Content poll/ Which posts of mine do you enjoy reading the most?

In the recent days, I have been discussing perception with other bloggers. Whatever we think is the case, appears to be the case for us. However, someone else might have a different perspective on things. Because of that, I decided to simply ask YOU ALL to tell me which kind of posts YOU prefer best. Simply by looking at the stats and looking at your comments, I can tell what I think are popular categories. This poll is meant to either confirm my perception or bring me out of my delusion.

The reason for this poll is related to my planning. This year, I kept a rather strict blogging schedule and it brought me a lot of joy. I am considering keeping the schedule as is. Or slightly altering the days (NROP on Tuesdays instead of Mondays) to fit it better into my schedule. Another idea I am toying with is to potentially get rid of some categories, or decrease the number of posts.

This is why I am asking you to please choose one (1) category you enjoy reading the most. Admittedly, it would be awesome to hear that you absolutely love all of my posts, but for the purposes of this study, I ask you to rein in that enthusiasm and pick just one.

It has been brought to my attention that my poll (below this line but above my signature) might not be visible for some of you. It seems that people using the WP app might be the ones affected. If you are on your phone and/or do not see the poll, please let me know in the comments so that I can add your vote to the poll results.

Ask and you shall receive.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Stay golden,



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49 thoughts on “Content poll/ Which posts of mine do you enjoy reading the most?

Add yours

  1. Argh. I am not a fan of making decisions like this. “All of the above” is a fairly accurate reflection of my feelings. However, since I’m being asked to pick one, I’ll go with the NROP. I like reading them and sometimes coming across different points of view.

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    1. Have you voted in the poll? I took a quick look at the current results and the number of votes for NROP seems lower than the number of votes in the comment secion…

      I understand that making such decisions can be hard. Your input is greatly appreciated and valued. Glad to hear that my pieces are working as intended.

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      1. I did and I picked NROP, under protest because I enjoy them all. But, I really like seeing different view points on topically issues and expanding my understanding.

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      2. I did and I picked NROP, under protest because I enjoy them all. But, I really like seeing different view points on topically issues and expanding my understanding. (I may not have pushed submit, so I voted again. )

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          1. Bit chaotic actually. My grandson has an ear infection and spent yesterday having febrile seizures. Seems better today. It’s a good lesson on trying to stay the course when life’s challenging.

            How are you doing?

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  2. I am very torn. I wanted to vote for both the NROP and CW but was limited to one. For me, it’s even stevens between the two. I really enjoy both. I ended up picking just one obviously but I need you to count a vote in both columns because I’m special 😂

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    1. Have you voted in the poll? I took a quick look at the current results and the number of votes for NROP seems lower than the number of votes in the comment secion…

      Thanks, Jeanne! I’m happy to hear that my original category is appreciated.

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        1. I was just asking because for some reason the poll results showed less votes for NROP than the comments would suggest. One blogger mentioned that maybe they never pushed the “vote” button. I just wanted to make sure that the results reflected the actual thoughts of my readers.

          “Meatier” I like that adjective as a description for my posts. Does that make me a culinary blog? LOL

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  3. I happen to enjoy the variety of your posts… Though if I have to choose just one, I suppose I’ll go with Hashtag Week. They tend to be of a slightly more personal nature, I think, and I generally prefer personal posts. Of course, there’s also CW… But better I don’t start overthinking it…

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  4. I am also in between NROP and CW.
    I appreciate your CW the most, but I can imagine it does add pressure for you.
    And I have told you this before, but instead of putting them on here, the CW, collect them, put them in a book. I’d happily buy it! 😉

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      1. Your “poll” link doesn’t show up in the phone app Reader. And, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that. Another blogger had a poll that showed up on her site and the link to the poll showed up in the Reader in the browser but, did NOT show up in the phone app.

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        1. Oh, really? That’s really interesting. This is a poll from the old version of WP-admin. WP recommends that you use an outside source for your poll and then link it to your post, but I didn’t want to do that. Thanks for keeping me informed.

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          1. Welllllll…that might lend credence to the missing poll on the phone app. The NROP folks are on phones & voting via comments and, the CW folks are on computers using browsers voting on the poll.

            Just as idea? Maybe? 🤔🤨😳

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  5. (I don’t see the poll.)
    I’m torn between voting for the NROPs and the CW posts. I love the latter SO MUCH. Not just because your stories are usually creative (with their plot twists) and are never cliché, but also because they’ve helped me unwind many times after I’ve had a tiring day.

    I like the NROP mostly because it informs me of the affairs that are currently happening in your clime, affairs that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It makes me aware of issues whose urgency I’d never noticed before.

    The series is highly educating, and I’m a sucker for educating and enlightening content.

    Do you ever feel exhausted updating the CW category? I mean, having to come up with interesting stories very often, it’s got to be mentally taxing, right?

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    1. Thanks for letting me know that you don’t see the poll. (It makes me mad, but now that I know that, I shall plan differently for the future.)

      Thank you for your supportive arguments. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Glad to hear that people like educating/enlightening content, because that is a big goal of mine. I had no idea my stories would help you unwind. That’s awesome!

      The CW pieces are like with anything else – they take time and inspiration. So, no, I do not see them as more exhausting/ difficult. However, I do have to admit that I put more pressure on myself to make them as good as they can be. Plus, I don’t want to be a one-trick-pony and have them all be the same, so I try to think of all sorts of different plots to keep you all surprised. Well, now that I’ve said it, I think you might be right – they’re not the easiest. But then again, similar things can be said about NROP. So I’m not sure. Thanks for making me realize that I’m confused. LOL. Yet another thing to consider when coming up with my schedule for next year. I have a feeling I will go back to a rather lax schedule or no schedule at all since I foresee it being a busy year.

      So which one is your pick. You have to make a choice or else I will force feed you chocolate.

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      1. ‘Thanks for making me realize that I’m confused.’

        That made me laugh a lot. 😂
        It can’t be easy, not with having to write other categories, and having to juggle blogging with work and your personal life. But I suppose doing it so many times makes you get used to the process pretty fast.

        I don’t want to influence your decision, but, yeah, you should probably start the new year with a lax schedule and maybe switch to a tighter one when you feel like you can cope with the stress. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision, or quickly adapt if you feel you made the wrong decision.

        Jeez, it’s so easy to decide when chocolate enters the equation. I think I’ll go with the CW series.

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        1. Indeed. I feel like this year’s schedule became a routine of sorts. While it’s not always convenient, I became acustomed to it.

          I actually think it might be quite the opposite – start strong and then see how it goes.

          I’m glad I didn’t have to waste chocolate on you. There’s so many people int he world who would be upset that they didn’t get it instead.

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      1. Hmm, I’m not sure. It depends on the specific posts…… It’s the personal aspect that I like – which is why it depends on what you actually write, and it’s always interesting to hear your views on the world.

        Although re next year, I’d say go with what is easiest for you and what you’re most comfortable with. Or just go with the flow and see what happens. Whatever you do is and will be amazing….

        Love, light and glitter

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  6. Perhaps I am delusional as well, but frankly I enjoy everything you share. The topics are vast and never fail to make me think. I know I’m not much help narrowing things down, but I’m perfectly content reading everything you want to share.

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      1. Yes, I think so. As a fellow writer, I can see the draw for the CW posts. But we are able to get a little deeper when you do the hashtag pieces. So it’s a bit of a toss up. I do agree with another commenter here that perhaps the CW posts (or most of them) could be set aside and compiled into a book. Sell it or not, I think it’s a great idea if you’re set on going one way or another.

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