NROP: Give it your best shot.

Pat Banatar – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Sometimes you just need an uplifting song. One that will make you get up and get ready for battle. Pat Banatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is one of those for me (another one is Volbeat’s “Warrior Call”). It reminds me how strong I am and that I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.

However, I have never felt bulletproof after listening to that song. Why would I? Am I not making sense to you? Well, hang on – I’m making a point.

Let’s talk about concerts for a moment.

When I go to a concert, it is usually when I REALLY like the artist(s). There is no point in spending money to go through such a crowded situation with waaaaay overpriced drinks/ snacks/ merch if you are not into the singer/ band. Just like the performer – I, too, prepare for the concert. Depending on the size of the discography and my familiarity with it, I spend days or even weeks listening to the songs to make sure that I know most (if not all) of the songs by heart. Even though it does not happen often, I don’t want the artist to point the mic at me and me go *mimes that my jaw is wired shut, and I can’t sing even though I was just drinking and talking to my companion a minute ago.* Plus, it puts me more “in the zone” when a song is familiar to me. Otherwise, I just stand there, waiting for the one I know.

But, even though I end up knowing most/ all of the songs, there are still some that I do not mind skipping, while others – I can’t wait to be sung. Don’t we all go to a concert to hear a select few (or sometimes maybe even just one)? Some songs are more popular than others, and the singer knows it, too. They build up to their biggest hit, and the crowd goes wild. The energy at that moment should be bottled. I bet it could move mountains.

Concerts are definitely an experience. When possible, I like to get general admission tickets because – if I’m early and crafty enough – I might snag a spot in one of the first rows. This means that I have to arrive early at the venue before it even opens. Sometimes it’s in the dead of summer. Been there, done that. It can be fun getting to know the people in line with you. (I’m a bit surprised to say that, but it’s true. If you hit it off, you hit it off. You’ve got AT LEAST one thing in common, which is a great conversation starter. Otherwise, you just turn your back and get back into your own world. No pressure.) Then, once the gates open, there is this mad run that you have to undertake. Hopefully, the venue is easy to navigate, and you don’t run towards the bathroom or another gate instead of towards the pit/ stage.

Once you have claimed your spot, be sure to do whatever it takes to make as much room around you as you can. (In the beginning, people don’t necessarily care if you are standing up, or laying down spread eagle, so use this to your advantage (just be careful because people don’t look where they walk, so put some warning cones around you as you rest). You will need as much space as you can get when the concerts start and the crowds flood in. Stand your ground. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the back of the room by the end of the concert. IF you choose to go to the bathroom, do so during a popular song – there will be less of a wait then. If you’re in the general admission pit, you better bring a diaper or two because there is no way you are getting back to your spot.

And, once the concert is done, you have to exit the venue with thousands of others. Yea, that’s not fun. Some people leave before the last song to avoid the crowds. I’ve done that before. But what if the last song is the one you’ve been waiting for? Will it be OK to hear it from outside of the venue? You have to make that individual decision. Then, it’s a question of transportation. The cabs will probably all be taken, public transportation stuck in traffic, and your car blocked in a line of thousands of cars… Maybe park somewhere else?

While there can be a lot of pleasant experiences before the concert (the hype and the potential of meeting new people) and after it (even more of a hype!), it is the concert itself that holds the most weight when rating your experience.

Did the artist connect with the audience, or did they just sing their songs?

Did they open up with a song that set the tone and got everyone riled up?

Did they close with an appropriate song? (Concerts need to have bookends)

Did they come out for an encore?

Did they sing all the songs you wanted to hear?

Did they sing THE song?

All of these things matter. We can go home and play any song we have on cassette on our stereo. We can pull out our phones and play any song we want, but that is not the point. Seeing the artists and hearing them at the same time is a whole other experience. Bonus points if they talk to “us.” Now, we feel like we are friends. We “hung out” together, after all. Right? We made eye contact. It might as well have been a private concert.

Now, imagine going to a concert and not hearing the one song you and everyone else came to hear.

Pat Banatar took “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” off the list of songs that she performs. Why? She did so due to some of the mass shootings which we’ve recently all heard about. I have so many questions. “Why now? What is it going to change?” are the main ones.

While the song boosts my confidence, and I might feel figuratively invincible, I definitely do not feel literally bulletproof and would not want anyone testing that. It doesn’t make me want to test other people, either.

I can’t help but sigh at things that don’t make all that much sense to me.

As I wrote this post, I thought of song lyrics in general and how there are so many wrong things said in those… I’ve heard young kids sing (or should I say rap?) terrifying songs only to be told that they just like the beat, or the artist, but the words aren’t “for real.” Now, if I don’t like a song, I just won’t listen to it. I won’t ask for it to be banned or whatnot. However, I think there are MUCH worse songs that could be taken off setlists than “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

What annoyed me the most was Pat’s reaction to the fan’s outcry. She said that if people really wanted to hear that song, they could just play it for themselves at home. … ??? … ??? Does she not know how concerts are different from a playlist at home? If so, then why has she been touring? People can just stream her songs from the comfort of their own homes.

You control the songs you sing. I understand that. Just say that you don’t want to do that particular song, and that’s that. Don’t go telling people that they can just “play it for themselves.” That’s just rude and ignorant.

  • Do you like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot?”
  • What’s your battle song?
  • Do you attend concerts often?
  • Have you made friends at a concert before?
  • What would you do if you had tickets for a concert and then found out that the artist would not sing their hit song?
  • Why do you think Pat Banatar pulled that song?

Stay golden,

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36 thoughts on “NROP: Give it your best shot.

Add yours

  1. Well said. That is definitely one of her most popular songs, and we love it. Is she going to stop playing “Hell Is For Children” now too because it is about child abuse? I love Pat Benetar, but I am no going to dish out the big bucks to go see her or anyone else for that mater if they aren’t going to play their biggest songs and hits. Go woke, go broke. Maybe some of these woke elites need to learn these lessons before they start pandering to he few while insulting their other fans.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great question. I guess not everything is trendy these days. At time moment, child abuse does not seem to be at the top of the list…

      Sometimes I wonder if they are just so rich they don’t care they will lose fans or if they really are unaware of the issues such actions can cause.

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  2. I like Pat’s song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” I think it’s still enjoyable to listen to today as when it hit the air back in 1980. Why she really pulled the song I don’t know but I believe her comments were said without thinking. It’s the kind of comment you say off-line, away from fans that support.

    I haven’t been to a concert in years. When I did go, my battle song was “FlashLight” by Parliament. They would bring a huge working flashlight about 8 feet long to shine into the crowd. All the fans brought flashlights just for the song.

    During this concert, I made a friend that was in trouble. We were sitting close to the stage, and close to the speaker system. I was prepared with a good set of earplugs but the woman next to me was in tears holding her ears. I tapped her gently to get her attention, then gave her my spare set of plugs. If a minister was next to us, I believe the woman would have married me on the spot!

    Concerts are great, but you must be prepared.

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    1. Absolutely. I like how some songs are just classics decades later. It just speaks volumes. I wonder what songs of today will be remembered in 40 years.

      That’s so cool! Definitely makes me want to boogie.

      Oh, that is terrible! I’m glad you were able to help.

      Stay golden!


  3. *Sniff*
    I like that song… it’s catchy. Oh, well. It’s her choice to make, and I honestly wouldn’t get the chance to see her live in concert, anyway. I kinda hate music that I can’t turn down… XD
    Though you’re right. People go for the Experience, and the “You can play it yourself at home” comment seems poorly thought-out…

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  4. It’s sad that we live in a world where singers would stop singing songs that they love to perform out of concerns about violence. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is indeed a good song, because the actual message is uplifting and related more to staying strong despite criticisms, anxieties, etc. At least that’s what I always took away from it. All I can think is that maybe Pat Banatar became afraid of gun violence of some type breaking out at her concert while she was singing that song, in addition to any associations other people may make with her song without really understanding its context. It doesn’t mean that it’s right, exactly–but it be a reflection of how terrifying the world has become, including for performers on stage.

    I don’t know. It’s all so complicated and tragic….

    Hopefully, someday soon, people will be able to attend concerts where they know that they can just have fun, and the performers can play their songs without any concerns about violence.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like how you elaborated on why the song is a good one (vs. bad and should not be sung). It made me wonder more about helpful songs being pulled for the wrong reasons, leaving people with one less thing to uplift them. (I might be exaggerating, but I hope you catch my drift.)

      Yup, I thought about that, too. I’m not sure if I’m imagining things, if it was part of a movie plot, or if it actually happened – some attach started at specific lyrics. But, it’s not like the lyrics triggered the attack.. They just served as ‘suitable’ background and the attack would happen one way or another…

      I definitely miss the times when I felt safer, but I wonder if it was so just because I was a naive kid/ had my parents to protect me.

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      1. I think I definitely catch your drift. There are many songs out there where the same thing holds true. Fearing that people might react violently to songs that are meant to be positive or uplifting is tragic.

        Unfortunately, even when times felt more peaceful, there are people who used even the slightest reasons to do terrible things, and I remember hearing of a few real-life events along the same lines.

        I feel the same way sometimes about wondering if I was just a bit too sheltered during my childhood, or just naive. But thankfully, even though terrible things do happen in the world, there are always wonderful things happening in it as well.

        There are people out there making valuable discoveries, spending their time to help others in need, and creating new songs to lift up spirits. knowing that kind of courage exists is comforting.

        Speaking of songs, specifically, however, have you seen those videos of people from all over the world singing melodies by video-conferencing. It’s unifying and a beautiful way of sharing the love.

        Here is one such video with “It’s a Small World” done by musicians in numerous countries:

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  5. Hmmmm I say Pat B gets to decide what songs she wants to sing and when. She isn’t here to keep us looped into 1983 or whenever that song was a hit. Maybe she’s grown since then. Maybe she’s a little woke. Nothing wrong with a little woke. I don’t go too many concerts but I did treat myself to Stevie Wonder. I waited for Superstition. He played it. I was happy.

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  6. The best Mother’s Day present I ever got was when my daughter Kelly took me to hear our favorite band, NeedToBreathe in concert. To this day I can feel the excitement of that first time … and the next concert we went to a couple of years later.
    I don’t stress about the crowds leaving, because I’m not in a hurry to leave. I can hang out at the merchandise table, chatting with the workers and deliberating over which t-shirt or CD to buy (“What the heck! I’ll take them all.”). My favorite kind of albums are the ones recorded live. When I’m driving to Michigan alone – an 8-hour drive – at the point I start getting drowsy, I’ll pop in my NeedToBreathe live CD, crank it up, sing at the top of my lungs, and relive the whole experience. That way, I stay awake and smiling the rest of the trip. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NeedToBreathe is awesome! I won tickets to their concert a couple of years ago. It was a freezing evening (outdoor concert), but I still enjoyed it immensely.

      I’m not in a hurry per see, but I find that the crowds linger for longer than I would like. There’s only so much ‘being around people’ fuel in me before I have to bolt and I find that often times, when I wait for people to leave… I just run out of fuel (or maybe patience or both?) as they stay.

      I can definitely see myself listening to a live recording of a concert that I went to (as it would transport me there). However, I am not a big fan of live music from artists I have not seen in concert. The sound is too distorted.

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  7. Once went to this concert were a duo originally from Jamaica were performing… The only song I alongside everyone else knew was their chart topper song – and for some strange strange reason they did not perform that song and instead treated the crowd to their unreleased crowd – I left before the show was finished but I heard they almost got booed off the stage and had to be whisked to safety with people demanding their money back…..

    I don’t know the song or musician you speak of but definitely adding to my playlist 🤣

    From what you mention my reasoning leans towards hmmm of artists, grand gestures and rather ill-advised commentary leading to a PR nightmare. I really doubt the PR team would have suggested she simply tell fans to listen for themselves☕


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yikes! I’ve heard of a song being released at concert, but that has to be mixed in with all the other hits in case it does not perform well. Why didn’t you feel the need to look other songs up ahead of time?

      Glad I was able to broaden your musical horizons 🙂

      Right? Sometimes they just suffer from foot in mouth disease.


      1. Hindsight 🤪 should have looked up their other material before… but the concert was being hyped up having international artists and all 🌟 what could possibly go wrong🤡


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  8. If she would sing it, people would call her insensitive.
    You will never be able to do the right thing in this world, so it doesn’t matter what you do.
    Not sure now if you mentioned it, but did she announce it before the tickets were sold? Do they usually announce the playlist before ticket sales start in general? That could potentially solve a lot of issues.

    I like the song, but I personally prefer “we belong” 😌

    For me to go to a concert, the performer would have to be really special.
    And those special ones have either past away or are enjoying their retirement.
    Though, there is a Danish Queen cover band and they are pretty amazing, so I would go there.
    UB40 is another band I pretty much like all songs of, so I’d go see them too.

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    1. I don’t know… While I agree that there will always be someone offended by something, sometimes I think that if you don’t say something (and shine a spotlight on it), people would not look in that direction in the first place.

      I’m unsure of the exact timeline. There are tickets for same for her concert in August, but I know she’s been touring already and not sure when tickets went on sale, so I assume that some people might not have known before they bought tickets (there’s a lot of them for sale as I looked at a couple). I’ve never heard of artists announcing their songs ahead of time. You usually just assume and find out when you’re there. Once or twice when I was in first row, I was able to see the playlist (taped to the floor on stage), and prep ahead of time. That was kind of cool knowing which song would play after another (though it was switched up at times).

      OK, I’m calling J right now to tell him to make a UB40 concert happen.


  9. Bummer about Pat Benatar–I loved that song, too, although my favorite of hers is “Hell Is for Children.”

    And I was totally with you on the concert scene. I go one more–I make sure I pee right before the show starts and then I don’t drink anything until the show is done. Hey, I didn’t spend all that time and money to wait for a toilet during the show.

    Anyone I see, I mostly know their catalogue, although there are some opening acts that I just knew their singles. Favorite band I’ve seen in concert: Queen (WITH Freddie Mercury), Rush and Styx (many times), Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Kansas, Yes, and Blue Oyster Cult (it was hilarious on that last one, watching the gal who does the signing gesture along to Godzilla).

    I think I’m outgrowing that now, though. When I go see a show, mostly it’s a local thing, often Celtic music. What I’ve really wanted to see lately is Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition or Brahm’s first symphony. Or some chamber music with piano, violin, and cello.

    I think ditching “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” was a mistake, but I don’t have to live her life. They come under enormous pressure from their record companies. (Are they even called record companies anymore? Well, whatever.)

    The only response I can think of is not to let our words be censored by the LGBT and anti-gun crowds. Stand up to the mob. Take the hit on your book reviews. Mostly avoid social media. I think abortion is murder and that the LGBT folks had something go wrong. If you don’t agree, fine–but deal with it. You’re not going to shame me into agreeing with you.

    And honestly, that crowd have always been a very vocal minority anyway. Their policies are tanking, and they deserve to. But don’t think they’re going to go gently into that quiet night.

    Boomers have always occupied some sort of weird personal moral high ground. Okay, they got the Vietnam War right. Just about everything else they’ve advocated has been a huge mistake, but they’ll always double down. And being anti-Christian, they see no reason not to be vicious infighters. It’s not like they’re bound by commandments or anything like that.

    It’s sad. They think this world is all there is, so they’ve got to make their mark before they die. I try to pity them and then avoid them. Mostly I’m glad I don’t have to live in that head space.

    I don’t know if I have a battle cry song anymore. Maybe “Show Me the Way” by Styx. “One Little Victory” by Rush. “The Wall” by Kansas. Or “Let It Be” by the Beatles. I’ve seen them all live, some of them multiple times (Okay, Let It Be was Paul McCartney only, but I was just a kid when it came out.) I loved being there and feeling the live music flow through me, so I can definitely relate to that.

    What are your battle songs? : )

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    1. Going to the toilet during a concert or a movie at a theater is only when in an emergency. It just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

      Yea, I’m not big into opening acts. Their purpose is to warm people up as the audience fills up. I know it seems harsh, but that’s how I feel. Though, I did go to a comedy show with a good opening act. But that’s different, I feel.

      Pretty impressive mix you’ve seen!

      Record companies… does that still apply to people who are… mostly out of the biz? Like her? Or is that just ignorant of me? I figured once you hit a certain age/ time on stage, you take it easy and just… do it on your own.

      “If you don’t agree, fine–but deal with it. You’re not going to shame me into agreeing with you.” Well said.

      I don’t think THEY see their policies as tanking… That’s what’s so scary.

      That’s a nice repertoire. I guess mine depend on my mood and the strength of a song needed. Usually, the heavier, the better, but not always.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. -Do you like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot?” YASSSS!!

    -What’s your battle song? Being a singer, I have several, mostly girl power belty songs. My most “current” one is Woman by Kesha. Badass.

    -Do you attend concerts often? I wouldn’t say often, but I almost never miss Marc Cohn when he comes to town, and I try hard not to miss Jason Mraz either—both are phenomenal in concert!

    -Have you made friends at a concert before? Yup…and at least one enemy! 🤣

    -What would you do if you had tickets for a concert and then found out that the artist would not sing their hit song? I’d still go. I rarely consider an artist’s hit song my personal favorite in their discography, so it wouldn’t ruin the show for me at all.

    -Why do you think Pat Banatar pulled that song? Does it really matter? Maybe she’s sick of singing it. Maybe she just jumped on board the massive PC train because she isn’t interested in being canceled or her ticket sales to be impacted by any bad press. Regardless, it’s her decision, and she can perform whatever TF she wants to in concert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Yup…and at least one enemy! 🤣” Cracked me up. So you 😉

      Good point, my favorites are not always the popular favorites. But, a classic is a classic.

      Sure, her decision, and people’s decision not to go if you so choose. We all have options.

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  11. I thought of you when I first read this. Good-hearted, but I rolled my eyes and moved on. I get what she’s trying to do, but, to be honest, the people that need to change won’t, and people like Pat Benetar changing won’t convince them. Dead children don’t convince them.

    I love “Hit me with your best shot.” I also love “We Belong.” Great harmonies.

    My battle song changes. It’s usually something I can sing loud and dance fiercely to. Lately, it’s “Work it” by Daphne Willis. Post-breakup, I heartily recommend “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

    I went to a Chicks concert maybe two years before the pandemic. They only played their new album. I was so disappointed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahah! Glad to have been thought of in such a situation. Let’s roll our eyes together!

      You’re right – I don’t think much changing in people will be going on anytime soon…

      “sing loud and dance fiercely to” I think that’s the Cambridge dictionary definition for a battle song.

      Both are great recommendations (Daphne and Hoobastank)

      Oh, I’ve heard of that – people promoting the new songs… If people don’t know them just yet, they can’t really sing and be involved, which majorly detracts from the enjoyment. It then becomes listening to the radio in a crowded place.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I haven’t been to a concert in years but we do own some DVD’s of live concerts and every now and then we will attend a concert in our own living room just by popping one into the player. No crowds to deal with, no lines for the bathroom and I can eat or drink whatever I want to. Oh and no worries about getting home. They were definitely worth the purchase price.

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