#Bloganuary – Day 7 – Laughter is terrible.

If you are following my #Bloganuary challenge, you might have noticed a missing entry yesterday. The prompt was: “Who is someone that inspires you and why?” It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was already getting annoyed with the uninspired prompts before I saw that one. “Who’s your hero?” i.e. “Who is someone that inspires you?” is at the top of the ‘vexing questions’ list for me. Unfortunately, I could not just skip the prompt because I have committed to the challenge. In order not to break the chain of the challenge but also not to put out a terrible, terrible post, I decided to write it but to make it private. Win-win!

What makes you laugh?

January 7th prompt

One of the things I complain about quite often is the lack of comedy movies made these days that make me laugh. I seem to remember movies being actually funny back in the day. Is it because I was younger and stress-free? Or because the comedies of today simply suck? Share your views on that in the comment section, please. Also, if you have some suggestions for me to watch, share that, too.

I find that it is very easy, and difficult at the same time, to make me laugh.

Today, I present to you a fictional story in response to the January 7th challenge prompt.


“I must have been about eight years old…” Andy’s eyes shifted to the left. “Yes. Eight,” he nodded proudly. “For my eighth birthday, I got a Penguin action hero. The Joker was what I got for my ninth. I remember my mom telling me to put Penguin away as we exited the car. In my pocket, he went.

My pants kept slipping as I walked forward. My dad thought it would be OK for me to wear jeans, but my mother insisted that a suit was the only way to go. Since we did not really have the time for me to get measured, my mom just bought the first suit she could find. It was at least a size too big. The white shirt she got for me must have been for a teenager because we had to roll up the sleeves multiple times before they stopped showing from underneath the jacket.”

“To the point, please,” Amanda prompted.

“Of course,” Andy smiled, appreciating the no-nonsense approach.

“My parents and I walked into the church and went right up to the front where the casket sat on the catafalque. My mom’s eyes were red, her face puffy. The handkerchief soaked. She had not stopped crying since she got the call. Dad held her hand and supported her back with his other arm. Even though he wore sunglasses, I knew he had been crying, too. He and my grandma had a good relationship. Plus, he hated when Mom cried, so he cried with her whenever she did.

We knelt down to say a little prayer and that is when it happened – I burst out laughing.

I think my mom was too hysterical to notice, but my dad elbowed me in the ribs and sent me a ‘What the heck?’ glare. For a split second, I tried to stop it, but soon enough, I was laughing even harder. That stupid woman refused to let me watch Dexter one day when Mom and Dad went out and now she was dead. I thought she got what she deserved.

When my dad yanked me outside, I tried to explain to him why I reacted the way I did, but it seemed to only make him angrier.

That is when I first realized that I might be … different … from other people.” Andy looked out the window in longing. It was then that he began to worry that this time around they might actually succeed in keeping him from roaming free again.


The main reason as to why I opted to go with a more negative version of laughter is because I saw SO MANY of the other #Bloganuary posts titled “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Stay golden,

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61 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 7 – Laughter is terrible.

Add yours

  1. I have the same problem with those vapid prompts. Who inspired me? The Doctor who slapped my butt when I was born and began to breathe. What makes me laugh? Gallows humor. I have my funeral all planned out. I will have a motion sensor near the casket and when people walk by, I will say, “I’m feeling better…think I’ll go for a walk,” and “Who ate my Cheetos?!” and “Well, at least I don’t have to give the Eulogy!” Then 1/2 way through the service there will be a voice from the casket “I’m not dead yet! Get me out of here!” For some reason, I love the movie Rat Race. Not a fan of Adam Sandler or Mike Meyers (Austin Powers had one thing going for it…Quincy Jones.) Loved Danny Kaye and Charlie Chaplin. My favorite TV episode was from Frasier: the Valentine’s Day skit that featured Niles where he had so few lines and everything was physical humor. 5 minutes of slapstick.

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  2. Ditto the previous comment: I’ve never been a fan of the “stupid” type of comedy. I can’t remember the last movie I laughed long and hard at. The MCU movies have funny bits, especially GOTG, but a comedy that got the job done? I’ve been disappointed by Melissa McCarthy time and again. Though “Bad Moms” was kind of awesome.

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  3. I actually did that once with my girlfriend, Teresa. We were 17 and had been in a head on collision. Teresa was driving and I was next to her. I went through the windshield. My main concern at the hospital after I woke up was that I had been “sleeping” with my contacts on and my face was all bandaged up and I couldn’t get one of them off. The girl in the next bed had broken her leg. She’d been in the backseat. She was being sent to a different hospital because her doctor practiced at that hospital. She died. I lived. Teresa lost a tooth. The other two passengers in the back seat were uninjured. At the funeral Tereas and I got the giggles. We were mortified, but we couldn’t even look at each other without cracking up. I think I had to leave. I don’t remember. I just know I was as out of control as if I were drunk, and I wasn’t.

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  4. Well, it was a nice twist–definitely didn’t see it coming. One detail knocked me out–there’s no way someone would buy the first suit and not even care if it fit. Even cheap suits are too expensive for that. A seam busting loose would have been more believable. Or if they were poor and had to get the suit at a thrift store. Maybe they had to alter it in a hurry.

    As far as humor, it falls into a few categories. One is simply pain. People laugh at things like the Three Stooges. I can’t explain that–it’s not something I find funny.

    And then there’s the stuff I usually write. It ends with an unexpected twist. You raise anticipation for one sequence of events and unexpectedly sub in another. As an example,I tried to post a meme, but it wouldn’t copy and paste. It shows Prince Charming hovering over Sleeping Beauty, and her thought bubble says, “If he really loves me, he’ll let me sleep.”

    And then there’s stuff that’s funny because it’s relatable. I don’t know if you saw it on Gettr or not, but I posted this really wide-awake-looking owl. And the caption reads: Coffee. I think it’s kicking in.

    By the way, good on you for deciding you can keep a post private. Way to take control of your own blog. : )

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    1. Hmmm… I figured the mother was just eyeballing the size and went with too big rather than too small. Plus, she was grieving. But it is something I got hung up on myself, so I understand.

      Ha! Good one, Sleeping Beauty! I used to find Three Stooges funny. Still do, but less. Yes, I saw the owl! I’m more of a tea drinker and whenever I drink coffee to ‘wake me up,’ it doesn’t work.

      And thanks for your encouragement to make this MY challenge.

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  5. Whoops, I forgot. One of my favorite funny movies–Despicable Me 2. Unusually, it was better than its predecessor. How to Train Your Dragon (only #1). Also, the original Ghostbusters. And Groundhog Day. Zombieland 1 and 2. All the Jumanjis. Looking for a common thread, I’d say in addition to the humor, there was actual plot and character development in all of them (even Ghostbusters), along with truly impressive world building, which always adds a certain something.

    The only recent funny movie I really liked was Jungle Cruise. They kept all the silly jokes from the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland, and it worked beautifully. Other than that, a lot of the humor depended on character, and I love that when it’s done well. : )

    Also, something completely different…you and Jacqui seem to get along well, and I know you were hoping to expand your blogging circle. Everyone who comments on my blog is happy to return visits. Jacqui is a particularly good choice since she blogs frequently. Her blog is at https://worddreams.wordpress.com/: )

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  6. Yep, you’re on fine form with this one Goldie! I loved it, very different and it’s got all the hallmarks of your quality work including packing a lot into a few words and the wonderful twist at the end. Superb!

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  7. Great story! I missed these twisted tales of yours!

    Sometimes J and I “argue “ about who is funnier.
    But we also agreed on the fact that I am much easier entertaining than he, so in that case he can be considered funnier.
    But he honestly does make me laugh a lot. But I even laugh at my jokes 😉

    I try to bring some humor with my doodles too.
    Based on your comments, you seem to get them 😁

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  8. I have to admit, there are so few comedies that I actually laugh out loud too. Even stand up comedians don’t make me belly laugh like I used to. I hope it’s because they aren’t as funny and not because I’m becoming too cynical.

    Loved the short story! My partner is the sort of person who gets the giggles at a funeral. 😀

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      1. Yes I have, he just says extremely serious situations just create this need for laughter. He’s never trying to be disrespectful and he will hope in the laughter.

        I guess, it could be like the “Giggle Loop” where you realise the worst thing you could do is laugh, so you push it down, but that makes you think about it more and the more you hold it in, the more you realise how bad (and funny) it would be to laugh… and the loop continues…

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  9. I apprecaite your different take on the prompt. It’s funny waht things we remember about people.

    and come to think of it, it has been a while since I’vs seen a really funny new movie. I guess the recent stars of SNL have not transitioned as well to the big screen…

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  10. Uninspiring prompts… yup.

    I had missed the Bloganuary thing until I saw your #3 entry and thought “Looks like fun” and a bit of light relief from a small mountain of editing. So, here we are, day 9, and so far only one of them has inspired me to the point of starting to writing something in my head, and even that was not enough to want to find the time to sit at the keyboard.

    I’ll go and finish my tax return for a bit of fun. 🙂

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  11. Gee, I wonder why Andy liked Dexter so much. Excellent story. I’ll admit… I didn’t see it coming. Though his youthful preference for villains was a clever clue.

    Speaking of villains, though — Pinguin? I’m no DC specialist, but it’s Penguin, no?

    Oh, and good on you for continuing with the challenge, even if you thought your response was terrible and decided to keep it to yourself. Though I do wonder what you consider to be terrible…

    Liked by 2 people

  12. I have to applaud your writing style Sam. Though I’m somehow not sure what you meant about today’s comedy not being as funny as those back in the days

    Anyways I’m the type of guy who likes to laugh since laughter is the best medicine on a bad day💯

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  13. I agree, so much of the comedy today is either bathroom humor, or they just try too hard. I have a few friends that laugh at inopportune times due to nervousness, the problem is, it gets the rest of us laughing too. The things that make me laugh are real life, like comments my grandchildren make or blunders and embarrassing moments that you can laugh about in the retelling. Great little story you wrote here, Sam. Funny that something sad to one person, can make another laugh or smile.

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  14. Laughing in church is always the funniest. That’s always where the giggle turned hysterical and there was no stopping it. It’s the best laugh ever! My clients and I always refer to “When SNL was funny” It’s not funny anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time. Comedies? I hate to say, there just isn’t much around that’s funny. Great story. Thank you! ElynMignon

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  15. I think as we get older comedy doesn’t seem as funny because we’ve heard it all already. There doesn’t seem to be much originality left, but I don’t know that there ever was originality…I just hadn’t heard or seen it yet.

    As for laughing at inappropriate times, I totally relate to this story. I tend to find dark things funnier than intentionally funny things. I’m not sure what that says about me, but what can I do?A girls got a laugh when she find something funny, even if it’s inappropriate.

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