Inclement weather alert

Hurricane Ian coming over.

I hope to see you all on the other side soon!

Stay safe and

Stay golden,

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59 thoughts on “Inclement weather alert

Add yours

  1. Goodness, Sam. I do hope you’ll be okay. How frightening for you all. I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear from you after it’s all over. Please, let us know how you are. Take the best care that you can of yourself … Ellie Xx 💖

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  2. These ‘once-in-a-century’ huge storms are becoming more frequent. Those of us who have been ‘climate alarmists’ for years are very tempted to say, “Told you so!”

    (Not saying you’re a climate science denier… just saying.)

    Fingers crossed for you, Goldie. Stay safe!

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  3. Hey Sam, sending so much love to you and yours. I’m glad to hear you’re safe (I looked through the comments for an update). Hope you all stay safe and well.

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  4. A hurricane used to be called a tempest. Hence the name of Shakespeare’s play.

    I really don’t like it when they change the names of things. They did that in India with Bombay becoming Mumbai and Calcutta becoming Kolakut or something like that. I say stick with names and don’t throw off the whole conversation; you’re just making problems for yourself.

    — Great Vampire

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    1. Absolutely. A city where I lived for many many years changed the name of a well known building a few years ago, and then a couple of years ago they changed the name of an expressway… For me, the old names will stay.


    1. And you haven’t?
      It’s SO hard to get back into things. The longer the break, the tougher it gets. And this point, I’m not sure where to start. I am in the process of drafting a NROP for Monday, though. So, there’s hope.

      I appreciate you checking in. It feels weird not to be writing, reading, and engaging in discussion….

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      1. Touché. 😅 You’re often much better at it than I am, though. But yeah… It does get harder and harder. On the bright side, it also gets easier and easier. Once you regain momentum.

        Here’s hoping you’ll regain yours soon. 🙂

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