BT: Answer me this: Posting frequency + Title perfection.

As always, I would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to all of you who answered last month’s question. Most of you contribute on a monthly basis, which is phenomenal. By sharing what works for you and your experiences, you help other readers better their blogging techniques. If people know how to navigate blogging, they have an incentive to stick around for longer. We do not want people stumbling in the dark and leaving due to limited resources, do we?

YOU are making a difference, so THANK YOU.


If there is something about blogging or the community that you are wondering about, feel free to reach out via my Contact page and your question might be featured next month. Everyone would be answering YOUR question. Take advantage of it. If you do not feel comfortable shooting me an email, you can also leave your question at the bottom of your comment here today.


If you have missed the previous installment of the Blogging Tips, or just want to refresh your memory, feel free to check out:

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I hope you find some things there that will help make YOUR blogging world a better place.


AUGUST’S question:

Do you have a blogging schedule? How often do you post?

COMMUNITY’S answers:

(ranked from the most to least popular)

  • multiple times a week (absolute fan favorite)
  • once a week
  • once a day (This is different than multiple times a week, but it can only add to the already-extensive lead of “multiple times a week”.)
  • once or twice a month

Many people said that they post whenever creativity strikes, but most of them were able to narrow that down to one of the above-listed options.

When I first started blogging, I had a rather flexible schedule, PLUS I wrote some stuff when “creativity struck”. The problem with that was that I was not always by my computer to write a post when I got an idea. Sometimes I would write it down and then lose that piece of paper or forget about it entirely. Sometimes I could not even take it down due to lack of pen and paper. What was even worse was that, at that time, the door to the Chamber of Creativity was locked for me. Since I had not accessed it in years, the lock was rusty and there was no key insight. There was no way Creativity would just walk through that concrete reinforced door. I needed to let it out, and the only way to do it was to grab a saw and try to cut through the metal lock.

The saw and lock in this metaphor stand for this blog and a schedule. Although I have only kept to a strict schedule this year, I always had SOME sort of a schedule. This is not to say that you should do things the way I do. This is just me sharing my experience. Additionally, it seems like most of you have some sort of a schedule, too. For some it is more rigid, for some more flexible, but it is still there to guide you through the blogging journey.

You might have heard recommendations from other fellow bloggers to post every day. It might work for you, or it might not. For a week, every month, I blog every day. Multiple times a day on a couple of those days. It is a lot. I cannot imagine doing it for the whole month. It just is not sustainable for me. But have you seen the length of my posts? If you normally write shorter posts, you might be able to publish one every day. If you are able to post lengthy pieces every day, I am in awe.

What everyone is dying to know is whether blogging daily increases your stats. First of all, I would like you to know that your stats will not magically skyrocket if you do not engage in the blogging community, if you do not promote your blog and if your quality leaves a lot to be desired. With that said, I do get more views that one week out of the month. However, I do not plan on changing my posting schedule to “daily” because I would not be able to do it, plus, I will like my readers would get annoyed, too. We all have limited time in the day.

What some of you might have noticed is that I am SLOWLY dipping my toes into the waters of Twitter. It might serve as my secondary platform on which I could post more often (IF I wanted to and that is a big if.) and not spend hours composing a Tweet. That way I do not bury you in a mountain of posts here, yet I stay connected there.

There is plenty of content regarding the advantages of daily posting, but I wanted to share with you an article about the cons of posting every day. Definitely thought-provoking. You can find it –>HERE<–.

Ultimately, the things you should take into account when figuring out how often you should post are:

  • How often can you produce quality content on a consistent basis?
  • What do your readers like and expect from you? (You might even want to ask them!)
  • How serious are you about stats?

SEPTEMBER’S question:

How do you come up with the titles for your posts? Is there a method to this madness?

Leave your answers in the comment section and come back in a month to see what other people said. (Or just check back here routinely. Or both. Whatever works for you.)

Aside from your answers, I will also share the results of my research on the topic of blog titles. So stay tuned!

Stay golden,



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174 thoughts on “BT: Answer me this: Posting frequency + Title perfection.

Add yours

  1. Great post, I believe we have discussed this a few times. Still debating that myself, the schedule and what brings people to my site. To be honest, I see posts that talk a lot about views and stats and I am sometimes embarrassed about my modest amounts. Unless I’m missing something, I would love to have some of the viewership that some people have blogged about. Not you, this just made me think of a few posts where other bloggers say they receive 100’s, 1000’s views a day…I have not cracked a hundred yet and ask myself what more do I need to do? I know its a hard long journey, but to wake up and see like close to a thousand views on a particular post or blog in general, I would faint right on the spot. To answer your September question, well, because I love puns so much, that usually gives me a good spin on a post. But, with poems and others…they sort of just come to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hundreds or thousands of views. Ha! That makes me laugh. Maybe it’s defense laughter, since obviously, I am not on that level. What I think is key is promotion. These people really have ALL sorts of social media and they post there a lot. However, I also think it has a lot to do with SEO and niches. Some are just more popular than others.

      What is Ash punning next?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol. I just now got home to send a reply. Yeah, you’re right, it is the SEO stuff and I guess the obsessive social media blasts. That’s all fine and good, but for me it’s way too much. I love my following and I love the people I connected with more and that’s where I get my value out of my blog and writing. What’s Ash Punning? Lol, it’s like a bad tourette sometimes…hahah.

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  2. Titles are easy for some posts and harder for others. The “rules” I have read say to make your title echo keywords in the article and use very relevant titles.

    I try to make the title sound catchy. My titles are usually short, less than four or five words. I don’t want my titles to get truncated if viewed on different readers/devices.

    My most viewed post (The Book of Job) has a title that reflects exactly what the post is about, but my second most popular post (Freight trains on reality planes) has a title that is very abstract.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I used to be the same way with short titles, but that supposedly is TERRIBLE for your SEO, etc. That’s why I make them sound… complicated now. Sometimes it works and sometimes I struggle.

      Thanks for sharing your title stats. Interesting.

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  3. Sometimes my titles pop out of the blue, sometimes my post stays untitled, or it’s saved with the first sentence of the post until the day I’m about to post – often fifteen minutes before the post goes live. But, For the first part – august’s question – I usually write posts that I have no time to post (it’s not fair to others to want them to check your post if you can’t check theirs) and then i save it for a later time. Usually if I’m very busy, I post 2 times a month, but I’d rather keep a once per week schedule.

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  4. I think it all boils down to each individual blogger, and their blog content, and what everyone is comfortable with. Some blogs lend themselves to being posted on a daily basis, while others may not. I don’t think there are any hard and set rules. Work with whatever your own comfort levels are. Although, consistence plays a huge role in followers and readership.

    Liked by 3 people

          1. AWWWWWW!!!!! Thank you. I have reinvented myself so many times. Even though my body is beginning to slow down with age, I am still fighting the good fight, and am trying to stay as young as possible for as long as I can. My philosophy is that you just have to keep learning and keep moving. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

                  1. I am a fighter, and will always fight the good fight for as long as I can. 🙂

                    3 Years ago, I had a very rough year. In a six month time frame, I had two major knee operations, one was for a ruptured ACL and I had ACL reconstruction, the other was a total knee replacement on the other leg, a broke my wrist and had a cancer scare. the doctors thought I had thyroid cancer. All in 6 months. So I try, but sometimes, even my spirit gets dampened and shows its age.

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  5. I’ve glad you’ve unlocked that chamber. I’d hate for you to be behind bars…

    How do you come up with the titles for your posts? Is there a method to this madness?
    Whatever comes to my mind at the time. If it’s a rambling post or nonsense or sadness or whatever, I either don’t really title it or title it ramble or title it with what it’s about in a word or two. Really it’s usually what the post is about. I want the title to reflect the post. I know that there are people who think a lot and try to think of a title that is search friendly and whatever. My most looked at posts were ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’ and ‘why are you so afraid’. It definitely was/is the titles that brought people there (that’s my reasons to live blog, and it seems like wordpress doesn’t promote that blog for me which is seems to do for my JTL blog, so it’s definitely the titles that have people looking). I know titles make a difference, and however much I’d love more engaging readers, my blogging isn’t about getting people to engage, but about myself. My commenting on others posts are for them. Part of why I blog is also for others, but mostly it’s for myself (it’s only my RTL blog that I really do want to publicise and want it for others sake’s).

    Ramble long enough? Disconnected enough? Ego-centric enough?

    Love, light and glitter

    Liked by 3 people

    1. “I want the title to reflect the post.” I think that is a good idea.

      Thank you for sharing your most viewed posts and their titles. It’s definitely interesting.

      What makes you think that WP helps you promote one blog and not the other?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Because my journey to life blog got followers and views immediately even before I had posted much. Also I would think that when I was posting regularly and often on my reasons to life blog there was way better and more targeted content yet quite a few of the people who follow that blog are through my JTL. Also both have the same amount of supposed followers when my new blog is still relatively new. I could of course be wrong but that’s what I think and see.

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  6. Titles are something I do try to give some thought to. I try to highlight the theme, or the point I want readers to remember. I often link it to a line from a song or a famous quote. I find that the titles other bloggers use invite me in, so I do try to do the same. I think a good title can make a post seem more appealing.

    Liked by 3 people

          1. lol, I really don’t take myself that seriously! It distracts from learning and listening. Seriously Goldie, I’m an awesome guy to hang out with, but I’m no where near your level, or many people’s level of intelligence and understanding.

            I’m still learning and observing. The majority of what I write or record is really my learning experience, in real time.

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            1. Intelligence & understanding is relative despite human-created academic measuring sticks. I call bullshit. You are a brilliant writer & thinker. You DO struggle with expressing yourself when you are recording/talking but, I put that under self-consciousness. If I am nervous or uncomfortable, I will come across as a blithering idiot, tho…I am not.

              Stop comparing yourself to others, Coffee. You have a curiosity that can build bridges and the charm to keep that bridge polished & connected.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I don’t even think it’s about self-consciousness. Public speeches are my thing, but when it comes to “real” talk, I stutter. Why? It’s because I’m constantly thinking about the ways to express myself in a way that my audience will understand. I can talk for the sake of talking, but if I want to have an actual conversation, or even potentially convince them of something, I start to struggle. One wrong word and the other person clams up, or jumps to conclusions and the conversation is over.

                Glad someone else called BS on this.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I’m the reverse. Public speeches…NERVES. Normal convo, even with silent spots, I can do. Everyone desires a connection. One on one with a kindred spirit…nothing like it. One on one with someone whose views and/or demeanor are “odd”…the weather is nice, isn’t it?

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Then, you smile, talk about the weather, coffee or tea, possible TV shows or movies…common ground can be found in the simplest of things.

                      If someone goes off on a political tear or decides to virtue signal, I smile, nod & have a nice day.

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              1. I’m trying to see if anyone else is see what I am seeing. I’m not worried about making a fool of myself. I just really want to know what others think and feel and how they process the same information differently.

                I believe that people hold more information and intelligence and wisdom than almost any book or source. We already know what is right or wrong, in our hearts.

                The problem I believe is that we are afraid to express ourselves, so, we fall inline behind the latest fad or the most authoritarian source. Instead of realizing what different things mean to us as individuals, we follow the crowd.

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  7. Last month’s answers are on point.

    I get my title before I write the post; although, sometimes, when I’m writing, I find myself deviating from the title and so I change the title to one that fits the blog post. Whatever I do, I always make sure my titles are appealing, in line with the blog post, and optimised for search engines.

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    1. Interesting. That’s how my story started – with titles followed by the rest. Then I changed, because I just wrote and wrote and had to re-do the titles, so I left them for last. Now it’s kind of a mix.

      So you come up with an idea, which you turn into a title, setting it as an objective, and then you write? Smart.

      What does “optimised for search engines” mean to you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, let me first admit that when it comes to SEO, I’m not a very technical person. 😂
        There are some SEO tips I find too complicated (and unnecessary?) to follow. So, for ME, a title that’s optimised for search engines should be short, but it shouldn’t be TOO short; it should reflect the blog post. And if the post you’re writing is a how-to post or something similar, your title should have at least one keyword in it. That’s it for me.

        I think people who write poems and stories shouldn’t have to obsess over SEO, though. It restricts their creativity.

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  8. I write when a strong emotion or an intense experience prods me to pen down what i feel…writing works like meditation for me. An absolute release of positive energy. The title is just a by-product of the post. A question or a word or a phrase that intrigues the reader! My post Happiness is an example.

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  9. Titles? I have to use some sort of structure. I tried winging it with random titles but, it confused me. I had gotten used to the Throwback Thursday thing on FB at one time so, I used that as a guide. With the exception of Sunday, I like the Day of the Week titles…Movie/Music/Military Monday, Tune/TV Tuesday, Foto/Flick/Flashback Friday, Shutterbug Saturday… It helps me organize my thoughts. I still do FOTD, POTD, National Days, full moons but, the structure helps.

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    1. That’s exactly why I started with the acronyms at the beginning of my titles.
      I used to “wing” the titles. They were … creative back in the day, which meant they didn’t reveal too much about the post. Even though I liked the mystery, I found it terribly difficult to find a specific post when I wanted to link it to another post. At this point, with over 300 posts, it is still difficult to find what I’m looking for. What I think I wrote last week really happened three months ago. Time just flies.
      Some people recommend having a spreadsheet and cataloging your posts, keywords and the general gist of your post, but I don’t have time to properly do that.

      Liked by 1 person

                1. When I created my blog over 2 years ago, /wp-admin was already done with. There was no option to get there. The only reason I found out was because someone said something and I read it. It seems like you can do a lot more things there and do it in an easier way. However, I must admit that I haven’t used it in a while. I’m not sure why it’s not a regular thing. Sure, it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as the new outlay, but it’s far more useful. I remember when I crossed my 1k followers mark and all of a sudden, the first ones were not on the list. Turns out, ALL your followers can be found on the old platform, but the new one only shows the latest 1k. Why?


                  1. Not a clue. The follower numbers are skewed as hell, anyway. In the Reader, the numbers are different, sometimes, than the numbers that show up on individual blog sites. WP is hinky. It’s programmed in PHP, the same thing that FB is programmed in. It has bugs.

                    No option to get there? You can get to the wp-admin thru the phone app. I’ve done it…unless my older blog is connected to it and your newer blog is not…???

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                    1. The thing that shows on someone’s site often reflects email and social media subscribers, too.

                      No, I do not go through my phone. I remember reading that it was going to be added as an option in the tiniest font at the bottom of a page somewhere, but I haven’t seen it. I just bookmarked the link when I first discovered it and that’s all. I doubt any new bloggers use it/ know about it.


                    2. The Reader will show email followers, too…probably not social media but, honestly, I’m not totally sure. Have you been reading comments & posts from folks complaining about comments not working properly?

                      I don’t post with my phone but, I will occasionally look at something when the phone app, itself, isn’t helpful. I took screenshots. I will try to show you what I am talking about. I will return when I an on my computer.

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                    3. What do you mean by “comments not working properly”? I’ve noticed quite a bit that people respond to my comments/ replies and yet they are posted as separate comments and not replies. It happens on both – their and my blogs.

                      That’s be great. Thanks.


                    4. I have NO idea. I’ve never had problems with comments, giving or receiving. I know if they disappear, they are either in SPAM or moderated. But, apparently, others are having issues.

                      Replies in line and not under another comment is, usually, a struggle on the phone app. If you aren’t careful and make sure you respond directly in the little notification window or, make sure you hit the reply arrow underneath when you are in the comments area, you will wind up with a singular comment, unattached to whatever back & forth you were going for. It can be tricky. When I wind up with a singular comment, not where I intended, it’s my fault every time. I’ve never had one of my comments just, arbitrarily, show up by itself without my personal goof. I can’t speak for anyone else.

                      On to the screen captures…

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                    5. Yes, that’s the bookmarked page I was telling you about that I discovered through someone’s blog one day a while back. But I was hoping that there is an easier way to get there (like at the bottom of the left hand side panel like on the mobile app).


                    6. Go to posts. Or, pages if you have those, too. You can search by category, by tag, by title… You can even change the original date of a post, change the slug…all kinds of things.

                      Am I making sense?

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    1. I think writing a couple of times a week for a year is worth more than writing daily for a month and then not posting for weeks.

      What’s your take on the formation of topics? Yours always seem so polished, and I was thinking that your professional background might help. Would you share some tips?


  10. 🙂 In regards to coming up with a title for my blog post, I simply choose the first one that comes to mind.

    My titles are usually simple and straightforward (And, that lets the reader know exactly what it is all about).

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  11. Huh, I’m actually surprised to see that “multiple times a week” was the most popular answer. I don’t know where people find the time. Then again, I do have a part-time job, a boyfriend who wants my attention, regular workouts, time-consuming volunteer roles, etc…

    I use a filler title while I write the rough draft and come up with a longer, more specific title when I’m further along and know exactly what all will be in the post. I can’t stand vague titles because it’s like trying to sell a book with nothing on the cover–why would a reader be intrigued to read your book if they have no idea what it’s about? (metaphorically) Sometimes, I actually include more explanation in parentheses after the title when I share a post on Twitter.

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  12. Thank YOU for summing up what your followers do for their blogging habits. It’s honestly all comes down to how much time you CAN and WANT to put into blogging. And honestly, you have to enjoy doing it and never force yourself into a schedule.

    Ehhh my titles are usually very straightforward, it’s the title of a book and the author. Then I have movie reviews and tags. Where it’s more “creative” is when I do discussion posts and my titles are usually the question I ask my readers heheh 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the format of a question in a title. With your reviews it definitely makes sense to use title + author.

      As far as posting frequency is concerned, I definitely agree. What works for one person might not work for another. We all have different goals in mind when it comes to blogging. However, after seeing an “nth” post on stats and seeing how well blogging related posts perform, I decided to consolidate it all. Even though some people blog just for themselves, stats definitely motivate them (or demotivate them).

      The blogging community seems to be divided into 3 groups. The first group consists of people who are trying to overtly maximize their gains (stats, $$, etc.). They openly talk about all this. Then, there is a group that does not care about any of it and just wants an outlet for their creativity, etc. Again, those people do not try to hide it and they often ignore comments, don’t interact with others, etc. What I think is a rather BIG group is the middle one, which includes people who hope and wish for something more, but are unsure of how to get there. Or try and fail. Those people mostly hide in the dark without openly asking questions, etc. Maybe they don’t want to fail publicly, maybe they aren’t ready to take the next step, etc. But every now and then, they will mention stats. Or how tough blogging is. Or how they lost motivation. I’ve seen people quit way too many times.

      Because of that third group I created this series. Sure, the study is limited to only those that are in MY blogging community, but I see this as a great representation of the whole blogosphere. I want people to be able to come to one place (here) and find the answers to their questions without having to research through hundreds of personal account blogs and cold sales.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I chuckled as I read your reply. As I composed my earlier reply, I caught myself going in-depth and explaining things and I wondered if I should cut it out. However, I decided to keep it, after all. It made me realize how passionate I really am about that.

          Thanks for the motivation, Lashaan!

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  13. I write poetry, so it’s not like my titles are things like “How To Be An Idiot In Five Easy Steps” – – though actually, that might make an amusing poem…

    But anyway. As it is, many of my titles are either taken directly from the poem itself, or are a word or phrase that sums up what I was writing about. I also like the use of references or common expressions. But then, I’ve never really cared enough about stats to pander to search engines and the like; so, to each his own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “How To Be An Idiot In Five Easy Steps” I LOVE it!
      I challenge you to write a poem with this title. I think it could be spectacular.

      Precisely. I think having a niche makes things easier. If you are all about reviewing books, you use author+ title. If you’re reviewing products, you use their name in the title. If you only write “how to’s” you use that.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s too bad… It would be fun to see what you would come up with. But I know a little something of juggling… Or rather, of being unable to do it terribly well — Or, you know… With more than two balls. 😛😅 So the point is: that’s perfectly fine.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Heh. Yes, gremlin-free for now: not counting my brothers. 😝

                As for my week… Having nothing to concentrate on has troubles of its own. I’ve been stuck in my head, and not in the greatest of moods; But, it’s nothing that won’t pass.

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  14. Titles are NOT my strong suit. I almost always come up with a title after I’ve gotten the entire post ready to go–it’s the last thing I end up doing. I don’t feel like I’m terribly creative. I’d love to find that perfect balance of wanting folks to click without reaching the level of click bait, but it’s difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, click bait is also something that I’m trying to avoid. I thought of starting every title with “How to”, but then I realized I could not keep it up for too long. Or maybe I should make it a challenge. Hmmm…

      Liked by 2 people

  15. Sometimes the titles come to me during the writing part of my pieces, and sometimes afterwards. Every once in a while, I’ll do a piece around the title. In any case, I try to keep the titles relevant either directly or indirectly to their respective pieces.

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