NROP: Why You Should Fly Southwest.

No, I was not paid (or provided with any perks) by Southwest Airlines to write this post. However, if you are an employee of that company and would like to thank me for the below post and send me some sort of compensation, please feel free to reach out to me via my Contact page or DM me on Twitter.

Are you excited for the return of my usual NROP/ CW pieces as much as I am?

*insert encouraging shouts, whistles, and applause*

Oh, thank you. You should not have… but thank you 😉

The weekend had been pretty dreary here – it was cold, cloudy, and rainy (a trifecta that I highly dislike) – and my mood felt it. My brain that was sprinting and doing somersaults last week pulled over onto the side of the road, pulled a blanket over itself, and went to sleep.

We are all painfully aware that browsing through news articles these days fills us with nothing but distress, which is why I do so sporadically and keep it to a minimum (just scan the headlines and only read more about something that interests me in particular). Imagine my surprise when amid all the clouds (literal and metaphorical), I stumbled upon an article that made me happy.

Southwest is bringing alcohol back to its menu! Woohoo! I think it is cause for celebration. Do you not? *pours self a screwdriver*

In the good ol’ days, you had all the alcohol you wanted on long-haul flights included in the price of your ticket. Then, more people started flying, airline companies began making more money and so – naturally – they got greedy and decided to charge extra for alcohol. Different airlines, at different times, would either only serve wine and/or beer for free or nothing at all.

While I travel, I like to be as mentally sharp as possible. Additionally, aware of the impact carbonated drinks and alcohol have on your body while you fly, which means that I would never get drunk on a plane. However, I do not mind having a drink or maybe even two on a flight that is several hours long. Like everything else – it helps kill the time that just drags on otherwise.

Did people get drunk back in the day when booze was free? Absolutely. But they get drunk now when you have to pay for alcohol, too. Some people pre-game at the airport and then continue the party on the plane. Are those passengers unruly? Sometimes – yes.

I remember traveling across the Atlantic in March of 2020. Each passenger got some sort of an inedible, prepackaged sandwich and a large bottle of water. That was it. No tea. No coffee. Of course – no alcohol. It was completely barbaric. When I was served tea on a domestic flight in 2021 I nearly cried. That warm beverage signified a glimmer of hope that one day we will be able to go back to enjoying travel by air.

To minimize COVID-19 exposure of their crew members and passengers, airlines stopped selling beverages and snacks in 2020. Due to an increase in the number of ‘incidents’ onboard, Southwest decided to extend those restrictions in 2021 and discontinued the sale of alcohol on their flights.

I have never flown Southwest before. Where I lived previously, Southwest only departed from (and arrived at) an airport that was on the other side of town, which was totally inconvenient for me. As I began writing this post, I looked into Southwest in the city I live in now and found out that it is stationed at the same airport as all the other airlines. I have always heard good things about Southwest. I might have to try them.

Back to the alcohol ban on their flights – it is being lifted! Beginning February 16th, you will be able to buy wine and beer, as well as some other spirits like tequila, vodka, and rum. While I think that is a great idea, many disagree. The union workers are concerned that the consumption of alcohol will lead to an increase in aggressive passengers. I am not so sure about that. Have you not seen all the videos from the past two years showing completely sober passengers fighting with the flight crew? I think airlines should go back to providing alcohol to their customers FOR FREE. That would mellow some of them out and actually decrease the aggressive encounters. But then they would not make any money… At least not immediately.

To sum up – Southwest is making the right choice by bringing back the booze. Two of their main competitors have already done so. If Southwest wants to take it a step further and ensure people fly with them instead of with other airlines, they should make booze available to all for free. At least make the first drink free of charge. In the long run, that might actually make them more money with more people flying Southwest.

Aside from alcohol, Southwest will now also offer hot cocoa! How cool is that?

  • Have you ever traveled with Southwest? If you have, what was your experience? If you have not – why?
  • Do you drink while in the air? Why/ why not?
  • What do you think of the return of alcohol onto the menu?
  • Do you prefer posts that are written in a conversational manner (like this one with all sorts of inserts between parenthases and asterisks) or those that are structured like official articles.

Stay golden,

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31 thoughts on “NROP: Why You Should Fly Southwest.

Add yours

  1. Lufthansa is the best (or was). “Can I get a shot of Jagger?” Sure, here you go.
    Got drunk on a flight to New Zealand in the 80’s. ‘Course, it took forever so by the time I arrived, I already had a hangover.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmmm… I never experienced Lufthansa in a positive way like many people I know seem to have. The airlines I enjoyed went bankrupt shortly after I discovered them 😦

      You cracked me up with the hangover. It truly seems like ‘forever’ to get to that part of the world.


  2. Yay, NROP, and way to stump for free flights 😁 I’ve never flown Southwest – they had a bad rep back in the day. Allegiant to Vegas is truly atrocious so I might try it out. I usually drink in the lounge and have a drink on board. Like you, not to get drunk, just to cut the edge. Flying bothers me a bit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for cheering for NROP. I needed that.

      I still have not heard from Southwest. They might be taking their time making sure they include EVERYTHING they can in their care package they will be sending to me.

      Never heard of Allegiant, but if it’s anything like the other ‘economical’ airlines in the US… I wouldn’t wanna know them anyway. It’s not worth the stress. At least for me.

      I used to love flying. I still do (I fly solo a lot these days so it allows me to just be in my ‘zone’ without interruptions unless the person next to me insists on spreading onto my seat with their elbows or the person in front of me reclines, or a baby behind me cries, lol…). But, the older I get, the more aware I am of things that can go wrong. It’s not a good idea to fixate on that.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have flown Southwest, though it’s been a while. Had a fine experience. I do enjoy a glass of wine on long haul night flights. Like wine with dinner. It’s kinda nice. The return to alcohol service is welcome, though not absolutely necessary from a personal standpoint. Liking the conversational tone of your post. 👏👏👏👏👏 There’s your applause. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Heh, welcome back. 🙂 I’ll admit, I did rather miss your usual posts. I don’t mind the conversationalism though.

    As for alcohol on planes, well, I don’t exactly drink, myself, but I suppose it can be useful for certain people in dealing with nerves and the general stress involved. Although what would really be great is if they started handing out free snakes to customers in-flight. Now that would make a great video.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. All airlines I flew with, European ones, did serve beer and wine.
    Though, my throat gets really dry during flights, so alcohol is not the best option for.
    But there is something fancy about it.
    I am into White Russian lately, so that would be nice.

    I have mainly flown with cheap airlines though.
    Those that have no service whatsoever and drinks are very overpriced.
    But hey… I have known people that did a round trip for less than 10 euros 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. White Russians? Way to be racist!

      White Russians are very tasty, but I don’t think they have the necessary ingredients onboard.

      I’ve heard of people traveling in Europe by plane for almost nothing. I never seem to know how to get those deals when I look for them…


  6. My motto is, “If Southwest doesn’t fly there, I’ll drive.” I frequently (usually) take my guitar with me whenever I travel, and other airlines have given me a hard time, insisting that I check it without any guarantee it will arrive in one piece. Southwest goes out of their way to accommodate my instrument, which does fit in the overhead compartment. Their crews are the nicest and funniest – just fun to travel with.
    I was on one flight where the crew sang to us at the end of the flight, to the tune of the “Barney” theme: “We love you. You love us. We’re much faster than a bus. We hope you enjoyed our hospitality. Marry one of us – you’ll fly for free!” 🎶❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome to know. I have a guitar that I barely used from years back but consider bringing it home with me next time I go visit. I too am worried about how they would handle it on the plane.

      A Barney song? How cool is that?!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I was one of the last to board once, and the overhead compartments we’re filling fast. I looked at the flight attendant, held up my guitar, and asked sheepishly, “Is this gonna work?” He said, “We’ll make it work.” He called the attendant at the back of the plane on his walkie-talkie and told her to reserve space for a guitar. (💕 LOVE those people! 💕)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never thought of that. [Enter quick research break] This is from 2007: “From Maine to California, most states require airlines that serve alcohol to hold a state license.

      Only Alaska, however, specifically requires flight attendants to undergo alcohol-server training. New Mexico will become the second if officials follow through on recent statements by the state’s top liquor regulator,” which means that it’s a thing. Interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I grew up thinking the food served on flights is repulsive but my last trip made me discover how cool some airlines are. I don’t think I tend to get any particular drink on flights though. Water is largely sufficient for what I need. I can drink what I want once I’m on the ground, wherever I’m headed. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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