CW: Last week, across the street…

Last week, I spotted you across the street.
You winked at me from above the newspaper.
“Nothing,” I barked back when my friends asked at what I kept looking.
They could not see you if they tried.
Then, I laughed and downed a drink or two.
You blend in well.

Yesterday, I caught sight of you creeping outside my window.
You grinned at me from behind the rose bush.
“No reason,” I replied hastily when my boyfriend asked why I closed all the blinds.
He would not believe me if I told him.
Then, I smiled and drained the bottle.
I hide it well.

This morning, I saw your face the moment I opened my eyes.
You extended your arms, ready to embrace me.
Go away!” got stuck in my throat as I pulled the covers over my head.
But I knew you were there to stay.
All that was left to drink was your breath.
No room to run away or hide.

Depression, my old friend, we meet again…


There is no prompt for this piece. It just flowed through me and I had to share it. As always, I look forward to your feedback.

Stay golden,

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27 thoughts on “CW: Last week, across the street…

Add yours

  1. So I wrote my poem based on your Challenge. It has a disturbing ending. I have to get back into poetry. Too many plot points and descriptions and not enough raw emotion in this one. I need to practice this.

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          1. I can’t remember the exact order of it, but I believe it started with her lightly commenting about my father (her brother) often saying little to her and mentioning that several members of her family/friends tend towards the monosyllabic, and then me bringing up my own tendency to speak in grunts. Ironically, I was actually relatively voluble for that conversation…

            You stay golden as well. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Andrea! I’m gla you enjoyed it even if poems are not your favorite vehicle of expression.

      Very kind of you to say that. I’ve been focusing on my writing quite a bit lately (at least mentally) and I have to say that I truly derive joy from writing. It’s something I want to keep doing for as long as I can.

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  2. A very clever, insightful piece. I love the way the last line inspires a double-take and demands a second reading, whereupon everything falls into place. As Andrea says, “How is writing still not your career?”

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  3. Knowing several people who deal with depression and having had my own bout after losing my husband, this resonates with me, Sam. It is so true how it sneaks in. Excellent piece.

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  4. We all have bouts with that ‘companion’… I think this last year many were reintroduced.
    Shake the spice of humor and shine some lights into the shadow. I think it helps now that spring has returned.

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  5. The end reminded me of the beginning of “The Sounds of Silence:”
    Hello, darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again…

    I love that song, so that part’s good. I want some sort of resolution, though. It feels unfinished. Eventually, she’s going to have to decide to stand or fall. And there’s not enough info for me to fill in the blanks myself. : )

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