Award ceremony – August 2019. Receiving and giving.

Now I return the favor and give out an award – The Brain Stormer Award!

The word stormer is defined as “something particularly impressive or good of its kind” in the Oxford Dictionaries.

There were so many great discussions this month. Thank you to all of you who participated.

There is someone who has been constantly ranking high every month but is yet to take home the main prize. If you know who you are, keep going and maybe September will be yours. There is also someone whom I have connected this month for the first time and we already have great chats. I hope more is to come.

The most involved person this past month was:

Coffee, who is somewhat of a controversial personality around these parts of town. He can come across as rude, but you will see there is more to him when you get to know him better. Coffee writes posts inspired by politics and other news-worthy events, but he also has some podcasts going on. He is searching for his next guest, so check him out and your voice might be the next one we hear on his podcast.

Thanks, Coffee for entertaining me and engaging in conversation with me this past month (and beyond)!


farmuuu table.png

Stay golden,



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