Goldie is a published author!

Around this time of year, last year, people asked me if I had any resolutions in mind for 2019. The last time I engaged in prolonging that particular tradition was probably when I was 13 or so. Even then, those were wishes, more than resolutions. Ever since that time, I have been steadily relaxing the grip on the specificity of goals. However, when pressed for an answer, I admitted to wanting to become a published author in 2019.

In November of 2018, I took part in NaNoWriMo and wrote “a book.” The plan was to edit it in January of 2019, then have beta-readers involved, query, and get signed by the end of the year. Well, that did not happen. I never even went through the first stage of the plan. Yes, I am embarrassed, ashamed, and disappointed a little. Buuuut! I did settle on the title of the book, the bio, the blurb, and the cover. It was all very exhilarating. It seems like I took care of things that should be finalized last, but you should already know I can be weird like that. Seeing my cover with my title and my name on it definitely motivates me to actually get the project moving further. Maybe in 2020? What I know is that it WILL happen when it is MEANT to happen.

Anyway, back to here and now. Well, almost. First, I need to go back a few months into the past. During one of the summer months, River (He writes excellent poetry, short stories, and recently started a publishing house. Check him out!) posted an announcement regarding short story submissions for publishing. I followed the link and discovered that Tara at Raw Eart Ink (She is currently accepting poetry submissions, in case you want to give it a try!) was looking for dark fiction stories to potentially put in a book. I could not pass it up. I had to give it a go. I wrote like crazy. Then, I waited, biting my nails (figuratively speaking). Apparently, there were MANY submissions, and only the ones selected would make it into the anthology. Would I be good enough? In fact, there was a time when I thought there was no way I was going to make the cut. (Why do we doubt ourselves so much?)

There were so many great stories that Tara decided to publish vol.1 and vol. 2. I was overjoyed when I heard that my submission was going to be PUBLISHED, but I was still worried about something, ANYTHING going wrong. On December 17th, 2019, I returned home from work to a package by my door. I am not sure how, but my brain knew straight away what it was. I tore the mailer while apologizing to my partner for ignoring the dinner spread. I saw it. I touched it.

A cover of an anthology with my story.
The cover of “Static Dreams vol.2.”

My heart skipped a beat. I held my breath longer than usual. I opened the book on the index page

Table of Contents with "Reverberation" in it.
Static Dreams vol.2 index

and found:

Reverberation by Sam Kirk ……………………………………………………………………………………………197″

Yes, that is me! Sam Kirk is the name under which I publish my stories outside of here.

I turned to page 197 and scanned the first few lines. It WAS my story. No longer a dream, my name in a book was a reality.

An excerpt from my published story "Reverberation."
An excerpt from my published story “Reverberation.”

For those of you who have trouble reading the excerpt featured in the photograph above, here is the text version of it:

“When Annabelle came to, it took her a moment to figure out that her eyes were not failing her. It was just dark wherever she was. No matter how much she strained her eyes, she could not see a thing around her. Her hands were tied behind her, and her lower extremities were bound to the chair’s legs. Panic set in, and she wanted to scream but couldn’t. Her lips were taped shut.

Frantically, she tried to figure out where she was and how long she had been there. What she learned from all the books she had read and all the shows she had watched was that the longer the victim was gone, the harder it was for anyone to find them. Her chance of survival diminished with every hour she spent in captivity.

“What’s the last thing that you remember?” Annabelle asked herself, trying to calm down her breathing.

But nothing came to mind.

“Think!” she screamed at herself.

However, the pounding headache made it impossible for her to recall anything beyond her sitting in a park.

Suddenly, the all-encompassing darkness started dissipating.

“Someone found me!” she thought to herself excitedly.

The bright light was blinding her now-accustomed-to-darkness eyes.

“Hello, sweetheart,” said a chipper female voice coming from the direction of the light.

Annabelle started moving in her chair, trying to inch closer towards her savior.

“Calm down, sweetheart. It will all be over soon,” the voice continued.

Finally, as the woman got closer, Annabelle’s eyes adjusted to the light, and they focused on the axe in the woman’s hand. Her heart started beating faster, expecting the worst, but her reasonable mind tried to calm her down, explaining that the axe was to cut the rope with which she was tied.

“What is it, sweetheart?” the woman asked, noticing the girl’s darting eyes.

“Oh, this?” she asked, lifting the axe.

“It’s his birthday today, and I want to surprise him,” the woman said and whacked Annabelle in the head with the butt of the axe.”

What did you think?

The anthology of dark fiction stories will be available for purchase in paperback on Monday, December 23rd. I will write a post with more information then. Those of you who are fans of ebooks will, unfortunately, have to wait a bit longer. But do not fret. I will keep you posted regarding the ebook launch date whenever I find out myself.

Now, do you see why I do not make specific resolutions? Sometimes you just need to let life play out. You might still arrive at your destination, even if you use a different route to get there. Look at the big picture. Have a vision! I wanted to be able to hold a book with my name in it, and I achieved exactly that!

Stay golden,



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149 thoughts on “Goldie is a published author!

Add yours

      1. It took a while for it to sink in. My first shipment of books came right after a milestone birthday – my 50th. My son got married a few months later, and because of the wedding, the publication of my first book didn’t get much attention from the rest of the family. :/ But once I started hearing from readers who said their lives had been changed as a result of reading it, there was a sense of satisfaction that started growing …

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  1. Well that’s truly fantastic 🙂 Bask in the moment and absorb all the joy it provides, congratulations, I’m very happy for you. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yep, That sounds definitely like a dark story from a twisted mind….
    Congratulations and indeed sometimes you arrive exactly where you are meant to be….
    So…. Sam Kirkman, half a mystery solved….. or maybe not?
    Cheers Goldie

    Liked by 3 people

  3. This makes me so incredibly happy I can’t even describe it. Reading this made my whole day better. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I am honored to have my name next to yours (and every other author in these books).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel your excitement, because I am quite literally jumping up and down of happiness and pride!
    I can’t wait to read book after book with your name on it!

    The excerpt made me realize how “you” this is. I really thought it would be a man who tied Annabel up.
    You have a way of surprising me each time!

    How can I order?
    Is there an eReader version?

    So Sam ha?
    Samuel or Samantha? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.

      I guess I have no choice but to write to satify your reading hunger 😉

      Hearing that this excerpt was “me” is amazing. I definitely want to have an identifiable voice. It’s a great compliment.

      It will be available to order on Monday. Hopefully. From and Amazon. I don’t want to give all the details yet in case something does not work out (Tara is working on the last-minute details.). The ebook should be available early next year. Again, I will definitely share more details when I get them.



    1. Side note: I went to visit your blog and I noticed that the last post does not have a comment section open. Do you know about this? You don’t have a contact page so I could not reach out to you directly.


  5. Oh my word Goldie, that is amazing!!! Huge congratulations to you, I am so happy for you!! And I really want to read more 🙂 Love this post too, sometimes things will happen when they are meant to happen. Congratulations again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      Whenever I have more information on how to order, I shall let everyone know. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the excerpt.
      Instead of focusing on the things we haven’t accomplished in life, we should focus more on the things we have because we haven’t done the others.
      Stay golden!

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  6. Can I just narrate how my emotions while reading the post? Oh yes I’m doing that!
    Okay so I saw this post’s notification in the afternoon during lunch hour at office. I was so happy to see the title that I just decided to read it. As I went on to read it, I was like “oh! You played with the title to make me open it” because you didnot stick to the phases you had planned. But then the sudden revelation.. OH MY GOD! That’s so great!
    I have also been wanting to write a book. But I have the same view.. it will happen when it wants to. It should come to me on its own.
    But I think it’s a good idea to start with short stories. I have a short story that I wrote back in 2015. One of my friends had tried to push me to get it published, but I was never motivated. I think you’ve given me the motivation. I should do some serious thinking.
    Btw, why so many pen names? This makes me wonder about your gender too :O Not that it matters but I try to refrain from using he or she for you 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was so cool to read your reactions.
      I don’t do click-baits. Well, at least for now.

      It’s great to hear that this might have given you the push you need. Go for it!

      Well, I cannot publish in a real book under “Goldie.” There is a need for a real/full name. Hence, Sam Kirk. But I don’t want to get rid of Goldie now. I will have to figure out how to combine those. I want to change my signature, but am not sure yet what I want to do with it.

      And no worries about the “he” or “she.” I don’t care which one you use.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Changing it on the blog might confuse your readers 🤔

        Just a random thought.. did you read your own story in printed form maybe just out of curiosity to know how it feels to be be a published author?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree. But I want my published name to be somewhat known, too. Ideally, I’d like to combine those. In the bio section of the book my name is featured as Sam “Goldie” Kirk, so hopefully that helps. If someone looks there.

          Yes, that’s the first thing I did! I read my story in the printed version. It was so weird. Then, I started reading the book from page 1 and when I got to my story I had to check twice if it really was my story. It’s a bit surreal.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I love Sundays. My daughter takes my grandson out on visits, my son works, and the house is empty. I love my family but peace and quiet are so lovely. 🙂 I hope you are having a good solstice. I like the shortest day; it’s the turn around and I like knowing light is coming.

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  7. Frigging awesome Goldie! I am very happy for you. I did say kick butt in 2020, but I see you started a tad bit early! I wish you the best. By the way, that story beginning had me shaking. I was truly afraid for that woman. I’ll have to wait to find out what happens…but not long! Yea!
    Thanks for the preview…Author-

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Fantastic work and congratulations! The world of a published author is ever wonderful! If you have any questions or additional works you’re interested in having looked at, feel free to reach out. I look forward to seeing your stories here as well.

    Best regards,
    President of Radiant Publishing

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I came across this on Darnell’s blog and just wanted to say a HUUUUUGE congratulations! You had the dream, you put in all your effort & you made it happen, you should be massively proud. Congrats! 🎉
    Caz x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and words of support. I came up with the idea for the book YEARS ago. It just sat there, then I finally wrote it out last year. Now, I’m working on edits. I have a couple of days off work, which I am happy to fill with that.


  10. Congratulations!! Everyone else has already said everything that needs to be said, I think, and I couldn’t say it any better. So I’ll just give you a nod for the masterful pen name, torturous in its ambiguity, and leave you to your celebrations with a very Merry (if somewhat early) Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. My heartfelt congrats to you on this achievement! Having your words in a printed book is not something you’ll soon forget. But I also enjoyed reading about your resolution from last year. You’ve made some progress on your NaNoWriMo project and managed to still be published. That’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Goldie, you’re a talented writer! Don’t doubt your talent. Your writing style is funny, suspenseful, you’re great with dialogue, & unexpected twists, & interesting plots. I’m happy for you that your dream come true! Congrats once again on getting published! ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Pingback: Skeptical Heartism
      1. Thank you! I didn’t know it doesn’t update automatically. It’s

        It’s fairly new, and I’m using it to get my creative writing out there (which is also fairly new).

        So far, I just have an introduction, a poem in a contest, and soon to be a short story of sci-fi/fantasy for another contest in honor of May the 4th. A lot will be of a novel I’m currently writing and it’s background info, kind of following me through the process of creating it. Thank you for asking!

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