NROP: 5 places to avoid right now.

Before you dive into this post, please take a minute of silence for those who had fallen fighting for our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!

This year, our freedom has been taken from us in an unexpected way. When we toasted to the year 2020, we hoped for a better future (whatever that means). None of us expected a global pandemic to foil our plans. (If you had, please reach out to me because I could use a personal seer.) For weeks or even months, people around the world were told to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to go out. As you know from another post of mine, different countries have been dealing with the virus in different ways. Some people obeyed the rules and stayed at home for fear of getting fined, or arrested, while others treated the virus as just “another day at the office.”

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer with pools and water parks opening for the first time for the season. At least that is how it normally is. Last week, I received a notice regarding our community pools. They are not opening until the day AFTER Memorial Day (with restrictions). It did not take long for me to figure out why they insisted on keeping the pool closed on Monday but would open it on Tuesday – people. Memorial Day is usually spent barbecuing and/or at water parks/ pools. CROWDS gather. And crowds are what we are trying to avoid as we begin to recover from COVID-19.

Today, I wanted to share with you the top five places I would recommend you avoid right now.

  1. The road
    The increase in traffic has been gradual the past couple of weeks, but this weekend it looked as if no zombie apocalypse had ever happened virus had swept through. People were out and about. Yes, I was, too. For essential reasons, though – food. As restrictions ease up, I become more anxious. An increase in the number of cars on the road is proportional to the levels of my road rage. If you feel the need to go for a drive because you have not done so in a while, go for it. But do not go driving up and down the street because you have cabin fever. Cars are yet another cabin. (Is your mind blown?)
  2. Parks
    Were all these people walking, running, biking BEFORE lockdown? This is a matter I am split about. Seeing people perform physical activities for health reasons brings me joy. (I am SO happy to see you move!) However, I get slightly annoyed that the places I used to enjoy in solitude are now overrun with other people. Where you go, I do not.
  3. Bars
    This weekend was the first one in months when Italians could go out to a bar. Guess what happened. Crowds gathered to socialize, foregoing masks, or distancing rules. I can imagine prison gates opening and all the inmates rushing into the open world, grateful for their freedom. Do you really need to go out to a bar to have a drink? (Restock your supplies!) Do you really need to go out to a bar to meet your friends? (Invite them over.) Do you really need to go to a bar to find someone to hook up with? (Download Tinder.) Do you really need to go to a bar on the very first day you are allowed to? Governmental officials are threatening lockdown if people refuse to take it slow as things return to “normal.” Do we have to go from one extreme to the next?
  4. Shopping malls
    It is as if people need to frequent certain places to know they are alive. When we hear that malls are re-opening, we think that we NEED to go there. It is a place we are now ALLOWED to go to, so we feel privileged. What many do not know is that even though the mall might be open, some of the stores inside might not. Since most places try and practice social distancing, chances are you will have to wait in a long line to go into a mall which might be mostly closed inside.
  5. Water parks
    On Saturday, a water park in Texas opened its gates despite local orders. Hundreds flocked to the park. Even though people were asked to keep their distance from others, not many obeyed that rule. Have you ever seen a kid in a candy store? Or at a water park? It is impossible to have them not run around almost tripping other people up. Adults are to blame here, too, of course. As a kid, I loved water parks. As an adult, I still enjoy them but not as much. Last year (or was it two years ago?), I spent more time in line than on actual slides. As lockdown is being lifted, and summer is starting, people are flocking to water parks. If you have to wait in line with hundreds of people just to get in, can you imagine how long it will take you to wait in line for any slide? Is such an outing going to bring joy to your life? If so, please contact me because I could use a personal shopper and/or “line stander.”In Missouri, people gathered to socialize at the Ozark Lake Pool during the Memorial Day Weekend with no qualms. Did we not have an increase in COVID-19 cases in some places after Easter when people insisted on seeing their families they normally so hate?

I understand that there are people on both sides of the spectrum – some think that the coronavirus is the worst thing ever, while others think it is a joke.

I understand that those in the latter group cannot wait to have their rights “returned.”

However, is being in a loud, crowded place something you really need/want? Do you enjoy getting sneezed and coughed on? I know that I do not. THAT is why I prefer to enjoy myself away from crowds. THAT is how I am celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend.

FOX 17 Nashville reported:

“In the Tampa area along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the crowds were so big that authorities took the extraordinary step of closing parking lots because they were full.”

“In West Virginia, ATV riders jammed the vast, 700-mile (1,125-kilometer) Hatfield-McCoy network of all-terrain vehicle trails on the first weekend it was allowed to reopen since the outbreak took hold. “

Do you think it is high time for us to leave our homes and start living?

How are you spending this Memorial Day weekend?

What do you think of all the crowds mentioned above?

Stay golden,

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79 thoughts on “NROP: 5 places to avoid right now.

Add yours

  1. Lockdown in DK is now completely over and the streets were full!
    It was nice weather too, so everyone sat outside. Screaming, loud singing and getting drunk seemed to be everyone’s priority.
    Jasper gave me that look of “bring back the lockdown” and I can only agree.

    I agree with you too.
    People run to these gathering like hungry wolfs.
    Honestly, you have the rest of your life to do all those things.

    I don’t how it is possible Either.
    There is no medicine for corona, right? So might there be a next lockdown in the future?!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. So everything is open again in Denmark?
      That’s funny you say that because everyone I’ve spoken to the past couple of days said it’s been raining/cloudy/stormy where they are. You’re the only lucky one that got some sun.

      Hahah! Jasper is my spirit animal. I have a similar sentiment.

      People say the 2nd wave that will happen in the fall will be even worse. I’m not sure how accurate those predictions are, but I guess it’s easier to keep people indoors when it’s cold outside rather than during summertime.


      1. Yes, everything.
        I am pretty sure it’s one of the first countries who takes this step, except for Sweden who completely ignored a lockdown.
        Hopefully Germany will soon allow Danes as well so we can finally buy our fish. Of course, entire Denmark does not have one store for saltwater fish 😦

        Danish sun goes hand in hand with a nearly 100% humidity level. Extremely pleasant, NOT 😉

        Hahaha mine as well!
        And since Jasper does Mike’s voice, Mike is your spirit animal as well 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I have no idea why it’s so hard to find a good fish store in some places.

          Denmark has high humidity? Oh, wait, it’s surrounded by water. I forgot. LOL

          Yes! We’ve established that before.


  2. It’s quite astonishing how some people are out there parading as if nothing ever happened. I would’ve assumed that this lockdown would’ve led them to be much MUCH more vigilant regarding how we should conduct ourselves until a solution is found for the virus. It’s even more amazing that there are people going to the places you mentioned in this post. Like… Why? Then again, the economy needs to reboot before it really crashes and I guess to avoid that a second quarantine is quite necessary.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s another example of the forbidden fruit. Since we could not go out, we HAVE TO go out. As much as I am worried about people who get infected, I also look at all this from a “common sense” perspective. Do people really enjoy standing in lines and being in crowded places? I totally agree regarding the economic impact. But I think those that think in those terms support businesses in a different way than standing in lines to water parks or beaches.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I mentioned on another blog that us Americans have the attention span of a puppy.Yes, puppies are adorable. They also like to chew things up and wet on the floor…..did I mention low attention span?

    In April we were good kids. Most of us did as we were told but now it’s May and we’re bored. I predict by summer my country (I live in Oregon by the way) will announce the virus suddenly disappeared. Lets party like it’s 2019!!!

    Sadly fall and winter will hit and it would not surprise me if those coming months will make March look like the sniffles. Fear not, at least we have sports……oh damn….

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Happy Memorial day. We also have a bank holiday in the UK.

    Covid 19 response are unique per country and well who know what is the right way to do this. But keep social distance seems to be key.

    I no longer know what to say or think about covid-19 and worlds response. I struggle with the death toll globally and the mess the UK response has been.

    Anyway enjoy your day off. I created a youtube channel please subscribe, and a video as per your suggestion and it is up on my blog. Let me know other questions you have and I will create more you tube videos

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Birts and their bank holidays… Hehe. Glad you could enjoy a longer weekend.

      I totally understand your struggles and confusion. There is no golden rule for anything. I worry about the economy, but I also worry about those who die due to the virus. Plus, I enjoy social distancing, so I advocate for it.

      You did awesome with the video. Already helped a ton. Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yeah social distancing works and I think it is a good thing. But, it is amazing how many people don’t get it.

        us brits and our bank holiday – np – i have worked for a few USA based companies to get it.. hehe.

        I am glad my that video helped you feel more comfortable with the block editor.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Coronavirus MUST seep through society to at least a 60-70% saturation. The two month lockdown was required to allow the world’s healthcare systems to prepare for the shock, the shock(s) to come. Unfortunately it backfired. Sure Covid patients were treated, but all the other types of high-dollar operations were avoided. A million healthcare workers lost their jobs because of it.

    In the end, Covid will be one more seasonal illness to add to the growing list humans endure. Infection? If not now, soon.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The problem is that we don’t do anything until we need to react. You’re right – we do A to fight B, causing C. Ultimately, it depends on those businesses. Covid-19 will remain an excuse for everything shitty for the next couple of years.

      Yet another reason for me to stay away from people 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Having been without things we’ve been taking for granted has given some of us a huge appreciation for the “little things.” So why not savor each little step, instead of binging the minute we get out?
    Last night I had the privilege of being one of first the invitees to my church (We are coming back in limited groups, different people each week for a while, while those not there can still live stream.) Although we all wore masks from the moment we left our cars, spaced out the seating, taking every other pew, picked up our sterile programs from where we sat down, as opposed to clustering around a stack of them at the entrance, and didn’t use the rest rooms – although it wasn’t close to the experience we used to enjoy, it was such a blessing just to be together again. When the music started and I heard the voices of the congregation, albeit a fraction of the usual crowd, I had happy tears in my eyes. I was surprised at how well people’s voices came through the masks, in four-part harmony, some of us with lifted hands. (The pastor got choked up, too, as he prayed.)
    I remember reading that when people have been starving for extended periods of time, it is a very bad idea to gorge on food when it’s available. It’s reportedly healthier – and I would think, more gratifying, to take a little at a time, savor it, and appreciate it.
    Yes, I am REALLY looking forward to the day we can all gather again, smiles uncovered, hugging, hand-shaking, fist-bumping, whatever your thing is. But for now, I’m happy to have the morsels of joy I’ve missed so much.
    I realize I may be in the minority, being neither a terrified recluse or a defiant protester. (I’m about to take a break from social media and all the accusations, judgment, anger, fear-mongering, and hate.) As boring as my position might be, I maintain that there is a way to gather safely and at the same time be respectful of those who are still frightened.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s what makes me sad – we so quickly forget about the little joys. We insist on running towards the light like moths.

      I think the rotation that your church came up with is a great idea. I wonder how they will solve it in mine. They mentioned distancing, etc. but there is no way everyone will be able to fit that way…
      I imagine myself being in that situation and I can definitely see my eyes sweating a bit. Must have been beautiful to hear those prayers.

      Yes! Exactly. Same with being cold – you don’t just dump boiling hot water over frozen people. The transformation needs to be gradual.

      I’m right there in the middle with you. Like with everything else, people take it to unhealthy extremes. Well said.

      Stay golden!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. We’ve been lucky here in Northern Ireland that people are (mostly) either remaining within the lockdown or at least actively doing social distancing. Just a look over the pond at England (specifically my home county – which has infection rates almost as high as London!!) to see people just assuming that since some easing has occurred that the virus is gone and everything is okay!

    I seriously don’t understand people’s need to go to bars and pubs, you can buy alcohol and drink at home (it’s actually cheaper) and if you miss seeing people, we have Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp… it’s not like the pandemic of 1918. We have wonderful ways to reach out and connect with people, even SEE them on our screens.

    Personally, I’d rather live with some “inconvenience” if it means people aren’t getting sick and dying.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ari, I agree about the drinks – why not buy what you want and bring it home? For that matter, you could have a few people over to visit outside (weather permitting) at a distance? It sure would be easier to hear the conversation than in a noisy bar. – The reason I don’t enjoy bars.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Exactly! It’s like people are going out of their way to be contrary. Like the right to drink and be an a**hole is more important than the safety of people as a whole.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. SO true! The only reason to go to bars is… because other people do it. Or so I see it that way. Bars lost their charm to me once I was done with uni… Well, at least the little charm that I thought they had.


  8. Do you think it is high time for us to leave our homes and start living?
    It depends on where you live. For some localities, I think it’s appropriate, but not for others. Add to that whether or not you or someone you live with (or take care of) is in a high risk group. There are smart ways to go about reintegrating into society—the majority if the stories that make it on the news are cautionary tales.

    How are you spending this Memorial Day weekend?
    At home. I *may* go to the grocery store to pick up groceries, but I’ve been ordering them online so I can pick them up through their drive-through. Otherwise, we’re still on full lockdown here. Home it is.

    What do you think of all the crowds mentioned above?
    Reckless. It may work out fine, but if it doesn’t, what then geniuses?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think caution is the word people forget exists. It’s either all or nothing, even though it does not have to be.

      Do you like the curbside service? Any complaints regarding products? Wilted vegetables, etc?

      Enjoy your staycation!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Do you like the curbside service? Any complaints regarding products? Wilted vegetables, etc?

        LOVE IT! You can choose “No substitutions,” and/or put comments in for each item. USE THE COMMENT BOX. They appreciate receiving explicit instructions, then they don’t have to guess. I’ve never had a problem with fruits, veggies, meats, or flowers. I just micromanage the crap out of my instructions to then regarding what I want. Substitutions are another area they shine here, they ASK you if you’ll accept subs by telling you what they intend to substitute with—and there have been LOADS during COVID-19, though usually not many at all. Then you can choose whether to accept their suggested substituion or not. The stire I go to will text me with a list of suggested substitutions so I can agree or deny them individually. They usually offer pretty good subs—about 95%. You should try it—it’s SO worth the time saved!

        Liked by 1 person

            1. No onions/ sauce on the side seem like minor requests. I’m not a big fusser, so I do not worry about it too much. However, I do know it’s a real responsibility. I cringe when I hear people customize EVERYTHING in their meal.

              Liked by 1 person

      2. I tried curbside groceries a couple of times. The first time I arrived (after waiting five days) I was told they didn’t have my groceries, and after spending the next half hour searching other stores in the area, I hadn’t located them, even though I had an email saying they were ready. Turns out they were in another state – in a town we hadn’t lived in for four years.
        The second time I got the groceries, I only had to wait four days, but when I got there some items were missing (out of stock) and others had substitutions made. I also noticed that the person waiting on me handed me my receipt through the car window, wearing no mask.
        The next time I just put on a mask and got my own groceries, same day. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You waited 5 days? I thought you could order and pick it up the same day.
          Yup. I tried to see what the services that my nearby store provides are but found out you have to create an account to learn anything about it, so I just went to the store myself.

          Liked by 1 person

  9. I believe in a middle ground. The virus is real and deadly, but thankfully not at the rate we once feared. We need to exercise caution and safety, but we must also return to opening our nations and restarting the economy.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Kenneth has it about right, haha. I don’t know a ton about crowds, but I hear that at least in indoor spaces they can spread disease quickly. That fact doesn’t negate the first amendment, but it does provide some information for interested parties wishing to make decisions regarding events. We also need to get our heads around the fact that this isn’t the bubonic plague or anything, as much as our media talking heads seem to wish it is.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. It will definitely be interesting to observe. I’ve been skeptical about this whole thing from the start and think that it will all go back to normal sooner than later. But we won’t know until we see it.


  10. Avoiding these places will be easy for me since they are not places I would normally go (except the road but I really don’t drive that much either). As far as judging those who are going out and going wild, I won’t. I think people have to decide for themselves what is best. This virus is not going away soon and if these large crowds causes a second wave then maybe it is better if it comes now instead of in the winter like they are forecasting.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Look at you being non-judgmental. Good for you. I think there is a lot of name-calling going on and it’s highly unnecessary, whichever way it goes.
      I was thinking the opposite – in winter, it will be easier to keep people indoors/distancing. Summer is when everyone insists on being outside.
      This is definitely an interesting experience.
      Stay golden!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I believe in the summer when we spend more time outdoors our immune systems are stronger. In the winter not only are immune systems weaker we are also dealing with the flu, pneumonia and other potentially life threatening illnesses. The hospitals could quickly become overwhelmed. Perhaps if enough people are exposed during the summer and able to develop antibodies it will spread less during the winter. Just my thoughts.

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  11. Happy Memorial Day. I live in Canada, so my holiday weekend was last week, Victoria Day. I stayed home. I invited my children over for an outdoor barbecue and they said no. We are not supposed to have over 5 people together and we would have had more than that. Did I say I raised rule followers? We are gradually opening up, but I am quite happy to stay home or in small gatherings.Some people will not learn from what we have gone through, I only pray that we do not have a second wave and have to start over again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s pretty surprising to me because I know very few people who follow the virus rules so strictly. It sounds like the kids are trying to make sure they protect you as much as they can.

      You are absolutely right – some people just do not learn.

      Yes, it will be very interesting to see what kind of Thanksgiving/ Christmas we get to have this year.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I think people are rushing too fast for things to return to normal. The old normal is gone. On Memorial Day I called some friends and family just to say hello. Then I stepped out to buy an Italian dinner from my favorite restaurant that opened for take out. (No cooking today)

    I relaxed after a good meal and watched the premiere of a new sy fy series I’ve been waiting for in the comfort of my home.

    There is plenty of time (later) to go out in the new normal.


    1. Agreed.
      Yes, it definitely is interesting to see how we are ALL affected. It’s no longer something that’s going on overseas. It’s something me, you, and they are going through.


  13. Our region of the state (PA) is still under the most restrictive lockdown. With good reason – our county’s case numbers are still going up. I couldn’t agree more with your suggestion to stay off the roads. As a runner, I see such an increase in traffic between now and a month ago. We have the attention span of gnats! We cannot accept any kind of “hardship” even if it benefits all of us in the long run. Sorry for the rant!

    Liked by 2 people

  14. It’s time now I think. I know I’m going crazy, but I have gone out and enjoyed the outdoors. As I said in my tweet, this past weekend proved most people are done with being locked down.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, they can do that but I’m not a fan of people as it is so no beaches for me lol. Things are waking up here and that still scares me a bit. But, there’s not much you can do. I just hope I hear something about my work. Been laid off since March…

        Liked by 2 people

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