SepSceneWriMo – Day 12 – Pretty in pink.

Sadness fills my heart, but I put on a brave face – you don’t want to see me blue. But, how can I not be brokenhearted comparing how we were to how we are now? I excuse myself and go to the other room to get the things I need to get you ready – clothes, makeup, perfume… You want to look your best. I look upwards and pat my lower eyelid dry. Keep it together.

Walking back into the room, I smile, filled with my love for you. I had vowed to take care of you, and I will – it’s my duty, my job. The moisturizer has dried; time for the clothes. Carefully, I lift your arms and put your favorite summer dress on you. You used to stop and smell all the flowers whenever we would go out. I used to get mad – it slowed us down. Now, I realize that you were pausing moments and making them last forever.

I hope you like my makeup job. First, it’s the foundation – I dab it, making sure it’s spread evenly. Then, blush. But not too much – we’re not dressing you up as a clown. I even add touches of bronzer for contour. I hope you’re proud. Blue eyeshadow, just like your eyes – calming. Powder pink lipstick glides

The spark from your eyes has gone. Oh, Carla, what am I going to do without you?

Just as I spritz some perfume on you, I am told that the funeral guests are starting to gather.

Stay golden,

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29 thoughts on “SepSceneWriMo – Day 12 – Pretty in pink.

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    1. I think Carla would be happy to have her husband (who knows what she likes, etc.) do it rather than a stranger. So there is a positive to that. And I think the husband is glad to be able to ‘be there’ for his wife in some way.


    1. Thank you for making me believe that I can do kid’s stories, too!

      There’s definitely stuff that I am more comfortable than other, but I enjoy switching things up. As with my interests in life – different things at different times to keep things interesting.


  1. Oh, this made me so emotional 🥲. I realised from the beginning what it was about, but you wrote it so beautifully, I wondered if it was true. I’m still unsure. You are a brilliant writer and you draw me in every time I read your posts. I hope that you’re okay and that Carla, whether she’s real or imagined, rests in peace.

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