#Bloganuary – Day 30 – I Am.

Describe yourself as a tree.

January 30th prompt.

Mountains in the distance
A river to the side.
Beauty all around me.
‘I want to stay here forever,’
I said
and dug a hole for my feet.

I put down roots.

In the morning,
the mountains inspired me
to grow
and reach for the sky.

In the evening,
the river reminded me
to rest
and lulled me to sleep.

And so I grew.
And rested.

I could almost reach the sky.
Almost there.
I could feel it.
‘Just one more cycle,’
I told myself.

And grow…

But when I got up
the next morning,
My body was cut
away from my roots.

Whoever did that –
Did they not know
that I wanted to grow?
To keep growing?
To reach the sky?

Stay golden,

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33 thoughts on “#Bloganuary – Day 30 – I Am.

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          1. Everybody read everybody else’s stories and then people voted. If I remember right, we voted for two or three favorites (there were usually about twenty stories). Rachael and I spoke about it, and she said that most of the time it was won by a one particular gal because she had the largest following. That didn’t actually bother me–I still won sometimes–but there may have been other reasons.

            I liked the new version (once I got used to the freeloaders who just seem to post their stories) because I thought, well, okay, if I don’t like your work, I don’t have to read it. Maybe that’s better. But then we had the whole soap opera over my story anyway.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah, that makes sense that someone with a larger following would win. I’d say – only have participants vote, but even then – I’m sure there would be some people more partial to stories by specific individuals than others. Ehhh

              Hahahah! Yes, there will always be drama of sorts.

              It’s a pity that not everyone engages in other people’s blogs despite the fact that other people check out their blogs. But, like you said – you get used to that after a while and work out your own system.

              Liked by 1 person

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