end for the crowning of this month’s “Brain Stormer” Award winner.

Side note: I nominate only a handful of people for a reason. It is not because I do not respect or like others. I do. It is just hard to choose from so many talented people. That aside, I also like nominating just one or two people because I want to use these Award posts as a networking event. The probability of you clicking on one or two names and checking their blogs out is much higher than if I was to nominate 10+ people for every single award. So please, go and mingle. See if you can find something for yourself. I am always tickled when I see people meet in my comment section and then hit it off on their respective blogs.

P.S. This totally turned into a LENGTHY post so feel free to read one page at a time, or at whatever pace that is comfortable for you. This just goes to show how thought-provoking this month’s questions were.

(No matter what I do, WP seems to blend the answers with the questions. My apologies for that. I think it is forcing me to start using the new editor.)


The awards I received in the month of July are:

Image result for sunshine blogger award


Image result for a real neat blog award

(As per usual, please click on the page numbers at the bottom of this page to view the rest of this post.)

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19 thoughts on “Award ceremony – July 2019. Receiving and giving.

Add yours

  1. Nonsense! You can’t bore me. I tend to be one who likes trifles: it’s the little details that make up the building blocks of what we are. I enjoyed reading all of your answers; Quite a bit, actually. Can’t believe you don’t have a favorite Marvel character though… “Controversial” indeed!

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  2. OMG, you sly devil. You just made my Friday. This is awesome and I can’t say how appreciative I am that you thought of me like this. I value our friendship and I am always happy to see that little comment notification show up after one of my posts or my comment on one of yours. Thanks, friend, you’re the best and I look forward to our writing friendship future. BTW, it is a mystery..I think. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was wondering if you’d notice. I like not informing people of such things. Keeping my readers on their toes. You know? 😉

      The thing about stories is that sometimes you cannot be sure where the story will take you. You might start it with one thing in mind, but then as you go, you take a different turn and you arrive at a different destination that you were aiming for.

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  3. Honesty is something I love (rationality and me don’t usually like each other, it’s a work in progress)

    Keep blogging about what you love. I know it’s often said otherwise and I think they’re wrong. You have to love what you write and want to share else it’s just boring.

    I had what else to day but I’ve forgotten…

    Love, light and glitter

    Happy Wednesday

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