#Bloganuary – Day 17 – One Way to Stop Crime.

What is a superpower you’d love to have?

January 17th prompt

Today’s prompt bears stark resemblance to that from a few days ago – “What is something you wish you knew how to do?” I wonder how those that wished for a superpower on day 5 will tackle the day 17 challenge.

If you want to see what I would like to learn, head on over to my Desires of the Heart post.

Can I keep it simple and say that the superpower I would love to have is the United States of America? It is (?) considered a superpower around the world. Or being able to ensure world peace. All the pageant contestants would have to think of a new answer to the ‘What would you like to see accomplished in your lifetime?’ Ha!


While there are a few superpowers I would not mind having, if I had to choose just one – it would be the ability to stop crime.’

Terry placed a period at the end of that sentence with conviction. It was finally a keeper. He had written and then re-written the opening statement multiple times, never before able to make it sound quite ‘right.’ “It has got to get easier from here on out,” Terry thought to himself. It had to – he had already wasted two days on coming up with the answer to the question as well as the opening statement. The deadline was fast approaching and his life dependent on him turning in a perfect essay within the following week.

Given my personal history, I feel like I would be the perfect person to make this world a better place by preventing one crime at a time.’

“Yea-ha!” Terry pumped his fist into the air, his confidence levels on the rise.

As an ex-criminal myse-‘

“That’s it for today, Brooks.” Evans – one of the prison guards – beckoned Terry from the doorway.

“But I just hit my stride,” Terry uttered, hit the floppy disk icon in the top left corner of the screen, and turned to look at Evans.

“I don’t care. It’s 3pm – your time is up and it’s Watson’s turn to use the computer.” Evans ushered a young man into the room and gestured for him to stand by the wall to the right of the door.

“Okay, okay.” Terry closed the document, got up, and walked along the wall to his right towards Evans.


Terry deleted the last line he had worked on the day prior. ‘As a recovered criminal…’

“Damn it!” he slammed his fist against the desk and then quickly withdrew it. He no longer displayed signs of aggression, but sometimes the urges were just stronger than him. He hated the fact that he had to find his groove every time he restarted writing the essay.

Having lived a life of crime myself, I am abundantly aware of the factors that might push someone towards that path. Growing up, I had no one to look up to as my father left my mom as soon as he found out she was pregnant. I could be that father figure to the kids in need and show them that there are other ways to live their lives than full of hate, deceit, and illegal activities.

Most people do something illegal because they try to make their lives better – they steal things to be able to eat, pay for the roof over their head, or just to be able to live like the people they aspire to be. That’s very short-sighted. I can be there to stop them in their tracks and tell them that their lives would only get worse if they crossed that line.

When I leave this prison, I plan on working with local communities and shepherding the youth to ensure that they never even think of embarking on a criminal journey. Having been through it myself, I am confident that I will be able to establish rapport, build trust, and change their minds on what the next chapters of their lives should be. While having the superpower to identify individuals at-risk would help, I am committed to starting with doing everything I can to help those that want to be helped and reach out to their community readers.’


“How did your appeal go?” Rudy asked Terry.

“I’m getting out on Friday! They loved the essay,” Terry answered excitedly.

“So you will now be a youth counselor or something?”Rudy swung his legs from his bunk.

“Or something.” Terry lied down on his cot. “I will have first-hand pick and kids who will want to prove themselves and whom I could use to help run the business,” he added with a smile.

“Damn. I guess lying is your real superpower,” Rudy said with admiration.

Stay golden,

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  1. The essay sounded a lot like so many I have coached. “I know this is what you want to hear, so I’ll write it that way.” In fact, I have written a bunch of essays like that. To get into college, to get my sophomore jury approved, to pass Educational and Sociological Aspects of teaching… My BS meter was off the scale. Generally, people will write what their evaluators want to hear. You were right on the nose with this one!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You know, I get annoyed with Grammarly more and more. While it tries to correct me when I write, it sometimes fails to do so. Now that you’ve prompted me, I went in to edit the post and sure enough – ‘nest’ is underlined. NOW you tell me?!

      Liked by 2 people

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