#Bloganuary – Day 31 – This is IT!

I have a confession to make – I skipped the prompt from January 29th entirely. No published post, no private one either as it did not inspire me on Saturday.

However, once I read today’s prompt, I thought of a story that could combine both prompts.

How are you changing the world?

January 29th prompt

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

January 31st prompt

Today is the last day of #Bloganuary, which means that starting tomorrow there will be no more daily posts from me in response to some weird prompts provided by the WP team. Yeehaw! It has been a journey. Thanks for hanging around!


Melvin fished his younger brother out of the crib and laid him atop a blanket he had spread on the floor earlier. The baby stirred and grimaced.

“Shhhh,” Melvin whispered as he continued to swaddle his sibling. “You like those stars that hang above you when you go to sleep, don’t ya?” Baby Rory babbled in reply and Melvin smiled. “We’re gonna have so much fun when you grow a little and learn to walk and talk. In the meantime – baby steps,” Melvin chuckled, proud of his pun – even if he was the only one who understood it.

He opened the bedroom window a brought the bundle over to the sill.

“You see those lights over there?” He looked at Rory who had his eyes wide open. “These are the real stars. Mommy says that they are people who have gone to Heaven. They look over us and show us the way in the dark,” he added and sighed. “Whenever I miss grandpa Joe – you haven’t met him – I look up at the starry sky and tell him how my day went. It makes me feel better, you know? Melvin hugged his brother a little tighter to make sure he wouldn’t get cold.

“LOOK!” Melvin exclaimed and immediately realized his mistake but not before making a wish for himself AND his brother on the falling star.

“Melvin, what in God’s name are you doing?” his father burst through the door.

Melvin handed his brother over to his father and stepped down from the windowsill.

“I just wanted to show him gra- to show him the stars,” Melvin explained as he made his way to his room where he would receive a talking to once his parents made sure the baby was unharmed.


Many years later…

Rory placed a warm blanket on Melvin’s knees before pushing his wheelchair onto the veranda.

“I figured we could just look at the stars for a little while tonight,” Rory said quietly, trying not to let Melvin hear the fear in his voice. Melvin was ill and every day could be his last. Since Rory had no idea how to deal with something like that, he figured that being silent was the best bet.

Melvin smiled. “When you were a baby, I brought you to look at the stars… I got so excited when I saw a shooting star that-” Melvin coughed for a while before catching his breath and continuing. “I yelled out loud and the parents came running.”

Both of them chuckled. Melvin coughed some more.

“Did you make a wish?” Rory asked.

“Actually, I did. I wished for us to be best friends forever and to have some fun adventures,” Melvin answered.

“Well, mission accomplished, brother.” Rory petted Melvin’s shoulder. “You’re the best brother one can hope for. You’re the reason why I decided to study the stars and become an astronomer.”

The brothers remained silent for a better part of the hour before heading back in.

“YOU are the best brother one can hope for,” Melvin said just before Rory left for the night having dropped off his brother in the hospital bed.

That night Melvin spoke to grandpa Joe and told him all about Rory, which he had not done in ages. From that point forward, it would be the two of them looking over Rory.

Stay golden,

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  1. What a sweet and lovely story. I’d comment more but I’ve got to go call my brother!
    (been a bit of a strange ride with these prompts but it’s been a pleasure to take the ride with you. Be well.)

    Liked by 2 people

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