HW: #WednesdayWisdom – Time is running out, so do not stand still.

Do you ever think to yourself: “How have I not thought of this?“? I sure do. And I think quite a bit. What does it mean, then? That I do not think about the right things? Maybe. Possibly. Definitely. Usually, I either focus on what is going on at the precise moment or think of abstract things for which there is no answer.

This morning, one of the radio hosts mentioned how hot (pun intended) it is that July has 31 days. Indeed for many, it is the pinnacle of summer and potentially even the whole year (aside from December?). While kids in other parts of the world do not return to school until fall (Yes, I consider September fall.), in the US, some schools start in August. It almost seems cruel in a way to keep children in school when summer is still going strong.

Aside from increased traffic (Can you see me starting to shake from all the rage?), the beginning of the school year brings on autumn and the wait for Holidays.

Have you ever paid attention to how many days the summer months have? I surely have not. 30 or 31, right? Taken for granted. Like many other things in our lives. The radio host not only mentioned the fact that July has 31 days, but she also highlighted the fact that it does NOT have 28 or 29 days like February.

Is your mind blown yet? Mine was.

Interest was sparked, and so I went on to research if there was any meaning behind the number of days in each month. Because I found it really interested, I thought I would share it with you.

It turns out that we should thank the Romans for yet another thing – February having 28 days. According to legends, the first king of Rome – Romulus, established a 10-month long calendar. While it ended like ours – in December, it started in … March with the Spring equinox. It is speculated that the months between the end and the beginning of the year were not important enough because it was wintertime, and there was no harvesting during that time.

The king that came after him,  Numa Pompilius, decided to match the calendar year a little bit more with the lunar year. And so he added January and February, which both got 28 days. Unfortunately, the year then had 354 days (an even number), which was a sign of bad luck. Because of that, an extra day was added to January. February remained with 28 days, presumably because it was the month when the dead were celebrated, and purifying rites were performed. This new calendar still was not in sync with the seasons, so to even things out, every few years, a month 27-days-long was added after February 23rd. Man, was keeping track of time difficult then.

It was Julius Cesar who made the calendar look the most like the current one we use. He added 10 days to the calendar overall and 1 day to February every four years. A legend, which has since been debunked, had it that Senate took one day out of February and added it to August so that it would have the same number of days as July, in honor of emperor Augustus.

Have you ever put your knuckles together to figure out how many days which month has? The valleys are the lower numbers; the hills are the higher numbers. Knuckles are always 31. Valleys are 30 (or 28/ 29 for February). If you have never done this, put your right hand next to your left and make fists. Then from the left, knuckle – January – 31, valley – February – 28/ 29, knuckle – March – 31, etc.

What is today’s wisdom, then? Live NOW. Do not wait until next year, next month, next week. If you put things off, it means you are not motivated enough (most of the time). What are the chances that you will find proper motivation in the future? The answer is elusive. So go and find the motivation TODAY. What did you want to accomplish this summer? Were you able to accomplish those things? If not, then this is your last hurrah.

And be grateful that a month like February has 28/ 29 days and a month like July has 31 because now you know it really does matter.

Sorry, Southern hemisphere, since you get the shortest month (February) to close your summer.

Stay golden,


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21 thoughts on “HW: #WednesdayWisdom – Time is running out, so do not stand still.

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  1. My mom taught me the knuckle thing when I was very yung ( there’s another one for multiplying the 9 table too) The added 1 day in february is due to the fact that every year has an average of 365 days + 6 hours. It was less a few million years ago, it’ll be more a few million years ahead – especially if the moon keeps getting farther. Here in the middle east, schools star at the end of august too, but it ends at the end of may. In Brazil – where I grew up – schools started at the end of february, but now a days, it’s around the beginning (it ended at the end of november but now it ends in the middle of dec). But you kind of lost me in there. July is just 1 month out of 3 in the summer.

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    1. A school year from February to November? That’s interesting. I definitely would make sense for the Southern Hemisphere. I imagine if someone wanted to come to the US for vacation during those months, they would find things to be a lot cheaper during January than June/ July.

      Here’s how I see it:
      Officially, summer does not start till late June. Hence, I do not count June as a summer month. To me, July and August are where it’s at. For the kids that go back to school in about a week, August is a lost month (they will be indoors and not enjoying summer). Therefore – July is THE summer month.

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      1. ah, that makes sense. Schools here start on the last week of august, sometimes even in the middle of the week. Administrators excuse those days as necessary to have everything running smoothly by the time september comes around.

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        1. I like it when it’s a fixed date that starts the school year. Just like with a calendar year. No matter what day of the week. Of course if the date lands on Saturday or Sunday, you go in on Monday. It’s easier to remember and makes it easier to plan.

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      1. I’ve been good. Thank you for asking! I recently moved, and that felt like a major life change, so I decided to take a blogging break. I still don’t feel settled in because I haven’t started working, but, thankfully, I start working next week. I’d been looking forward to joining the blogging world in August, & I’m glad to be back on here. I just hope I actually stick to my blogging schedule! 🙂

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        1. A move and a new job? Wow. Was that something that was in the works for a while, or a last minute decision? I thought you were pretty settled at work. I saw no signs. Did you move far?

          You can do it! I look forward to your posts.

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  2. While reading I was reading I was excited to tell you about “knuckles trick”, but you knew already about it 😅

    This information feels like a scratch to an itch. Thanks for that!

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  3. I never knew about the knuckles thing. I’ve always relied upon “Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, save February…” (I forget the rest, but that’s because I don’t need it by that point!)

    The radio host not only mentioned the fact that July has 31 days, but she also highlighted the fact that it does NOT have 28 or 29 days like February.

    Hah. If the radio host said that, she got it wrong! July does have 28 days!

    Allow me to explain: Some years ago had a boss who had set up a system that (arbitrarily) required that each month end correspond with the actual number of days in the month – which just complicated things unnecessarily, as it required a lot of repetitions of “thirty days hath etc” (or use of ‘the knuckle trick’)> I pointed out to her that every month has 28 days. At first, she was flummoxed, but when I added “… but some have more!” She understood the point, and agreed to change the system so that we could end every month (for the purposes of our office’s unimportant system) on the 28th day, which simplified things from then on.

    Also (and totally irrelevantly)… February 30 was a real date 🙂

    [ The one link is currently good. I encountered a few typos, but I’ll leave it to you to find and fix if you think it’s important. This comment was brought to you courtesy of 💥 ?Random Raiders! 💥 ]

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