#Bloganuary – Day 9 – Do Not Underestimate.

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

January 9th prompt

I stand here all alone,

waiting for someone to come along.



I wave my arms –

Come, be amazed by my charms.

Seek refuge,

Have an apple,

Recline against me.

You bite into my fruit just as it begins to rain

Blisters begin to cover your body

and bloody foam erupts from your mouth.

Why, oh, why must I be

a Manchineel tree*?

*To read more about the tree and other beautiful but dangerous plants, head on over to List Dose.

Stay golden,

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22 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 9 – Do Not Underestimate.

Add yours

  1. The FIRST thing people assume when they meet me is that I’m not very bright. When I am pondering a question, there are many times I speak out loud. It is my process. It works. When I actually ask someone a question, they assume I have not had the wherewithal to examine all the initial approaches to reach an answer. Even when I go through all the things I’ve tried, they start back at the beginning as if I have said, “Here’s a problem. Solve it. It’s too hard for me.”

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    1. “When I actually ask someone a question, they assume I have not had the wherewithal to examine all the initial approaches to reach an answer.” I have similar experiences and I’ve always wondered ‘WTF.’ However, lately, I have been encountering quite a lot of people who ask questions before considering an answer themselves first.


  2. Your creativity blows my mind! Great stories.
    Also interesting was the article. I was sad to see the chipmunk on there. I like chipmunks a lot!
    I guess baby hippo’s belong to that list too.

    People have made many assumptions about me since I was a female working in a “men’s world” and am an Eastern European in Western Europe.
    But it has been quite a while since anyone made an assumption since I haven’t really met any people lately 😁

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      1. That is a very good question!
        I think I might be just a little bit better with technology. When something isn’t working, J usually assumes it is just broken while I always am willing to try to repair it. He can get a bit skeptical about me trying to fix things.

        But other than that, we know each other pretty much inside out.

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        1. That’s an interesting example. In the past, I used to be the one to try and fix things while my partner just assumed it was broken. Now, I seem to have no patience when it comes to fixing things and instead my partner stepped in.


  3. Oh my. I did not know about some of the things on that list. I will definitely stay away from dingos, Remember that poor woman in Australia, “The dingo stole my baby.” She spent four years in prison. They definitely underestimated dingos.

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    1. That’s a deep question.
      My first reaction was to say: “Of course not!” Once I draw them in, I do my best to keep them. But… after a moment I realized that the reality might not be as picture-perfect as I’d like, so my answer is – maybe?


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