#Bloganuary – Day 21 – Going Back in Time.

If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?

January 21st prompt

There is no one answer to this seemingly superficial question.

When it comes to the times before my birth, I am afraid that I do not have enough knowledge. Would I really want to live at the same time a famously remarkable person lived? I do not know. I might not even run into them. Instead, I might die due to a minor injury since there were no antibiotics.

However, I would like to have met my grandfather on my mother’s side. Everyone tells me he was the best – funny, smart, and a good human being. A winning combination, if you ask me.

Then, I would probably like to travel to the time when I was a kid when the biggest problem I had was learning the multiplication table and when all of my family members were still alive. We would play games, laugh, and travel. Good times.

Way to grab me by the heart, #Bloganuary…

Since I think that witnessing the literal end of the world would be pretty cool, I would not mind traveling to that time. (*bites tongue so as not to speak about the world coming to an end already*)

There are plenty of moments that I would love to relive. However, I do not need a time machine for that. All I need to do is just close my eyes and think of those days. Our memory is such a wonderful gift we have. (It can be really cruel at times, but I guess everything needs a balance…) Is it not amazing that we can close our eyes, think back to a specific memory, and then… the corners of our mouth start to lift… You smile. Who needs a time machine?

Stay golden,

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30 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 21 – Going Back in Time.

Add yours

  1. Superficial question, maybe. Could you think deeper into that though? I bet YOU could. You might want to think into why anyone would want to visit another time. You might consider information that you could see but was not recorded for history. You might consider if what you know of the present would make more sense having seen the precedents. You even might project a future based on what you know now. But you might be surprised to find out that the future doesn’t conform to your projection because you may not be someone in a position to mold that future. Then again, if one tiny change in the past could radically change the present, couldn’t one tiny change in the present radically change the future?

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    1. I particularly find my time at the university to be attached to the highest number of songs. Many good memories. It seems that these days I usually play music when I’m alone, which means that not many memories are formed; unless we’re talking about the sad ones…

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  2. I’d love to visit Milliways 🙂

    On a totally unrelated note, that image you currently have on this page is HUGE, Goldie, almost 2.5MB. It took ages to load. Perhaps the inclusion of such a ‘heavy’ image was by design; in keeping with the time travel theme, a demonstration of a ‘long wait’? If not, I hope that you won’t be offended by my pointing you to this post of mine.

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  3. I love seeing other people’s thought processes. It’s interesting where we all end up. I love that you came to travel with memories. I had a brief thought as well, what if, as you time-travelled, you could also adjust your age?

    I quite enjoy clocks.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It really is fascinating to read all the different takes on those prompts.

      Adjust your age as you time-travel? That would definitely be a game-changer.

      I love clocks (and watches) and mourn the fact that most people now use their phones to tell time.

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  4. I would love to do time travel, but why stop at any one point in time. I would go back in time and also into the future. I think it would be so cool. You are all right, books, music, smells all help in taking us back in time, but I would LOVE to actually experience different times.

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  5. So right now, the time I’m most enamored with is the Progressive Era: 1901-1915. Such a change in society, and all driven by grass roots. Tired of the excesses of the Guilded Age, people demanded an end to social Darwinism and pure capitalism. An outsider (Teddy Roosevelt) was in the White House, and the new automobile, telephone, and homegrown styles (Gibson girl) gave the era great optimism. In a lot of ways, it was Americans settling down to settling into this country they’d just settled. And looking forward to a bright future.

    Also, if you feel this way about memories, you should seriously write some memoirs. Just saying. : )

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    1. 1901-1915 – so specific! Kudos to you for being able to narrow it down like that. It does sound like an interesting time to visit.

      Funny that you should say that – I never thought highly of memoirs. There seemed to be no point to them other than for the author to have all the memories in one place. However, last year, something began to change and I started considering writing one. You just never know…

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  6. So true about going back in time… I mean, I guess, before birth, going to certain periods in time to discover how society/architecture/technology was would be a shocking/revealing experience but it just quickly reminds me how happy I am to be here today hahah As for the future, yikes. I prefer not to! 😛

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