HW: #ThrowbackThursday; For the first time – confessions of a baker.

Happy Halloween, Y’all!

Over the weekend, I went to the store to pick up a few items I needed for the house. It has been impossible to walk into a store this past month without being hit by a wall of candy. Yes, yes, I know Halloween is coming. Because I do not engage in black magic (i.e. meal planning and prep), I end up at the store quite often, picking up just a few items instead of making one big haul. After one too many times at the store, I have learned to tune out the wall of candy. Although, I cannot wait until tomorrow when all of it will be 50% or so cheaper. No, I do not mind eating candy with ghosts and witches on them all year long. Shhh, do not tell the producers and shop owners.

While at the store, I remembered a young family member mentioning they were looking for a mask to complete their costume just as I was passing by a costume aisle. I walked in and expected to be surprised by all sorts of great apparel. Unfortunately, all that I felt was disappointment. What happened to all the creative, beautifully crafted ensembles? What I saw was cheaply made and it lacked any sort of creativity. I do not know what half of those things were.

Halloween costumes are not something I buy every year. Sometimes I skip any and all celebrations. However, since I am a sucker for cheaper meals, I do dress up sometimes in order to get a discount at a food place. There are two or three costumes in my closet that I recycle. I have always wondered why people keep buying different costumes every year. It kind of reminds me of a wedding dress – you wear it once and then this piece of material that cost actual money gathers dust for the rest of your life. But people do get new costumes every year. That is what companies must have figured out as well, which is why they do not really focus on the quality of the product. They make something that only needs to last a few hours. What a terrible mentality.

This is a Throwback Thursday post, so it would not be complete without me telling you about my past. Brace yourself!

A long long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile and I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance, and maybe they’d be happy for a while.

Wait a second, these words came to me so easily. They sound so familiar. It is almost as if I have always known them. Ah, yes! These are the lyrics to Don McLean’s “American Pie”. “Well, alright, Goldie. What does that have to do with anything? Did you want to be a singer in the past? Or did you dress up as the singer?” – you ask. No. None of these. I just like the song. Do you not think these lyrics make for a perfect introduction?

A long, long time ago, the first Halloween that I remember, I was dressed as a baker. Stop looking around, trying to gauge other people’s reactions. I was a baker. It is a thing! Well, at least it WAS. I am not really sure how this came about. I am assuming that my parents forgot and had to figure something out last minute, so they tied an apron around my waist and that was it. There was also some sort of a hat. I must have purposefully blocked out what other people were dressed as at school, but I remember being stopped in the hall by kids I have never met asking me what I was. People were shocked. Although, I do not remember anyone saying anything negative. Maybe I blocked that out, too. See, there is a pattern – block bad things out and you will have a much happier life. Maybe that should have been my Wednesday Wisdom post…

Trick or treating was not allowed in my house. After all, my parents could afford our own candy. There was no need to go around and beg strangers. Oh, how adults can spoil all the fun. Granted, they were worried about razors and cocaine potentially hidden in candy, but I did not care. They just might have ruined Halloween for me.

Today, I am dressed as a prisoner by wearing a black and white striped costume. There is even a prisoner number on my chest. It feels fitting to wear something like this at work.

Are you dressing up today or have you dressed up last weekend? (People seem to celebrate Halloween and St. Patrick’s all month, depending on convenience.)

If you are not dressing up, why is that?

Do you trick or treat?

Do you give out candy or pretend that you are not home?

Do you give out something else than candy? (Some give out toothbrushes and toothpaste. Really?)

Please feel free to log onto Twitter and share a photo of you in a Halloween costume in this post’s thread.

Stay golden,



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44 thoughts on “HW: #ThrowbackThursday; For the first time – confessions of a baker.

Add yours

  1. I am not dressing in a costume. It’s not fun for me now because I can’t wear eye makeup. I will wear a kitty or pumpkin shirt though. Years past, I often wore a costume, new each year or newly put together. A couple times I recycled a ghost. Once as a 12 year old, I thought I was done trick or treating, but my friends convinced me to go. I grabbed a colorful dress of my mom’s and put on a lot of beaded jewelry and her long dark wig. I thought I looked sort of like a gypsy, but a man asked me if I was a “lady of the evening.” My friends didn’t know what that was, but I did, so I had explain it to them. 🤣

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    1. So you don’t think a costume is complete without eye makeup? Why can’t you wear it?

      I am quite the fan of those occasional shirts. However, they, too, can usually only be worn once a year and it seems like a waste to me.

      Did you use a bed sheet for the ghost costume, or something else?

      It’s interesting that you knew what that was at the age of 12. And why did your mother have a wig?

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      1. I wear glasses so masks are out. If I’m not wearing makeup, then my face isn’t going to be part of a costume. I might as well just put on a comfy holiday sweatshirt.

        My ghost costume was a floaty cloud dress with a ragged white dress over that. I wore all white accessories and white raggedy strands in my hair. It was a great costume!

        My mom had several wigs in different styles. I guess it was a 60s “thing.”

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  2. Not dressing up this year. I had a costume but I just feel kind of punk so I let my adult daughter borrow it. But, I’m all for others doing it and kids having a good time. I have pretty good Halloween memories. Fun costumes and candy. And, my costumes were good. Homemade, often, and well-made. I like what you said about things of quality. There is a dearth of it in many consumer items these days. We live in a replaceable, consume-constantly culture. It’s a touch distressing.

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    1. What costume was it? Wouldn’t the dressing up help you a little with your current mood?

      I admire those who make their own costumes. You have to be creative and skilled in the art of sawing/ gluing/ etc.

      Any weekend plans?

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      1. On the weekend, the house is empty for two days and honestly, I don’t do much. I get so little truly alone time these days between friends and families that the moments are gold. I read, I putter, and I relish that there is no one else about.


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        1. I’m glad you get some time off so that you can be on your own. It sounds blissful. It’s something I enjoy doing, too.

          This weekend will be filled with all sorts of chores, but I seem to have a positive attitude about it. So far…

          Stay golden!

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  3. Hehe a Baker sounds good. It’s original. My family didn’t celebrate Halloween til I was about 12-13. My family were Jehovah’s Witnesses. When they got out of that we celebrated Halloween and Christmas for the first time. But there was a costume party that my mom did make me a costume for. I was a Crayon. Hehe. I only dressed up for a few Halloween’s. I’ve been a Punk, an Old Lady and a Cat. My husband and I don’t really do anything for Halloween. We live in a basement suite, so we don’t have any kids coming around, and we don’t have any children of our own.

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      1. Well I think they had some resentment to begin with because my parents got pregnant with my oldest brother before they were married, and the JW’s held this over them. But the the thing that caused them to want out was when my brother took up smoking and the elders kept showing up at their door. They couldn’t take that constant interference. I actually remember someone coming to our house to teach us kids to memorize the order of the books of the Bible. Now I find that strange. Why did anyone have to come to our house? Couldn’t our parents teach us this stuff? Yeah, there was some weird stuff going on there. To this day my parents are anti-religion. They say they don’t have a problem with me believing what I want to believe, but they don’t want anything to do with religion. I’ve told them I’m not religious, but they don’t understand what I mean, and they really don’t give me too many opportunities to voice anything when it comes to God. So, my family is definitely in my prayers.

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          1. Yeah, it is sad. My dad’s brother even broke ties with him. My grandma remained a JW, but she refused to shun our family. I belive my grandparents knew God. Now, I’m just waiting on the rest of my family to recieve Him. It seems like a lot of mountains, but God can move mountains, right? 😊

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  4. Hahahahah.
    Then it’s Halloween 5 days out of 7 for me. And I don’t even have to dress up 😉

    We actually have a colleague who is half American and she did dress up.
    I couldn’t really do that, because I was teaching. But I have quite an earring collection with also crazy, fun ones. So yesterday I wore the skeletons on my ears 😀

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    1. ROFL. You made me laugh. It’s true. Sometimes I feel I have an invisible prisoner’s number tattooed on my forehead.

      I’m quite surprised to see some people dressed up when I don’t think they should be. Accessories are definitely a good idea to have some fun while keeping things professional.

      You should have gone up to your (ex?) boss like a zombie.
      “Braaaaaains…. Oh, wait, you have none.”
      And then walk away.


  5. I enjoy Halloween and have one young enough still to be trick-or-treating, we always stick out the jack-o-lanterns and ready the candy. BUT, I am glad to hear you don’t buy new stuff for it every year – it is a massive time of waste as those plastic masks and nylon costumes hit landfill.

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    1. Precisely. Those cheap plastic masks won’t last longer than a night. And they look awful, too. Like you said – such a waste. Kids were not allowed to touch their costumes before putting them on for fear of ruining them. How not fun.


  6. I didn’t dress up for Halloween but I would have probably gone with something very DC Comics’ish. 😉 There was also some pretty intense rain this year, making it even less likely for me to dress up for the occasion. Maybe when I get older, post-PhD, when I’ll have a much stabler life, I’ll look into doing it. There’s also more chance that I do it if I have a kid to do it with, at this point hahaha

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    1. Batman? I’d assume that you dressed as him once. Or twice. Or every year your whole life.
      You never know… I used to think that way: “When my life gets stabler”, but I realized that things get actually more complicated with time. That’s why I actually look forward to retirement. Maybe THEN I will have time. Because of that, I try to make things happen now, instead of waiting for a better time.

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  7. I was going to dress up but was sick that day. We did see a lot of kids so it was a good thing I loaded up a few days earlier. I used to love going out getting candy on Halloween, being a small community where I grew up, we would canvas pretty much the whole harbour and have pillow cases full.

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      1. Much better now, I think I was fighting something off or jus needed a me day. My nephew was around yes and his little brother as well. I grew up in a huge family so having people around is a rarity nowadays but nice when it happens. Just not too much hahaha

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  8. I did not dress up this year. I wanted to gauge my coworkers first before I unleashed my dressing up on them. Not one went “all in”—they were all tasteful (no blood, guts, or sluttiness) and cutesy. If I do one of my all in looks, I just may shock them all. When I dress up, I aim to look Not. Like. Me.

    I hand out candy every year. We usually have hundreds of trick-or-treaters, but only hit 98 this year. Wah, wah.

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  9. I found my way here the hard way… and crazy thing since I was literally just asking about razor blades and glass shards in candy… is that a thing?

    also is the costume suppose to be scary or one be anything like they are in Zootopia when you can be anything?

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    1. That’s dedication right there. How did you land here, then? The search function?

      It USED to be a thing a couple of decades ago. I haven’t really heard anything like that in a while. But I’m not sure why. I doubt that no one tries anything anymore.

      I thought they were supposed to be scary but now… it really is anything. People dress up as their favorite cartoon/movie characters a lot.

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      1. I searched for Halloween in the search bar and then went through the suggestions which were like 3 or so I think this Halloween, last Halloween and the Halloween before that if I remember correctly

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  10. They make something that only needs to last a few hours. What a terrible mentality.

    Preach. Sadly, that seems to be the modus operandum of our ‘civilized’ society.

    […] they were worried about razors hidden in candy and cocaine […]

    Razors in… cocaine?
    That’s just… insane!


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