HW: #ThrowbackThursday: Getting a puppy.

Before I was born, my parents had a couple of parakeets. However, they had to get rid of them because that was what my mom’s doctor recommended in order to keep the baby-to-be (me) safe and healthy. I am not sure what the reasoning was since plenty of people have babies while caring for various animals. They might have been worried about some sort of infection. Better safe than sorry, they thought.

I remember having a dog since I was probably 6. He was already a couple of years old and stayed outside, so I did not really get to play or interact with him. Seeing the dog immobile several years later on a snowy, winter day was gut-wrenching. He was a legend.

When my dad took me to get a new puppy, I was beyond excited. I was going to train this dog so well that he would only listen to me. In my head, we were quickly becoming best buddies, spending all of our time together (aside from when I was at school or sleeping, of course). 

The German Shepard puppy was absolutely cute. His parents were majestic, so I knew he would be, too, once he grew up. So much potential!

On our way home, I insisted that I hold him. That was to prime him to like me. He was being taken away from his family, but I was the one stroking his fur and planning our adventures as if he could read my mind. What happened next? He puked. None of the family dogs have ever like riding in a car. They preferred to run wherever they needed to go. Even though I was worried at first, thinking that he could be more than just car – sick, I quickly dismissed those thoughts. We just experienced our first embarrassing moment together. And surely, he must like me all the more for the fact that I did not run away and instead made sure that he felt better.

Once we got home, everyone tried to bribe him by feeding him all sorts of treats. I made sure to always be the one who gave him more of what he seemed to like. Once the treats were gone, we moved to entertain the puppy. Or should I say – ourselves? Multiple people doing different things, trying to get his attention must have been confusing, so I made sure to tell people to take turns. I was sure he would be grateful for that. 

The puppy got his separate room so that he could pee without destroying the rest of the house before he learned how to do his business in a non-destructive-to-humans way. The thing was that his separation anxiety would kick in the moment he was left alone. The first night was absolutely terrible. I was torn between needing to sleep and wanting to run downstairs and console the puppy. “You cannot do this, or he will just get used to it and then you will never be able to sleep” – my father said when he saw me sneaking into the room. He sent me to bed, but kept checking up on our new dog himself now and again.

School could not end fast enough the next day. All I wanted was to get home to play with my dog. And I did. I did not train him all that much like I wanted to, but for the longest time, he really did like me and listen to me the best. We had a secret language. Unfortunately, once he went from puppy to a more mature, serious dog, I moved away for school. Seeing him only on the weekends was not the same. However, after years of me being away, he still had instances when he remembered him and I and reacted in such a familiar to me way. In the meantime, my father became his better friend. I felt guilty for having put all the imaginary scenarios in my dog’s head and then … practically abandoning him in a way. I wonder if he ever forgave me… 

That is the story of my first puppy. Share your experience with a new dog (or any other pet). 

Stay golden,



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45 thoughts on “HW: #ThrowbackThursday: Getting a puppy.

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  1. Awe, cool story. Never had a pet as a child, but had a German Sheppard for 12 years who passed away 7 years ago and now, well there’s a new puppy who’s 6 months. Her name is Poppy. Great post!!

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  2. Our dog gets sick in the car as well. Several times per trip. We are all trained to hold doggy bags under her mouth when the time comes. She’s yappy and hyper but we love her.

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  3. Never really had pets… My dad has never been a huge fan of animals, and I think most of us are rather sensitive to allergens. We did have a hamster at one point, but I don’t remember him very well. Pretty sure my brother likes dogs though. He currently takes care of our neighbor’s dogs on occasion (and loves regaling us with stories about the dogs and their antics), and they just recently got a puppy: adorable little thing, all black. Apparently, even I am not immune to the charms of puppies…

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      1. Lol!! My niece has been trying to exploit that weakness… Promising me a puppy if I go “adventuring” with her when she’s old enough. She hasn’t had too much success: I’m not really one for making plans prematurely. But then, she hasn’t added ice cream and milk to the deal yet… 😂

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  4. This was a wonderful story. I’ve always wanted a dog as a kid but never got around to it and over the years, told myself that it would have consumed too much of my time to take care of, with the little I already have for everything else. I own a cat though and his mother just approached us randomly and so we welcomed it until she gave us kids. We gave away everyone else except one who now lives with us. 😀

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    1. I currently do not have a pet and it feels weird to me. However, just like you – I choose not to have a dog only for it to sit locked in a tiny place while everyone is at work all day and then too tired to play and propely take care of them. Hopefully, one day…

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  5. I had a hamster when I was younger, but after spending 2 weeks in the hospital, I came home to find that he died during my stay. Some time later, my family took in my grandmother’s dog after she had moved to a place where pets weren’t allowed. We weren’t allowed to have cats/dogs at the time, but the landlord made an exception. On Christmas day (or Thanksgiving day, the holidays always seem like a convoluted blur and it all feels the same), he was hit by a car and killed in front of the house. I buried him the backyard.

    I enjoy the relationship with animals, and would like to take in a dog when the time is right and I know he or she will be cared for. Death is a part of life, and it can come at anytime. Despite the sadness that comes with the passing of our beloved furballs (or scaly/feathered friends), the happiness they bring can do wonders for people.

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    1. The hamster and dog – both devastating, I’m sure.

      Yes, pets can be wonderful for your mental health. Not that they fix everything, but they can definitely help. Or so I believe. The thing is that humans are not always ready for one for a variety of reasons. No need to make the pet miserable in an attempt to make yourself feel better. I’m glad you’re being reasonable about waiting for the right time. Animal lovers look at me in a funny way when I say that I love dogs, yet have none.

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  6. Thanks for sharing a sweet story! My sibling and I got our first puppy on a Christmas day in a gift box. Even though I love that dog, I think that while growing up I didn’t do my best taking care of her. She ended up being closer to my dad later on too.

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    1. A puppy on Christmas day in a gift box? Sounds like a scene from a movie. It must have been magical. It’s the kids that seem to want the dog more, but it’s the parents that really end up taking care of it after the new smell wears off.

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  7. My grandparents had parakeets! I loved them. My first puppy ever was a German Shepard. Guess what was her name… Laika LOL I’m a 70s child after all. All my dogs used to throw up in the car too! 🙂 I remember running home from school to to walk her! precious story Goldie 🙂

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  8. I have always wanted a puppy, but I can’t make my pet miserable by not giving it all the time and attention, it deserves. I totally agree with you. Someday, I’ll be that lucky to have one. Recently I became a proud parent of four Finches; Simba, Sarah, Rio, Coco (all names of my favorite Disney movies :P) and they are loves of my life! I wish we have a long and precious journey ahead!

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  9. Hello. I loved your blog, so I thought I wanted to write a comment. I guess I have plans ahead that I’m looking forward to of getting myself my very own puppy and hopefully turns into being a well mannered dog. I will blog about it as soon as it happens and maybe make vids n update vids too. Just for fun! I love German shepherds, my mom loves them too, if she wanted a dog it would be a German. Bye love 🙂

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      1. Hey! Actually, no I am not aware of that. I tried looking it up on google how to enable comments and it doesn’t really explain how to, do u have any easier way to tell me? Thanks for ur point! Hope your having a good day 🙂

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        1. The easiest solution that comes to mind is going to edit your posts and then on the right hand side in the edit bar , under more options – discussion, you have a box with “allow comments”. Make sure that box is checked. And then be sure to save and update the post.


              1. Hey, good morning. I just found out that on my settings it says something like on my newest blogs, the commenting will be enabled. So I just uploaded my latest article, will you please let me know if it worked? Thank you love. Have a good day.

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                1. Maybe try writing a new post? The old ones still don’t feature it. Or try to go back and edit one of the past ones and search for the “allow comments” box. Unfortunately, I think depending on the theme and version of editor, I am unable to figure out what exactly you should do to resolve it.

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