#Bloganuary – Day 4 – Plush the Man

What was your favorite toy as a child?

January 4th prompt

I made myself laugh thinking of the name of my favorite toy as a kid. His name was is Plush and he is a plushie. How original! It was either that or Snowflake – because he was white as snow – but somewhere deep down I knew that name would grow to have a negative connotation in the future.

I find something beautiful in simplicity, so – even though people like my parents tried to make me rename him – I stood by my decision.

While Plush’s long fur is snow-white, his eyes are jet black. I found his longer coat particularly appealing. I would calm myself down by stroking it just like you would a real pet. All the other plush toys had short hair. The fur on the soles of his feet is trimmed and sooooo smooth. I like the contrast. The cherry on top that got my attention was his plaid bow tie. Such a gentleman – a role model. He has a wild side but he scrubs up well, too. It did not hurt that he was bigger than most of the others. I could really cuddle him and actually feel it without worrying that I was suffocating him.

While his size was a plus (bigger than others), it was also a disadvantage when we would go on vacation because I could not take him with me. Luggage space was immensely valuable and he took too much of it. Plush has a bit of a belly, which added weight to my backpack – a big no-no as well. My mom would check our luggage and so there was no way I could smuggle Plush with me.

For that purpose, my sibling and I chose our favorite ‘travel’ toys – a Beanie Baby dog and elephant. I named mine after our real-life dog and my sibling called the elephant “Baby Elephant.” (I have no idea how I decided to pick up writing in my early teenage years with such creativity.) Those were much easier to add to our luggage after Mom conducted her checks.

As a kid, I did not know why, but I knew that I was doing something wrong. I can see clearly now that I was cheating on Plush on a regular basis. He was there for me day in and day out and I repaid him by taking another toy with me on various trips to new and exciting places. (Does that mean that I had polygamistic tendencies as a kid? Or should I take comfort in knowing that I felt it was wrong to have two different ‘favorites’ for different times?)

One day, my mom decided it was time to wash Plush because his white fur started turning gray. (What is wrong with that?!) She put it in a washing machine… What came out almost broke my heart. Plush’s fur was now strandy (bunches of the hairs stuck together). Thankfully, once he dried, Mom brushed him and he was (almost) back to normal. It was good enough for me. I was not going to stop loving him just because he looked different than before.

At times, I would take my clothes and put them on Plush so that we would be dressed in a similar manner, ex.: gym shorts and a t-shirt for working out. I did not want him to feel different. (It is amazing how thoughtful kids are without realizing why they do the things they do.)

Stay golden,

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49 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 4 – Plush the Man

Add yours

  1. I don’t remember any of my doll’s names, and toys were mostly temporary. The closest I can get is that I loved my roller skates.

    But I can relate to the simplicity of naming. I had a cat named Kitty. My logic was that everyone would call him with “Kitty, kitty, kitty,” and I wanted that to be his name. He was an incredibly gentle and tolerant tomcat. He used to allow me to dress him up in doll clothes.

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  2. My first bear was Andy Panda. She (yes, Andy can be a girl’s name) had the close-cropped fur that most animals had, and she, too, was bigger than the average bear. As she got older, she got bare spots because I dragged her around constantly. She lost her eyes, so Mom embroidered some on her. Life was good! Then I had a brother that started to walk. Coincidentally, that was when I was being treated for congenital hip dysplasia and was in a cast from my ribs to my toes. I had to be tied to the chair because my brother kept pushing me out. My bestest friend was Andy, who didn’t push me out. When I was 5, She finally just fell apart. Her fabric was grey and hairless, her arms and head were falling off and she had a rip in the back that could not be repaired as the material was too fragile to sew together. I got a replacement Andy who was about the same size. She was with me up through Jr. High.

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    1. I don’t remember my bears losing eyes (or noses). Whenever I heard about it from my cousins or friends I wonder what kind of savage they were. But, I understand that not all toys are made equally and not all toys are treated the same, either.

      Life was good, indeed!

      Most of you in a cast? That must have sucked. But I have to admit that the corners of my mouth rode up when I read about your brother pushing you out of the chair – such a kid thing to do.

      Awww that was a sweet tale! I hate it when something cannot be repaired.


  3. Love that you stuck to your guns and kept the name you wanted him to have. He was obviously very special and you shared precious moments together. I think that’s pretty wonderful. And your detail is impressive too. I loved that.

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  4. This reminds me of my, 4-year-old, granddaughter on Christmas day. She received a gift that was a large egg that had various unicorn toy inside. One was a stuffed unicorn which took up most of the egg, then there was a tiny egg inside that had a small rubber unicorn it. As she showed me her new toys, I asked their names. She replied without missing a beat. The small one was named Friend and the large one was named Floppy. I wonder if she will remember these when she gets older.

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      1. LOL! My husband just came in and asked when we are moving (to a warmer climate). We are very much looking forward to spring also planning for it. Ordering garden seeds and have ordered 1/4 beef from our local farmer for May.

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  5. What is it with my sand putting our favorite toy in the washing machine?!?!
    I experienced the same and it broke my heart.

    As you know, we have a lot of toys these days.
    Of course there is Mike the Tiger, many sharks, a moose, a very large polar bear, wolves, a marmot, a seal, a llama, whales and I probably forgot a few.
    J always does voices with them so they became real characters. Not necessarily child friendly humor though.

    They are family to me 😄

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    1. Lol, you changed your avatar! I was wondering whose comment that was.

      I think it greatly depends on the washing machine. The one we had at that time was not the best.

      How do you keep your toys clean?


      1. Since I changed my title, I needed the picture to fit it 😀 and, it’s been a year since I published that first book.

        I actually really try to care of them.
        Usually use a dry cloth to dust them off and occasionally a wet cloth to clean them and then use the blow dryer.
        Yes yes, I am a bit crazy, hahah 😅

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      1. No. When my parents passed away, they had everything, but I didn’t have time to really go through everything, before we sold the house. I don’t think any of hem survived. One of my favorites was Patches, a small little blue and rainbow bunny.
        Although, I do still have plenty of teddy bears. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for not making me feel bad about the ‘cheating.’ It’s always fun to see what people comment on and what they leave out of their response. If there is a part that no one wrote about, I wonder why that would be so. Thankfully, with such a diverse group of people, I feel that most of the time all of my talking points get covered by someone or other. Stay golden!

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  6. This warms my heart!!! Plush! I love it. You and I had very similar naming tendencies as children, it would appear. Every critter I caught and kept was either name “Toadie” or “Froggy.” My gerbil was a deviation from that norm, as my brother insisted we name him “Squeak” instead of “Gerbilly” (a drastic improvement, as I’m sure you’d agree).

    My favorite toy, however, was actually a blanket named “White.” Can you guess what color it was??? White and I had such adventures together…

    That’s hilarious about your polygamistic toy tendencies! It reminds me of Toy Story. Do you still have Plush?

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  7. Plush clearly had a huge impact on you for all the detail you provided of your adorable furry friend. And the fact that as a child you even considered it cheating with your vacation toy means you have a conscience. Hopefully that held in real life. 😄

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  8. I loved puzzles and game. I didn’t have a toy or plushie I slept with so many other kids. I am beginning to think I was a bit weird. I loved games like sorry, cootie bug, operation, mousetrap etc. I also did puzzles all the time. I did have Barbies that I played with on the porch with kids from the neighbourhood, but would rather play tag, hide and seek or baseball.

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  9. Aww, I love this prompt, and your favorite toy!! I had many favorite toys throughout my childhood—some that come immediately to mind are: a sewing machine, a typewriter, a microscope set, legos, a bike, roller skates, and video game systems (Pong, Speak and Spell, Merlin, Atari 2600, and Nintendo NES).

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      1. Not so much anymore. I have a “grown up” sewing machine now, and have sewn a ton of things on it (quilts, stuffies, curtains, etc.), but it’s mostly used now for mending/hemming.

        I busted it out a few years ago to sew a custom Santa hat to be epoxied to a helmet for my husband so he could ride his motorcycle with his buddies on Christmas day in the holiday spirit–but that’s the last “creative” project I used it for.

        Fun fact #1: I taught the hubs how to use it, referring to it as a power tool, so he could sew his own patches on things. He’s pretty good at it himself!

        Fun fact #2: My grandmother was a master seamstress. She sewed my aunt’s wedding dress, lots of bridesmaids gowns (a couple of which were sewn for me), and several of my aunts/uncles clothes. They all looked store bought. She was amazing!

        Fun fact #3: My mom is no slouch seamstress either–she sewed a bunch of my clothes as a kid, and hems lots of my work pants for me (she has a serger, and I just trust her a lot more than myself on “nicer” clothes).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. RE: Fun fact #1 – that’s awesome!
          RE: Fun fact #2 – I think it’s a superpower every grandma had back in the day – pretty cool!
          RE: Fun fact #3 – my grandmother knitted stuff for me (scarves, sweaters, etc), which I usually found itchy. I was pleased that no one tried to sew actual clothes for me – the clothes I wore were embarrassing enough.

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