HW: Monday Motivation; Chase Your Dreams!

The pandemic woke up a Sleeping Beauty/Beast inside some people. Through social media, we know that many have picked up new skills (like knitting, baking, or playing guitar) due to having more time and fewer things to spend it on. A few writers penned fresh book drafts or edited their existing manuscripts. If you are one of the above-mentioned people, I am so proud of you and I hope you are extremely satisfied with yourself as well. While I have been somewhat productive, I feel like I have not maximized on the full potential. At least I keep trying!

While some folks were able to use the coronavirus and quarantine to their advantage, others have been reminded of how difficult life can be. During this past weekend, I spoke with someone who is currently unemployed due to the whole COVID-19 situation. I know this person in real life and am aware of their drive to succeed in life. It pains me to not be able to directly remedy their situation. There are also some people I know through the blogging network that are considering re-branding themselves due to recent/impending job loss.

Cliches and platitudes like: “It will be alright” or “You can do anything” can only take you so far before you realize that the reality is much harsher than the imagination in our heads. While I do believe that things will “work out” in the end, I also believe in putting in the effort instead of laying down and waiting for good things to just come to you.

Even though my friend claims that social interactions drain them, they are always chatting up strangers and making acquaintances. The other day, they struck up a conversation with someone who claimed to have a successful business of their own. Coincidentally, the field they were in, was one my friend was rather familiar with. They were a consultant for a while, however, due to certain circumstances, they never pursued a career in that line of work.

The light I saw appear in their eyes during that conversation with a stranger was impactful. I have witnessed the re-ignition of hope. How exactly did that happen? Well, the stranger shared their life experience with my friend, showcasing that you do not have to be straight out of college to start a new career. You can begin fresh at any time of your life. The stranger did not sugarcoat anything. They did not say: “You can do anything.” Instead, they said: “It took a lot of work, but this is what I did, and here I am now.” This is what we in the writing world refer to as “showing not telling.”

Once we were on our own again, my friend told me why they never pursued a career that they discussed with the stranger. Even though they were handed a great opportunity years ago, apparently, there was someone in their life that stopped them from pursuing it.

Finding out that someone could have been following their dreams but they did not due to someone else’s disapproval really hurt me. I could see the pain in my friend’s eyes. I could see them mourn all these years they have lost because they put someone else before their own self.

Before you all decide to crucify me, please know that I believe in putting others first in certain circumstances. That would be the ideal thing to do. If were all selfless, life would be so much easier. However, I know personal experience that taking other people into consideration when certain, potentially life-altering choices are being made might not be the best route. Often times the other person will either demand more or simply will not be satisfied with you anyway. Or both…

Personally, it would be difficult for me to forgive myself if I had someone tell me: “For you, I chose path A. I was miserable. I really wish I chose path B instead. And now it is too late.”

“I told you that you could do anything,” I said to my friend. “If you only wanted to,” I added. Of course, the “anything” is a bit of a hyperbole. Sometimes things are just out of our reach. However, I find that many people are capable of grand things. The problem occurs when they do not focus on achieving it. When they truly want something and put in the effort, results can be seen, but if they just talk about wanting something, they have nothing to show for.

“What about you?” my friend retorted.

What about me?” I asked myself.

I am not all words and no action. During recent years and months, I have been trying different things. Exploring. Researching. I am not a fan of overnight change. I much rather prefer the slow but lasting kind. I am constantly working on my writing while trying to advance in the field I currently work in. Things are moving in the right direction but they are taking a minute.

You have all heard about VIPs being “normal people” until they were not. Colonel Sanders (KFC) did not franchise his restaurant until he was in his sixties. Anna Mary Robertson Moses did not start to paint until her seventies. Some artists did not make a name for themselves until they were dead. You will not know if it will work out until you TRY!

With this post, I wanted to remind you of a couple of things:
1. Reach for the stars.
2. While you work on building a tall enough ladder to reach the stars, do what you have to do (dreams will not pay your bills).
3. It is never too late to try something new.
4. Do NOT give up your dreams for anyone, or:
a) You might regret it.
b) You might become bitter.
c) A and B.

  • What are you most proud of to have achieved during quarantine?
  • Have you been in the same line of work since you became an adult or have you switched things up?
  • Have you ever asked someone to base their important decisions on your input?

Stay golden,

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59 thoughts on “HW: Monday Motivation; Chase Your Dreams!

Add yours

  1. The thing that I am happiest about regarding the pandemic (so far) is that things have not changed that much for us. We don’t rely on outside jobs for income and we don’t have kids in school so did not have to deal with those issues. We keep well stocked on food and supplies so shortages also were not an issue. Also our main activities of gardening, raising chickens, bee keeping were all able to be done SAFELY. So other than a period of time when I didn’t see my family and having to wear a mask and social distance while in public I’d say we really haven’t missed a beat.

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  2. I wonder if your friend resents the person he chose instead of the career he wanted, or if that person was worth the loss of career.
    For me, the pandemic didn’t change much (aside from the obvious financial strain), aside from the kids being home all the time and having more to do – I’m agoraphobic, so I didn’t go out much to begin with.
    I should pick up knitting.

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    1. I think there are people who are worth giving things up for. People who appreciate it. There are also some that sacrifice themselves more than others (and don’t mind it).

      When it comes to my friend, I think deep down they resent that person. On the outside, they try to be gracious about it. Definitely don’t think they think (so many thinks, lol) this person was worth it.

      Now that I think about it, I don’t think I know anyone (including myself) who thought that it was a good thing to give up on something BIG for another.

      I hope you enjoy knitting. Stay golden!

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  3. I really appreciated reading this.
    My friend recommended the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks to me. What you wrote here reminded me of the beginning of the intro to the book – that’s all I’ve read of it.
    Sending hugs and sunshine

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  4. Great piece to remind many of us during these trying days that goals and dreams aren’t just that, that they can be achieved and sometimes it just demands a bit of visualization of ourselves, understanding of ourselves, and a desire to be better! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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  5. 1. I’m proud of getting closer to my nuclear family, I think the time together has brought us closer.
    2. Up until I became a teacher, I worked as many things. I don’t know if you knew that I started with a job at McD’s (at my cousin’s recommendation 😄), worked at a call center, cashier, etc. before that.
    3. If anything, as the years go by, I’ve learned the importance of people following their hearts. Like I believe we all have dreams/talents/curiosities within us for a reason and God uses us for God’s reasons when we follow our hearts. I believe people should make decisions on what brings them joy like when your friend’s eyes lit up.

    I think it’s an important reminder the “showing not telling” when it comes to what one wants to achieve by putting in the effort. I also like the part of “You will never know if it will work out until you try.” Thank you for the motivating post, Sam!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Some people have an idea right out the gate while others take a bit longer to get to their destination. But keep going.

      I agree with what you said about God’s reasons and use. So true. It’s something that I ponder every now and again. It’s a very deep topic.

      Is your school reopening next month?

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  6. Small party pooper alert!
    I definitely agree with all you said, but here’s my experience.
    I’d say my dream occupation would be doodling and actually being able to sell my stuff.
    But a very close second place is the topic of Electrical Safety, something I have been active for the past 9 years.
    It’s a passion, without a doubt. Yet, I have always been unhappy.

    1. Any job will contain admin tasks or companies who are dealing will old fashioned IT. I’d love to say that this takes only a small part of the day, but from my experience, I can’t go below 50%,.

    2. Colleagues, management and age gaps.
    Experience wise I am young. I have fresh ideas to improve things. But I have been ignored and shouted at for speaking those out.
    When it comes to the social aspect of work, I am old. I don’t feel the need to socialize with after work hours.

    No matter if your job is your biggest passion, you always have to deal with those aspects.

    I am sure you love the writing of the book, but there’s more to publishing a book.
    Finance, maybe a bit of legal and logistics, marketing, customers and once you’re big, public image.
    You might not enjoy all those aspects as much.

    But yes, everything is more bearable if you enjoy your actual main job.

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    1. Oh, you are definitely right.
      That’s why so many people decide to go the freelance/ own business route. Less BS to deal with. But, like you said, there will always be a part of it which you will be less than eager about. However, if you do everything to minimize it, you will enjoy it that much more. You can either be miserable 100% of the time or only 30%.

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  7. So much of what you wrote resonates with me. I had a dream for a long time to be a writer. I let the opinions and attitudes of other detour me to the point that I became to embarrassed to even try. I began to believe what everyone was saying and so I locked it away and stopped sharing it with anyone. It peaks it’s head out every once in a while but it never takes very long before I become discouraged.

    Now, at the age of (almost) forty, my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl during the quarantine and I feel that dream peaking it’s head out again. When I look at her, it pulls emotions and feelings out of me that I’ve kept bottled up for years. I started a blog just to have some type of canvas to pour it all onto.

    It’s now, during this time, that I start to ask myself: How will I ever be able to tell my daughter to chase her dreams if I’m too afraid to chase my own?

    Thank you

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  8. What are you most proud of to have achieved during quarantine?

    Getting back hardcore into singing through a karaoke app called Smule where I can sing with people all over the world—relearning how to harmonize on the fly has been my most recent challenge, and it’s coming along great. It’s taken a lot of stepping out of my comfort zone, and allowing myself to fail a lot, but it’s been so rewarding!

    Have you been in the same line of work since you became an adult or have you switched things up?

    Nope. I started out in accounting/admin assistance until I was in my late 20s, then switched into the legal field to become a paralegal, office/marketing/advertising manager. The switch wasn’t planned, it was an opportunity I grabbed, figuring I always could fall back on accounting—I’ve never reverted, and ended up finding my professional calling.

    Have you ever asked someone to base their important decisions on your input?

    No, though I have requested they consider my input. I recognize that everyone has to live their own life and make their own decisions. I can’t save anyone from themself unless they are looking to be saved.

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      1. I have a big musical background, actually. I have been in a couple of choirs and sung karaoke for 20+ years. I was classically trained on flute, played several other wind instruments (oboe, clarinet, piccolo), and taught flute until my mid-20s. I opted out of being a professional musician (much to the chagrin of my band director) for several reasons: (1) I felt once it became my job, I’d end up hating it; (2) competition for professional flute positions is FIERCE; and (3) it doesn’t pay well, unless you get lucky to become “famous,” which I never cared about and wasn’t going to pursue, so assumed it would ever happen on its own. Singing is a different beast altogether. There’s a lot more room for creativity and your own interpretation when singing outside of an organized ensemble. 🙂

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  9. I think you referred to me in this post? Oh, by the way, hi. Missed our interactions. The only thing I have achieved is getting in really good shape. PS, I almost died a few nights ago nearly striking a moose. I think I’m reborn as I am finally starting to wake up from my pandemic coma that robbed me of all creativity. Take care!!!

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    1. I definitely thought about you when writing this post. I know a couple of people on here who have been affected, as well as in real life…

      I KNOW! It’s been too long. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re alive and well. What did the moose do to you?

      Stay golden!

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  10. Thanks, I appreciate you saying that. Made me smile. Lol, yeah the new home has a small highway before it, known for moose. Glad he didn’t kill me lol. All I said was that I am a Rocky fan. I’m sporting the Gold!! 😉


  11. An excellent, motivational piece; thanks, Goldie. It’s arrived at just the right time for me. My dad told me once that I could “do whatever I wanted to do”; unfortunately, my gut reaction to that was “he’s my dad, he’s bound to say that”, I wish now, many decades down the line, that I’d taken his comment at face value.

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