#Bloganuary – Day 11 – Living Boldly.

(To those of you who care about the continuity of the challenge – Day 10 was another private post.)

What does it mean to live boldly?

January 11th prompt

“Are you ready?” Pat asks me and I am not so sure.

“Just a moment, please,” I say and look at myself in the mirror.

The long, blond hair sits in a bun atop my head. Strands of hair hang loosely here and there to give me a more effortless look. I scoff while thinking of all the effort I had to put into this hairdo to make it look ‘effortless.’

My trembling hands reach up and start undoing the hair tie.

“I can’t,” I say out loud, drop my hands, and get up.

A client in the corner averts her eyes but not before I see them roll. They must think of me as ‘just another Hollywood celebrity’ and they would be right. I smooth out a wrinkle from my pants, adjust my top, shake things off, and am back in the seat.

“Let’s try that again,” I say as I undo the hair tie loops.

Pat stands there patiently without saying a word.

A mixture of citrus and honey assaults my nostrils as my hair cascades down my shoulders. It is so velvety smooth that I want to cuddle it. I do. I rub a strand of hair against my cheek. “Mmmmm…”

“I’m ready,” I say out of nowhere, just wanting it to be over with.

As the locks start falling to the ground, I notice tears streaming down my cheeks but I do nothing about them. When Pat asks me if I am alright, I nod overzealously and try to hold in the sobs. “What will people think?” I wonder.

“So, is this for your next campaign?” Pat asks as he glides the clippers across my now near-bare skull.

“No…” I shake my head. “… I just found out I have cancer and wanted to get ahead of this before my hair fell out,” I explain and wipe the remnants of my tears away.

Pat freezes.

“I am going to live boldly now,” I say to break the awkward silence and smile. Now that the hair is gone, there is a spark in my eyes I have not seen before.

Stay golden,

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31 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 11 – Living Boldly.

Add yours

  1. 😥😥😥 My husband shaved his head when he was going through chemotherapy and so did my son. Unfortunately, all was not good. I do wish they had chosen to move forward more boldly. Great writing, Sam.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe you’re going for an intentional repetitive pattern, and it works that way, but if not…

    “self-dialog-here,” I say… I say… I say…

    I noticed this rhythm which took me out of the dialog. If the cadence was what you intended — cool. It’s hard to tell, given your apparent, or my recent realization, of an increase in your writing quality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “…An increase in my writing quality…” I don’t know if I’d call it that. Those seem like flukes more often than not.

      Thanks for pointing that out. I can definitely understand your reason for the question. Yes, it was intentional. Your comment serves as a great reminder to pay attention to every little thing you write because some of your readers will pick up on it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think to live boldly, many of us need some kind of a kick in the butt. And, thankfully – hopefully – we don’t get those every single day throughout our lives. Because of that, I feel like I go through phases when I’m bolder than normal. However, I do try to live my live as boldly as I can day-to-day. How about you?


  3. Well, I want to reach through the screen to hug her. ::sniffle::

    For me, living boldly is something I’ve done most of my life. I consider “living boldly” to mean living authentically and letting go of the weight of self-scrutiny through others’ lenses before doing something/anything.

    As an example, I often say things that other people are surprised/shocked by, but also wish they had the chutzpa to say themselves—many end up respecting and admiring me as a result, which has never been a goal of mine…I simply refuse to water myself down to make me more comfortable for others to be around. The end result is that I’m a strong personality and an acquired taste—nobody ever thinks I’m just okay, they usually love or despise me , and that suits me just fine.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I always find it refreshing when I meet others like me—we’re called all kinds of things (blunt, rude, honest, no filter, transparent, authentic, and on and on), but I personally prefer straight-shooters.

        Liked by 1 person

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