NROP: Fighting hate with hate.

Yet again, one of my posts (NROP: Humanity in Times of Presidential Elections.) went viral. Well, it had to have. Right? How else do you explain the below?

A couple of weeks ago, in that post, I shared with you some of the stories of people who have been torn apart by the Presidential Election in the United States of America.

Apparently, no other than Katy Perry read it because after the Election Day, she posted on her Twitter that people should reach out to their families despite their political differences.

Katy Perry’s tweet

“the first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them. #FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday,” Katy wrote.

One might wonder if she would be so positive if the results were different, but that is besides the point.

Is her sentiment beautiful, or what?

Now, I know families are not perfect. Some of us might have extensive, loving families, while others might love their friends more than any blood relative. Yet, some might not have any family at all… We all have different circumstances. Trust me, I should know.

No matter what my personal story is, I think that what Katy said was amazing. It means that she is able to see past politics, that she is able to see her family members as human beings and not only as political friends or foes. In that tweet, she showed respect for freedom of speech, as well as her kindness. Both are must-have traits for me.

Can you guess what happened when she shared those wise words with the whole world to see?

Your options are:

  1. Everyone listened, saw the light, and since then, the world has been a better (perfect?) place.
  2. No one paid attention, because no one cares about what celebrities have to say.
  3. Many people criticized her.

If you chose no.1, Bless YOU! I wish it was that easy. If you chose no.2, it means you are down to earth, but probably live under a rock. If you chose no.3, then you must know what is up and you have probably been reading my blog for a while.

After Katy’s tweet was posted, all sort of negativity poured in. People were appalled by Katy’s call to action. It angered them. Someone even called the tweet “insensitive” towards those that do not get along with their families. Sure, I can say that it was also insensitive to those who do not have any family. I wonder what is NOT insensitive or offensive these days?

Someone else mentioned that people have different family situations and that “it is important to consider that.” Alright… Keep this in mind the next time you open your mouth to say ANYTHING! People have different circumstances so do not dare say anything that will not be accepted by all! Hey, maybe it is not such a bad idea. If everyone was just to close their mouths, it would be music to my ears! Maybe more would turn to the written word… Back to the topic of this post.

There would not be a controversy without race thrown in there these days. It makes me think of a drinking game. Every time someone accuses someone of being racist or privileged, you drink. Or, better yet, if you cannot drop racism into the conversation, you drink. Feel free to play those games. (If you are of legal age. Remember to never drive after drinking. Do not do anything I would not do… Wait… There are too many disclaimers already. Just – do not sue me for any reason if you play this game. LOL)

Because Katy is white, people called her and her family “privileged.” They said that people of different races could not relate. No, race has nothing to do with how you interact with your family. Why is it easier for white people to get along with people they disagree with? Does that mean that other races are more unruly? I thought we were all the same, human, race. Is that not true? (I was under the impression we wanted to get rid of stereotypes of African-American kids growing up with their fathers in prison.)

Those that were mild in their reactions called Katy an “enabler” and accused her of pretty much being an accessory to a crime by not educating her family (i.e. not changing their minds). Last time I checked, offering (and pressuring) someone a drink was considered enabling, and not simply respecting the fact that they like to drink. You would think that mind control is not a thing, but apparently it is. Katy should have just cast a spell on her family to think in the same manner that she does. Those who refuse to dabble in that sort of black magic will be deemed unworthy.

After additional research, I found out that Katy Perry has a known history of political disagreements in the family, after all. In 2016, she said:

“Tonight my parents voted for Trump, but you know what? We will still all be sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving.”

Katy Perry

I am rather indifferent to Katy as a person and as an artist. However, as always, I will stand up for what is right and not back down from a fight with what is wrong.

What really upset me was a TikTok video that came up in response to Katy’s message of unity. (I thought people opposing Trump said he divided people instead of unifying them. Well, now that it is their turn what do they do? DIVIDE!) The video is from @moose_0 (Justin something – one of those instant “celebrities.”).


This water is not staying under the bridge

♬ original sound – Justin Mousseau
A divisive message after the 2020 US Presidential Election

He starts his video by saying that Trump supporters do not “get to” reach out to those who supported Biden, and act as if nothing happened. Well, I guess supporting a specific presidential candidate is the only defining quality about us nowadays. Justin goes on to say that he will never “be cool” with anyone who voted for Donald Trump. It makes me wonder how he approaches people who he has not met before. Is his first question: “Whom did you vote for in 2016 and 2020?”

I hope that you, during this magical Holiday season that is approaching quickly (although I know it does not feel like it with COVID-19 still here), can reconcile with someone who you might have pushed away or shut out for a petty reason. Or maybe they turned their back on you? Rethink the situation. It might be worth reaching out to them after all.

It is the season of thanksgiving, miracles, and joy! We rush to make our bodies ready (decorations, outfits, gifts), but is your mind and soul prepared?

Stay golden,

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41 thoughts on “NROP: Fighting hate with hate.

Add yours

  1. As always, a very good, thought provoking piece. I wish we could “all get along” as Rodney King said many years ago after the LA riots (when I still lived there). But sadly, most people are looking for anything and everything to get upset about. If I were to play your drinking games, I would never be sober. 🙂

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  2. Yes, as the media called the election pre-finished counting, my aunt called my Mom who was on an adventure road trip with us. They were so excited and then my Mom was … well she’s 82 so her comments are unfiltered … but I, a Trump supporter, had to be gracious… I don’t think the election was officially called yet and they were really hoping for Biden.. and quite cute and giddy over their supposed victory!! 🤭 🧓
    I have seen may who’ve posted nasty things about why Biden had to win and all that’s wrong with Trump supporters.. there is someone I have to interact with weekly who makes it clear multiple times every time I see them that Trump supporters obviously aren’t too bright, ect… I’m not sure why so many have to turn their victory into an excuse to degrade other’s views, ect… I know many democrats/Biden supporters and don’t think less of them for their politics..
    Hate someone for their beliefs, to me IMHO, is definitely not a Christian stance… 🙏😟

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    1. All sorts of weird things happened when it comes to the election…

      I understand that this was an important one. I worry about our future, but it seems weird to me that an average citizen would put that much zeal into caring about the elections like some with all those calls…

      You are absolutely right! The bias there is appauling. The things some people say are absolutely terrible. Yet, if one was to say that about them… Oh, boy…

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  3. I have always had different political views than my family and if the subject would come up…. it would get nasty (verbally). So the best is not to speak about it and personally I would not bring it up but I know others would.
    Then it’s time for the extended toilet break.

    But what even is the point to argue about this?!
    You can’t change anything.
    The best “ revenge “ is to let Biden fuck up.

    But I think both Biden and Trump are too old for the job.
    Pretending that you care about my (well, not mine, but you know what I mean) future when you’re 78…. I doubt it.
    But here is me discriminating about age.

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    1. Ha! Extended toilet break. I like that idea. That’s when phones come in handy. I pretend to have the most important things going on on my phone when the conversations take a turn.

      The point? None. Not when people are so polarized. But I can still hope…

      You are anti old people! We want your head on a pike!


        1. C. I don’t understand it.

          Some people work until they drop dead because work is their identity. I don’t get that. There’s so many other things to do in that world. I’ve witnessed multiple people retire and then come back a year later because they were just bored at home. Some people cut full-time to part-time to be able to rest, but also to have something to do and be able to socialize. I just can’t comprehend that.

          Then, there are people who work until they die because they cannot afford to retire (for whatever reason). And I have to say that I feel very sorry for those people. This is not life.

          Admirable? Why? Nope.
          Greedy? In a way… I know some people who keep working so they can pass their money onto their kids. I guess it’s nice for the kids…

          I hope that I will never be forced to work past my retiring age. I can think of plenty of ways to enjoy life without punching the work clock.

          How about you?


          1. Try asking around. I bet a lot of people would say A. I don’t understand it either. And honestly, I don’t think many younger people are too keen to work with older people. Basic computer skills are just not there.
            Jasper got a meeting request of an hour from a colleague who wanted to know how to print an excel file. To me this indicates that he doesn’t even know how to google for this. Luckily J is way more patient than I am.

            I am definitely between B and C. People complain about a high unemployment rate, yet someone continuing to work after hitting pension is supposed to be selfless. Eeh, no!
            But here I am, yet again, not understanding anything about the world we live in.

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              1. Let me guess, if you’d refuse, your manager would still blame you.

                Liked by 1 person

  4. I remember all the warm wishes from Trump supporters four years ago. The way they tried to understand the devastation of those who believed the US had elected a real problem. It was touching.

    It’s telling, a little, that those on the right side of the political spectrum are demanding grace from those on the centre and left. It’s not that I don’t think it should be or will be forthcoming. I just think it’s ironic that they ask for what they rarely give.

    I think the election of President Obama revealed that there are serious problems in the US and Trump was a reaction to that. Unfortunately, I think most of the problems could be solved with economic and social programs and the GOP have convinced a huge number of people that any change from the status quo is the dreaded spectre of socialism or communism.

    I think that perhaps the reason this political disagreement is so hard to “get over” for many is because of who was welcomed into the Trump tent. In the past, I may have disagreed with small-c conservatives over certain issues but I was always certain that we both held some things sacred, like the rejection of notorious racist like the Proud Boys, like the immediate rejection of Nazis. This was proven not to be the case. So now, the way back is harder, and for some, I think, not possible.

    I remember reading, years back, that geographically massive nations like Canada, the US, the former USSR, and China are hard to keep intact because their size belies massive internal differences. I think about that as I watch the US struggle.

    I hope for repair. But there has been a lot of ugly and it can be hard to turn the other cheek.

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    1. Who’s asking for grace? are you being facetious? It’s interesting to me that Trump received more minority support in 2020 than any Republican candidate in the last 60 years, but Biden was still elected due to the massive support he received from white people. White people are sending Biden to the White House. Is that racist?

      Liked by 1 person

              1. I found similar.
                “That trend continued this year with Trump increasing his share of the Hispanic vote by a third. However, Biden improved on Clinton’s record among non-college educated white voters with a four-percent swing. Trump performed well again among the Hispanic constituency especially in Florida and Texas, with an estimated eight-percent shift towards the Republican over 2016.”

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    2. Some people are not gracious winners. We see it in sports. Some people are sore losers. It’s real psychology.

      Honestly, I could care about others “comforting” me after election results, or their grace. Like I said – we can all have our opinions. It’s about being able to look past that when it comes to unrelated topics.

      This is why I think Katy’s actions are that much more commandable. She could cut ties with her family, or she could choose to minimize their relationship. But instead, she reached out with kindness. To me, that’s going above and beyond. I’m not sure how hare family acted 4 years ago, but I’d like to think that they were kind to her, too.

      I think everyone rejects Nazis. What happens to people when you push too hard? They snap and go overboard. I totally agree with you that it is NOT the way to go. But some people say it’s the only route for them. So, why should it not be for others?

      Oh, absolutely, this country is so diverse that I marvel at it still being a single country.

      I hope for repair, too. Unfortunately, like you, I worry that it might not come soon enough.

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  5. Well since I saw the tweet and it’s aftermath, i didn’t have to guess how it played out… But even if I hadn’t I would still have picked the 3rd option and I hate that the world is this way.

    It’s crazy I have witnessed the same thing play out here where supporters of a political party will do exactly what they are accusing the other of doing i.e. force everyone to accept their opinions
    I thought democracy meant the right to have your own political opinion regardless of how silly they are 🤣🤣

    Liked by 4 people

    1. You’re always so on point with your Twitter game!

      I wonder if things would be that bad everywhere if we didn’t have social media. If we didn’t know how people do things on the other end of the world, we would not be doing the same silly things. Of course, that can go both ways (good and bad).


  6. All the Drumpf’ers can crawl back into their holes now. 3/4’s of them fully unconscious of the fact that they’ll be rewarded by the Biden Administration and its focus on society.
    Katy Perry? I’ve posted about how celebrities should use their station to inform and direct society in noble, cogent directions. Good for her.

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