HW: #FridayFeeling; Continued motivation, happiness, and rage.

CongratZ, y’all! We have made it to Friday. Please feel free to bake yourself a cake and make a couple of drinks for this occasion. Sharing with me is NOT optional.

This week has been really good for me. It is interesting that I say that because most of the time the week is “bad” because something negative happened, or just… mediocre because nothing unpleasant happened, but neither was there anything worthy of a celebration. Would you like to know why this week was a good one? I would, too.

I balanced myself between the good and the bad, not falling into either. Somehow this week was more than mediocre. There were a lot of things I managed to get accomplished. Do not get me wrong, the “to do” list never ends, but there is a high level of satisfaction when you cross a few items off that list. I hope to cross off a couple more this weekend. 

It has been a productive week so far, and that is something that makes me happy. My body and mind got a little sluggish at times, but when that happened, I was ready to stimulate both. And it helped. Good as new.

Yes, I still feel very much motivated. Although, I will take it a bit slower this weekend, just to be sure to not let the tank go dry. 

So, keep it together for the next 8h or so and then make sure to celebrate all the things you have accomplished this week. As you can see, this does not have to be anything major. Any little thing could have been labeled as progress for you. Be sure to focus on that. Petting yourself on the back can help motivate you for the days to come, so be sure to acknowledge the good, not only the bad.

If you know me, you know I like to keep it real.

Aside from all of the above, I wanted to share one more feeling with you – rage. Not a day goes by without me encountering a driver I wish was not on the road. If you are not in a hurry, avoid the roads during rush hour traffic. If it takes you 3h to get to work because you drive slow, please do not force everyone to be stuck behind the wheel for that amount of time. Move onto the right lane if possible. 

If there is not much traffic, please refrain from driving at the very same speed as the car in the lane next to you. Let others pass.

And finally, if you drive inefficiently, please do not speed up whenever someone is trying to overtake you, only to block their maneuver. 

I understand that not everyone has the same mindset as me. But the road is something we all share. Trust me, I am mindful of you. Are you mindful of me?

How are you feeling today?

How was this week for you?

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Do you get road-rage?

Stay golden,



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58 thoughts on “HW: #FridayFeeling; Continued motivation, happiness, and rage.

Add yours

  1. I share your feelings on the road, especially when I’m on the winding road from our house into town, where it’s impossible to pass without taking your life into your hands.
    On the other hand, I am very grateful for some things that DIDN’T happen this week. Example: while using a very unsavory outhouse with a very deep pit full of (well, you know.), my cell phone (i.e. my phone, address book, photo album, etc.) slipped out of my pocket and fell! … onto the FLOOR. I thanked God for the rest of the hike and the rest of the day.

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  2. I’m so happy you had a good week! Balancing between the good and the bad can be – is – really tough, and an awesome skill to have. I don’t know if I have road rage or not to be honest, not something I think about.
    Have you any plans for the next week?
    School by me finished today, so summer hols here we come!!! So excited for holidays. Though I’ll miss my student.
    Love, light and glitter

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  3. I hear you and I see all your emotions. Those road issues are real and rage is one emotion that everyone should learn to deal with without having to have recourse to violence too. I do hope you’ll have an excellent weekend and get to complete more of the tasks you wanted to complete! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for motivating me to do better. I am working on my rage. I think it’s gotten better, but I still have work to do. And I do relapse sometimes.

      The weekend has been really good so far. Relaxing and somewhat productive. Have a great week!

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  4. I get serious road rage. I’ve found that listening to compelling audio books helps tremendously. My focus shifts from all the entitled a-holes effing up the flow of traffic to the story I’m listening to instead. The only time it fails is when something heinous happens (e.g., I almost get hit) – then my focus is on screaming a stream of curse words, honking my horn, and making rude hand gestures at the offending driver. I then have to rewind the recording 30-60 seconds, but I’ve noticed I let go of the anger a whole lot quicker than I used to when all I did was stew in it.

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  5. This week was pretty good. There wasn’t anything especially amazing that happened, but it was calm and I didn’t fall into the negative really at all. I just wish I had more time during work shifts! LOL 🙂
    My weekend plans are simple: read, write, enjoy wine.

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  6. Heh. You sound like one of my brothers. I don’t drive, but he does, and it drives him crazy when people aren’t paying attention on the road, or are only paying attention to themselves. Though, every once in a while, there’s a rare someone who shows common decency, and the day is a little bit brighter.

    And speaking of brighter, I hope your weekend goes — went? — well, and that your motivation continues beyond. 😇

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    1. Exactly. I don’t just get upset with people who are selfish or just… not smart. Sometimes, when I see someone considerate on the road, I wish I could reward them somehow, but I have not come up with an idea yet. I wish they knew how much I appreciated them in the sea of darkness.

      Can’t complain about the weekend. Going well. I currently feel motivated for the coming week, which is great.

      Good to hear that your cousin did not destroy you just yet. How long is your prison sentence?

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      1. I wonder if it says something about life or mankind in general, that it’s so much easier to express dissatisfaction than gratitude… Perhaps, that gratitude is worth more? If so, I think it’s a currency that finds its way to those who have earned it, whether given overtly or not.

        That’s good. 🙂

        Niece, technically. Though we’re close enough in age that we might as well be cousins, and have often been compared to sisters. Yeah, she hasn’t quite destroyed me yet… But she *has* monopolized my computer and started utilizing me as her own personal Skyrim wiki. 😅😝
        I don’t know how long, exactly. I think the initial plan was a month or so, but I’m pretty sure that’s changed. It’s actually kind of a refreshing change of pace, so I’m not too concerned.

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                    1. I don’t think we have it… And anyway, I doubt it would be much of a rest. I dislike commentators. I especially dislike it when people ask questions that they can figure out for themselves with just a little patience and some common sense. Sometimes, I can ignore it, and it’s not so bad. But there are certain people with whom I find it grating. My niece often finds herself among the number…

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                    2. Have you ever watched a movie for the first time and your companion keeps asking questions about the plot and characters that you have no way of knowing? I’m assuming that is what you mentioned.

                      I hate it when people do that, too. But, not always. When I want to make fun of the movie (because it has plot holes and is not all that good), I can talk quite a bit. It’s just a matter of having a matching companion that matches you in that. Nothing worse when you’re trying to concentrate and you are biting your nails and the other person asks you silly questions.

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                    3. That’s exactly what I was referring to! And yeah, even I can be a little guilty of poking fun and dissecting the little flaws… But my patience for any of that is currently very low. I think I’ve only mentioned my eldest niece up until now, but she has two younger siblings; and like any kids, they just want to act like the adults — And, like any kids, they way overdo it…

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  7. Eh, I’m okay. This week wasn’t too bad when looking at the positive side of things, and it sure wasn’t the worst! No plans for the weekend, but then again, I haven’t been feeling up to “going out” lately. As for driving and road rage, I do get upset at the stupid things people do on the road. It’s mostly from the drivers who seem like they are completely unaware of their surroundings. I try to be courteous whenever possible, and even go on to talk to my daughter about doing so when she’s with me.

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  8. For many years, the van I drove didn’t have a horn. I learned, therefore, not to honk. We wrote a skit on how to drive in Omaha from the perspective of someone who lived “outstate” (meaning west of Lincoln, Nebraska, a very rural area) and driving in Boston. It was hilarious. Getting mad at the idiots doesn’t do anything but make YOU crazy. I have a rant book where if the rage-inducing event is worthy, I write it down. I have one rant in it since March. When I am raging, I ask myself, “Self? Is it worthy of a rant?” 99/100 the answer is no.

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    1. A rant diary… I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use it, but it seems like something that many people could use. Maybe start selling those? Of course a percentage should go to me, since I suggested you do so.

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  9. I patted myself in the back today. No kidding. I felt like I did much better than yesterday Monday. Not perfect, but better. Love the road-rage tips! I used to get road-rage a while back, but now I just tend to plan for enough driving time, so that I’m not in a hurry.

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    1. Because I hate being late, I always make sure to plan ahead and give myself plenty of time. But that’s not when road rage kicks in. Most of the time it happens when I’m headed back home to RELAX.

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  10. So I’m talking to my psychologist (happens he’s my brother) and I ask him how he gets so much of his checklist done when I cannot cross off much of the long daily “to do” list. I guess this is why he has the Dr degree…”It’s been a lot easier for me since I started writing down what I just did and crossing it off as I go through the day” . And guess what, I get more done these days! His other line “It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it very long”

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    1. I was replying to your comment when my laptop ran out of juice and powered itself off. Well..
      Are you saying that he doesn’t make a “to do” list? That he only writes down the things he does do? Or am I misunderstanding that?
      I do make “to do” lists when I get overwhelmed with all the tasks. I prioritize the list and then tackle them one by one. But sometimes I lose the list.
      And I totally agree with his “It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it very long”.

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  11. Oh yes. He makes the to do list after he does something. Mostly because He (and I) are easily distracted. For instance, on the way to mailing a letter he sees a dead limb on a tree. He lays the mail down, goes to the shop, gets a saw and trims the tree. Now that he is tree trimming…he sees more trimming to do but now sees where a branch broke off the apple tree and bare wood needs to be covered so he gets the pine tar out and brushes on a covering.
    his “to Do” list has trimmed trees and pine tarred the apple tree written and crossed out. He feels like he did something.
    Long story short it starts to rain and he finds the mail all wet the next day on a nice balsam bough on his way to the mailbox.

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    1. Fascinating.
      It tackles your “to do” tasks in a more uplifting way. Often times we feel terrible for not doing A or B, but we forget to remind ourselves why we didn’t. Sometimes it’s because we took care of C, D, E and F in the meantime. Thanks for the idea.

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  12. I echo your thoughts on road rage and agree we all need to teach our kids to be courteous, do as I say, not as I do, lol. I am so guilty of NOT teaching that. My kids have seen me cuss stupidity on the road plenty of times. Their dad too. Ahhh, well. Maybe in an offhand way, we taught them to be defensive drivers.
    As far as my week, well, I’m seeing this post way late, so I will just thank you for visiting my blog and I will follow yours now. 🙂 We all need more friends to bounce our ideas off of, right?! Have a good week this week, happy hump day!

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    1. We’re not perfect. But we can try to do better every day.

      Thank you for visiting this part of the blogosphere. And most definitely! Here’s to bouncing ideas. Have a great rest of the week and stay golden.

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