NROP: You will become famous if you do this one thing.

Yesterday (02/02/2020) was quite a special day. For those of you who might not live in the USA, and/or those not interested in sports, you might not know this, but yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. The 49ers (San Francisco) lost to Kansas Chiefs (Kansas City) 20:31. I am not the biggest fan of either one of those teams, so I was not as excited about this game as I normally would be. Most of it, I found rather boring. It was in the fourth quarter that it got interesting.

It was also Groundhog Day yesterday. Phil did not see his shadow, which means that Spring might be closer than we think. The only problem is that Phil is not always right. In fact, he is very rarely right. But it is a fun tradition.

On top of those two, there was yet another reason to make yesterday ultra special. It was the palindrome day. No matter if you read 02-02-2020 from front to back or back to front, you will get the same date. How cool is that? If you want to say that we had the same thing in 2002, do not. While Americans write the month of the date first, some parts of the world put the day first. Some countries (ex.: China) put the year first, which also works in this instance. Do you know when such a palindrome occurred? It was on the 11th of November in 1111. Chances are that you were not alive then. (Unless you are a vampire.) I was alive in the 20th century and am alive in the 21st. Not many people can say that. I survived numerous ‘End of the world’ days. And now, I also am able to say that I witnessed a palindrome date. What a time to be alive.


Now that we got the small talk out of the way, let us focus on the subject of this post. Yesterday is dead and gone, and today, I want to share with you one thing that will help you gain popularity on social media.

I will not beat around the bush and hold you hostage for the next 30 minutes. Instead, I will reveal the secret right now. Fake your loved one’s death. Or your own.

We all know that social media abuses our emotional side. Why do people keep creating dog/cat channels/photos/videos? Because they know that puppies make our hearts melt. The same with babies, apparently. People also respond to tragedy. They more dire the situation (mother dies and orphans two kids under the age of four; they have o other family), the higher the chances of  help received. It bothers me that anyone would take advantage of good people who think they are helping others. Unfortunately, that happens more often than we would like.

When I read that a YouTuber faked his girlfriend’s death, I became interested. Even though the original video had been removed, there is still an archived version available for everyone to see.

The video was the first thing that I looked at after reading the title. Honestly, this guy has to be THE WORST actor EVER. Did anyone really believe him? It unnerved me. I expected the girl to jump out any second, because it looked like a five-year-old trying to prank their friends.

In the video, the guy claims that his girlfriend had died the night prior after getting hit by a drunk driver. He went on to say that he would post five videos that the two of them had filmed prior to the girl’s death, because that was what she would have wanted. Before the incident, their joined channel had around 300k subscribers, but he was hoping to reach 1M because that was his girlfriend’s wish.

After that video, he also posted a couple of more. In one, he mourned his “dead” girlfriend on a side of the road, while in another, he tried to communicate with her through a Oija board (which the couple used to talk to other dead celebrities in the past). I am glad I was not able to find these quickly, because they would probably just showcase more of this guy’s terrible acting skills.

The girl is alive and well. To my knowledge, she had never been hit by a drunk driver. It was all a ploy to amass more followers on the new channel. The guy thought they would fake the girl’s death, then talk to her from beyond the grave, and then resurrect her. (Oh, Lord!) They supposedly even bought a coffin and rented a church.

When I read that the guy’s ticket to fame included videos of him trying to sneak into various businesses and attempting to stay there overnight, I just shrugged. What did I expect? YouTube celebrities… Am I right? Of course he ended up getting arrested back then on the charges of trespassing. He had more run-ins with law enforcement since, but seems to be doing pretty well financially.

How is the girl with all of that? Supposedly, she is very unhappy and the couple is going through a breakup. She posted a video explaining their abusive relationship. To me, it also seems like she is acting (even if slightly better than the guy). ( It was her dad, who threatened to reveal the fact that she was alive and well, because he could not handle everyone asking him about his “dead” daughter. She claims that made her realize that was the right thing to do because people were “worried.” At the end of the video, the girl turns her frown into a smile in a matter of a split second and invites everyone to subscribe to the channel because she will be posting more content.

These two generated a lot of publicity with the stunt. Maybe even more than they expected because of the fact that the hoax was uncovered sooner than expected. Now, they “fight” each other on YouTube. What does that do? It brings more supporters that want to “protect” them from the other person.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Which team did you root for?

What did you think about the Super Bowl commercials?

Did you enjoy the Pepsi Half-Time show?

How far would you go to promote your blog/channel/account?

Would you ever fake the death of your loved on? (For what reason?)

Stay golden,

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75 thoughts on “NROP: You will become famous if you do this one thing.

Add yours

  1. Not a football guy and actually forgot it was happening lol. As for the guy who told that lie, yeah, he deserves a punch in the throat. Like, why in the world would you do something like that? I would never do anything remotely close to that. If I can’t make it on my own merit, I should give it up. Great post.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol, I’m more of a combat sports guy. Played almost everything growing up and some things I still fool around with but I only watch fighting of any sort. My week? Fast and furious so far with clients driving me nuts. Racing to the weekend as usual.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Man, I swear WP is driving me crazy.
              This happened to me about a year ago and is happening again now. Some of my notifications vanish. How do I know? It’s only because I kept it open yesterday and saw them only to be distracted by actual work. Now, they are gone. I know I had more from you… Zzzz, onto your page to read your comments and see what I missed. I don’t remember others, though. So annoying.


  2. Okay, so I have actually faked my mother’s death. I was seven and picking flowers from the yard of a house that was not mine. The lady who lived within came out and started to yell at me for pulling out her crocuses (crocusii?). At any rate, my seven-year-old self burst into tears and I told her they were for my mom who had just died. She gave me a bunch more and I took them home and gave them to my not-dead mother. Of course, I was very young and ethics were not much of a thing. This is just odd. What a weird world we live in, when people express such desperation for fame.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. I watch the Superbowl each year for the commercials. I read during the game, unless there is some major connection (a few years ago Seattle was in the superbowl and I knew one of the players) I can’t believe someone would post that stuff just to get more views, followers or likes. Karma and all that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smart. Although, while the commercials were funny back in the day, nowadays, they mostly deal with social issues. I have enough of that every day…

      You know someone from the Seahawks? That’s cool.

      I agree. It made me shudder.


  4. Another great example of people hungry for popularity who come so far for the sake of getting more subscribers. I’m wondering if it’s an act of desperation or stupidity. Or maybe of cold calculation. It’s obvious, sooner or later the public will find out the truth. In what light does it put you as the author of the content and your credibility? People should unsubscribe from following someone who lies so evidently. But they won’t do it. The more controversial you are, the more people want to watch you. Because you do things, they wouldn’t dare to do and this is fun for them. The demand is king.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought of you when I was writing this piece. It wasn’t about a person selling a product they don’t believe in but close enough.
      To me, it seems like cold calculation. Often times they do not care about the fallout. YouTube couples have been “breaking up” for a long time only to “come back together” just for more traffic. They play on our emotions for their own personal gain.

      I’d totally unsubscribe just like you said and I think some people do. But the number is much lower than the one of new subscribers. Usually.

      You put it so well. You just have to give the people the drama they want.


      1. Being a Youtube “star” is much different than being a blogger. You show your face in front of millions of people. You become recognizable. You go out to a grocery store, to a restaurant, to any public place. I’m wondering if such a person is not ashamed to appear in public or he just doesn’t care.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Not really sure. I did it once and it had a very negative influence on my personal life and life of my loved ones. Though, I don’t exclude it as such. To be honest, I would love to be fully transparent with my identity. It would be much easier for self-expression. However, for the time being, I still feel a bit anxious about how it might affect my family.

            How about you?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I agree with you. While I do not completely rule it out in the future, currently, it’s not something that I am considering. I don’t think the reward would be worth the risk. Plus, one way or another, it might bias what my readers get from the writing.


              1. I agree. It’s not always about promoting your face that you get people’s trust. I look at your comment section, I see plenty of engaged people who don’t need to see your face to trust you, to feel connected with you. This is the beauty of written word, you creativity and the vulnerability of your soul.

                Liked by 1 person

  5. Seeing Shakira (43 year) and JLO (50 years) moving and looking like that, made me ashamed of my whole existence 😉
    Imagine this being your mother.
    I remember how they made a huge thing about “nipple gate” in 2004. But apparently this fine. Hmm ok.

    Back to Jaystation.
    Wow. Imagine this being your child.
    I can see myself on the deathbed wishing my blog to reach 1 million followers.

    But, I do want to say that I partly understand.
    We seem to live in an era where we have to pull such insane acts to get a bit of attention.
    I honestly thought that 9.5 years of work experience and a unique education would get me somewhere, but apparently not.
    So maybe I should write something crazy on LinkedIn or post a naked photo of myself to just get noticed.
    It’s sad.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. These two can definitely be intimidating. But, when do you think was the last time they had to deal with annoying co-workers? When was the last time when they didn’t get their way? How often do they go on vacation? Who cooks for them? How many hours do they spend with a personal trainer every day? It’s just not fair to compare people like them to us mortals.

      Women empowerment wasn’t a thing back then as much as it is today. Everything changes…

      Good question. I wonder if I would be OK with my kid doing such thing… Maybe I would choose to not follow them just in case.

      Maybe I should start brainstorming to see what I should do to finally raise my numbers…

      Ha! Same.


      1. Mhh, I go back and forth in this topic.
        I am pretty sure their management is also hard on them.
        Yes, they go on luxurious vacations. And how do we know that? Because each time a picture will appear in the media. If one is taken from a wrong angle, it might cause commotion.

        But then again, it’s nice to cry in a big ass Ferrari than to struggle on an old bike.

        If it was me, I would bring out just enough hits to be able to life comfortable but not over the top for the rest of my life.
        Early pension, can’t think of anything better.

        Reveal your age, gender, job, perhaps a picture of yourself.
        That would raise the numbers, everyone would want to find out who this mysterious Goldie is 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I was thinking the same thing as I wrote my last comment – just make enough hits to live well but not overdo it.

          I should make a separate section on my blog (or Patreon) and have people pay if they want to get to know things about me. Who knows. Maybe one day I will do that.


  6. I’ve never watched the super bowl. I haven’t seen regular T.V. in 5 plus years…….

    We live in a strange culture. It’s rather bizarre the lengths people will go to for followers.

    After my divorce I very briefly dated a man who faked his mothers death. Come to find out, he was married, and cheating on his wife. Bye, bye crazy looser. I had never dated, so I was clueless, I was married at 19, raised 4 kids and got divorced after 20 years. That experience brought me up to speed real quick!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do you miss your TV? With everything being available on your computer, I don’t really feel the need to have one, either. A waste of money, if you ask me.

      Why did he do that? Financial gain? Or just to lie to you?


  7. The only football I know is soccer and not even a big fan of that…😂 But in fits and starts I have seen footage from the halftime show, Shakira and JLO turning up the heat on the stage, trying to stay in the spotlight in a world of entertainment where the outfits get smaller and the dances riskier and the performers younger…

    I guess the pursuit of relevance and clout is a thing, is it a surprise someone did this for the likes… Everyday someone is trying to go viral on the internet, from tweeting on your fridge to sending nudes to people who donate to charities and now we have people faking death.

    You know that very old cliche on publicity that all publicity is good publicity, yeah of you know how to make maximum use of notoriety people will be hurling insults at you and you will me laughing all the way to the bank add they keep clicking the view button 😂

    What would I do for publicity? Hmmm I think I just reviewed a “controversial” play, partly for the controversy and publicity. And partly because hey I always review the plays I watch but still I knew this one would get people talking and right now my emails is swamped with people asking when the next show is showing. Suddenly I am the theater company’s unofficial PR guy 😂

    I have been toying with the idea of faking my death though…. Well not fake it, exact but having considered my mortality, I want my blog to stay here long after I am dead, but how would people know I had died or had just stopped posting
    So the master plan is to schedule a post dated blog post saying
    if you read this I may be dead

    Let me sit down and draft this post…. Something I would want read at my funeral.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Somehow, in my head, I had this stereotype of every male kid from Africa loving soccer. Thanks for setting me straight.

      Lol about people emailing you asking when the next show is. You should contact the group and ask to get on their payroll.

      That’d be something I would like to read. When it comes to me and my blog, I always hoped that people would notice if I stopped posting for a while without saying anything. I usually let people know that I will be away. If I don’t, and you don’t hear from me, reach out via my Contact page. If I don’t reply to your email and keep posting nothing… then…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I can’t believe people would do such things to get more subscribers and gain more popularity. I mean in a way I can believe it because of some of the videos that are sometimes trending on Youtube.

    You can tell they’re smart for having it all planned out. It’s depressing to see how people don’t have values. Like how could they do that to the people who were worried about his girlfriend’s faked death. And that to me shows a lost of trust, too, because he lied.

    I didn’t not know what a palindrome day. That’s pretty neat, how 02/02/2020 backwards reads that same date. I learned something new today!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow. I like to think I wouldn’t fake my death for fame… Though, for a kind of anonymity, perhaps? For a new start. But there’s something almost grotesque in the whole, “do anything for a like” mentality. Though on the bright side, maybe there is true love after all? Those two sound made for each other. Assuming, of course, that 90% of what they both say is BS, including the claim of abuse — though, if that’s true, it doesn’t sound like she has any qualms about using it, which I find questionable. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re actually still working together…

    That is cool about the palindrome thing, by the way. I hadn’t noticed that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re thinking about a thriller movie/book in which the character needs to break free from their past. I thought about that as I wrote it, too. I could understand that. But I try my best to live a life which would not lead anywhere near a point at which that would be required, either.

      You never know. I find this whole situation very fishy. And like I said in a comment to someone else – there have been plenty of couples that “broke up” only to “get back together.” All for likes and subscribers.

      I thought it was neat! Glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a good way to live. Unfortunately, most people have some difficulties with getting there. Probably because we’re thinking in terms of “getting there,” instead of “being there;” so while we’re plotting a course and dreaming of arrival, we just keep on drifting farther and farther away. Ahh, procrastination…

        It’s a weakness within all of us: wanting to be acknowledged and adored by our fellows, sympathized with, told we have worth. But in its extremes, it’s not just unhealthy… it’s downright dangerous. How many serial killers, I wonder, have acted out of a corrupted need for attention?

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m not a huge fan of social media and I barely watch news so I don’t know much about what’s going on in the world these days.😅 I just can’t stand too much stupidity everywhere.
    I used to have a classmate who faked his grandmother’s death 5 times just to get vacations from school. I thought it was funny. But to do it for fame and money is unacceptable.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m with you on that. Stupidity is not something I have patience for.

      Thanks for bringing up the “death grandma” excuse from school. I forgot all about it. Although, I have never done it. I couldn’t live with myself is something really did happen shortly after I said that.

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  11. I usually follow the Superbowl superficially but found that this year the teams were so unexceptional. As for this story about faking… I’m not surprised. I’ve seen other fraudulent cases similar to this one where the mother of a child would fake a decease so that she could get charity cash through Facebook. People are truly incredible…

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Goodness. First, I sort of watched the game, mostly for the commercials. I did pay more attention to the halftime show and found that the calls for Adam Levine last year over-sexualizing his performance was a bit of a double standard compared to JLo’s pole dancing and certain dance moves being performed by both JLo and Shakira. But to move to your next point of the YouTube death debacle. Undoubtedly this has happened in the past before. I have heard of actual deaths as well. The most recent was (I think) a Chinese man that had a talent of scaling skyscrapers. In his last video, shot from another tower or perhaps another wing of a building, he proceeded to dangle off the side for a few minutes with no safety harnesses or people there to help should he need it. Needless to say, on his way back up the side, his grip slipped slightly and he couldn’t get any kind of footing before he slipped off for good. Why whoever had access to the camera and channel decided to post the video, I do not know. But it’s obvious the guy would be dead in a matter of seconds. With regards to the girl who suddenly came out and said she was alive but a victim of abuse… that just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially with the way she goes from being upset to “subscribe to my channel” with a bright smile without skipping a beat. Both of them should fall away into obscurity for trying to take advantage of people for more subscribers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Women empowerment. Am I right?

      Sex sells. There is no denying that.

      I heard about that man. Absolutely terrifying. Humans cannot look away, though. Why does traffic get so bad when an accident occurs? Because everyone wants to see. It’s so annoying. Why do we feed on someone else’s pain???


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