October 1: Flash Fiction Challenge

October is Rodeo month at Carrot Ranch.
If you are not familiar, I suggest you head on over to Charli’s site and find out more. If you are a veteran – what are you waiting for? Make your way to the Carrot Ranch for more details on this year’s trials.

Starting October 6th, every Tuesday, a different person will post a Western related prompt for your 99-words (or syllables) flash fiction (or poem).

Yours truly will host a challenge on October 27th. You will have a week to submit your entries. Judging will be done by a third party to avoid bias. One winner will be chosen and awarded $25.

Keep your eyes peeled for my contest, but head on over to the Carrot Ranch to keep busy in the meantime with other prompts. (You can enter all four contests to maximize your chance for winning. Each contest will have a $25 reward for the winner.)


Stay golden,


Carrot Ranch Literary Community

The first full moon of the month rises — the Harvest Moon. Yet my garden joyfully continues to bloom with French marigolds, zinnias, snapdragons, and a fall profusion of nasturtium. My tea rose put out one more scarlet red bloom, and my delphinium surprised me with a third unfolding of purple flowers! My sweet william gave a half-hearted go at it, too, and my peony bushes turned russet like the maple trees. Two lemon queens out of nine yet stand, dropping their heads downward. I can’t seem to eat enough rosemary, picking its freshness in the crisp air daily.

If this is the Harvest Moon, then time to dig the last of the carrots, potatoes and claim my squash.

Further up Quincy Hill from Roberts Street, the copper-bearing ridge that forms the spine of the Keweenaw Peninsula has experienced harder frosts. At the kids’ homestead, they harvested 250 pounds or…

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  1. And so the Rodeo Season begins! It’s a delight to have you on board in your golden spurs. I appreciate you explaining that judges are third-party from those of us hosting. Win or lose, we are going to have fun! Thank you!

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