#Bloganuary – Day 20 – Picture perfect.

What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

January 20th prompt

This prompt felt like THE perfect prompt for many. It seems like these days everyone takes a million and one photos every single day. Whenever someone wants to show me a specific photo on their phone, they have to scroll through A LOT and most of them never find the photo they were looking for. They have SO many photos of the same thing. If I take a few photos of the same thing to review which one turned out best, I end up deleting all but one (or two, if they vastly vary).

While I do enjoy taking photos, I do it sporadically. There has to be something really fascinating going on, or I have to be on vacation in a cool spot. And even then, I just prefer to be present and ‘in the moment’ rather than detach and snap some photos I might never even look at.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy viewing photographs. Ah, good ol’ times when you had to wait a day or two for your photos to get processed before you could see them. And then it turned out that somehow light got onto the film and there are no photos for you to view.

My favorite photo that I have taken was a self-portrait and it was taken by accident – only about a quarter of my face was visible. I was setting up my very first webcam (all these years ago), and just testing out its features. It was not until much later, when I was transferring documents onto another computer that I noticed a photo was taken. Unfortunately, it vanished somewhere along the way between one of the transfers I made at some point between now and then.

Why did I like it? For one – the photo was not staged (I was totally unaware). Secondly, the way only a portion of my face and shoulder was captured, I found it very artistic. I thought that I could win some contest one day with it (wishful thinking, but still). Plus, the colors (my clothing + lighting) were brilliant.

Every now and again, I think about taking one photo every single day, but the project never really takes off after a day or two. I think it is the same as with writing – you have to make an effort to find inspiration, and I just do not have it in me to do that on a regular basis. Especially not when I work from home all day and forget to even go outside sometimes (or am too busy rushing to the store/gym/etc.).

My first instinct was to finish this post right here and then private it, but I figured that I SHOULD challenge myself somehow. So, I went into the Pictures folder on my computer. Oh, yea – all the pictures are still on the old one. (Mental note – back up the images from the old laptop.) Ok, let me check my phone. Oh, it is a new phone and it really does not have many photos that are not photos of my computer screen (addresses, names, important information, etc.), grocery lists, or a recent guest’s itinerary.

Just for you, my Golden People, I went into my old computer’s library and pulled out a photo that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. It was taken from the East coast of Australia during a lengthy walk. The day began with very strong winds. The clouds cleared up by noon, and the sun came out. Then, it poured. We were dry for the majority of the walk and got to see amazing sights.

The Pacific Ocean

I love the blue of the ocean in this photo. I love how it gently crashes against the rocks that look like they are just trying to go out for a swim. I love the clouds that are either closing in or running away – the choice is yours.

This photo reminds me of three things:

  1. Traveling is the best.
  2. Good company might be hard to find, but it is so worth it when done right.
  3. Taking photos of water/the coast is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. It is because I find those places not only beautiful but also inspiring and soothing, and I want to capture those moments forever.

Stay golden,

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24 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 20 – Picture perfect.

Add yours

  1. I miss the ocean….
    How can one miss something they have never seen except only in photographs? 😅🤣

    Moving on…. I am getting used to snapping 1001 snaps on my phone which save no purpose than to just clutter up my gallery, I keep thinking I’ll sit down and review them but never actually get round to that 🥺 there’s probably some really good ones although very few of me 😅 a fact I’m constantly reminded when I’m asked to submit a high resolution photo of myself for interview features or spotlight articles


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Even though you can’t really know, I think you are able to gauge the feeling.

      I have this thing where I can only have 1 line of photos for each day on my phone. Most of the time, there are no photos or one or two, but there are times when I’m away in a beautiful place. Then, I fight with myself if I can spare a second line or maybe even third. And then I see people having 10 lines for each day every day…

      I hate taking photos (or other people taking photos) of me.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Believe it or not my top photo I took with a Fuji disposable camera. I was on vacation and on the beach and took a picture across the water because it was so pretty. What I didn’t notice and realize due to sun and the way it was in the sky that evening, there were reflections of trees in the water. I know it doesn’t sound pretty but the picture was OH so pretty with the sun and reflections of the trees in the water. The reflections of trees in water with sun made the picture beautiful.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a glorious photo, though I was hoping it was closer than an eighteen-hour flight. I’m with you – ocean water is glorious. And this is a perfect truth: “good company might be hard to find, but it is so worth it when done right.”

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Candid photos are indeed so magical. How we are when we’re not aware that we’re being photographed or filmed looks more like us than when we do know. And wow, that’s a great shot! It does make me want to escape to someplace hot and discover new places instead of being stuck in the snow and whatnot. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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