Static Dreams vol. 2 on Amazon! Grab your copy now.

As you might know from Goldie is a published author!, a dark fiction, short story written by me has been published in an anthology. It is entitled “Reverberation” and can be found on page 197 of  “Static Dreams volume 2.”

While it has been available on Lulu for well over a week now, it is only now that it is up for grabs on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Not everyone uses Lulu, but I believe that most of you (if not all) had bought something from Amazon at least once in their lives.

It would be greatly appreciated by me if you considered purchasing the book from one of those platforms. If you choose to order it, please feel free to share your feedback with me personally and on the retailer’s website.

To sum it up:

Static Dreams volume 2 is currently available for purchase in paperback via the below sellers:



Barnes and Noble:

Unfortunately, there has been an unexpected delay with the release of an ebook. I kindly ask for patience those of you who have been waiting for it. Our team of experts *cough* Tara *cough* is tirelessly working on getting it out into the world. As per usual, I will notify you once it is birthed.

Stay golden,

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32 thoughts on “Static Dreams vol. 2 on Amazon! Grab your copy now.

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          1. It is, can’t wait. Crazy how we wish time away to get to more time lol. No zero biking but hardcore at the gym for about 12 weeks now. Making 2020 the “best shape of my life” year …so far so good.

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            1. Yes, it is. And then we complain time goes by so quickly. Never satisfied, are we?

              Good for you. I’ve been slacking since December, but need to get back into it. The thing is that I prefer to work out outside than in the gym. Unfortunately, with it being winter and dark outside at 6pm, it gets challenging.

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              1. Hey, I feel you for sure. You know me and my outdoors. Once the soring cracks I’m bound again. Last year I started to do park workouts, body weight stuff and cardio…I actually love it. Come on now, get your head together and look after yourself…if you need help, ideas, or motivation, hit me up…I got ya!! Funny thing is, I have been making a mental note each evening that the daylight is getting longer lol…it’s the small things that keep me sane hahaha

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