SepSceneWriMo 2022 – Day 5 – Make a wish.

It felt strange to be home on a Monday at 10am, but with Amy’s birthday fast approaching, Clara decided it was best she took a day off work to plan the perfect party for her daughter. You only turned 18 once, after all, and – unlike Clara – Amy deserved more than a 6-pack of cheap beer by the river.

It’s not about you. Clara chided herself before opening her notebook to review the ideas she had been scribbling down for a few months. Most of them were violently crossed out, never again to see the light of day. The few that were left were lame or unattainable. Balloons? She’s not five anymore. If only I could afford a nice car… I bet she’d love that!

In search of inspiration, Clara opened the middle desk drawer and took out a stack of photos. “Ah, you want to look at those, too?” she asked Mr. Purrfect, who had just jumped into her lap. The Abyssinian rubbed his head against Clara’s left hand and together they browsed through 17 photos of Amy – Amy in a trampoline park, Amy on a pony, Amy with her face covered in cake, Amy having a tea party, Amy at a concert… Smarter and more beautiful every year. Clara beamed with pride and joy.

Since the notebook wasn’t much help, and the photos only further eliminated ideas, Clara turned toward the Internet and Pinterest – people often shared great ideas that were relatively inexpensive there. Bingo! Within just a few minutes, Clara had a perfect idea – a mother/ daughter spa weekend!

While getting a car was every teenager’s dream, and Clara wanted to give her daughter everything, she knew that Amy had her priorities straight and would appreciate spending time with family even more than a tin can she would undoubtfully wreck.

Just as Clara was about to pick up her phone to book the hotel and services, a few pieces of mail were pushed through the slot in her front door. Having set Mr. Purrfect on the floor, Clara picked up the envelopes and scanned them to see who they were from. All bills but one. Clara’s hands began to shake. It was that one that she had been waiting for. There was no time to look for a letter opener. With her index finger, she ripped the back of the envelope open.

Dear Clara,
I hope this letter finds you well.

Bla bla bla,
bla bla bla…

We regret to inform you that Amy has decided not to pursue a relationship with you at this time. Ben and I think it’s best if we all respect her wishes.
We will forward you a photo from her birthday celebration like we always do at a later time.

Bla bla bla,
bla bla bla…

Clara knew there was a chance something like that could have happened, but it didn’t mean that she was prepared for how hard it would hit her…

Stay golden,

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21 thoughts on “SepSceneWriMo 2022 – Day 5 – Make a wish.

Add yours

    1. Hmm… I just realized that I wrote about two different Claras so far. I’m not sure. I’ve been meaning to start writing used names down…

      Sometimes we hurt others to protect ourselves. I hope that whenever we do, we don’t end up regretting it…

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  1. Oh my, there are clearly many circumstances at work here, but it’s still so tragic for Clara. It makes me hope they will be able to rekindle their relationship, depending on what happened in the past. Clara definitely seems to care very much for Amy, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pulling at my heartstrings in this scene. You set up Clara- she truly loves her daughter by taking off work to plan a birthday party and looking at past pictures. I saw her as a mother without wealth, wanting to make a day with her daughter special. In hindsight, after reading the letter I realized the pictures Clara had of her daughter were the ones sent to her over the years. Clara never had a relationship with Amy. It was wishful thinking from an unfavorable mother. Well done my friend.

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    1. Hmm… I didn’t even think of the possibility of letting her hear the news. I figured it was a letter through the adoption agency to maintain privacy, etc. Having something in writing definitely magnifies it.


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