Hello, my name is Goldie.

Some are sure I am a girl.
Some are convinced I am a boy.
But maybe I am just an AI.

There are no strict rules here. Only guidelines. To know more about the structure of this blog, please read the pinned/featured post No.1, as well as post No.2.

If you want to contact me/ ask me something/ provide feedback please do so here.



Please note that I publish stories outside of here under the name Sam Kirk.

If you would like to own a book with my first-ever published story in paperback, check out Lulu, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. An e-book version is also available on Lulu, Apple, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Let me know what you think of it!

Static Dreams vol. 2 cover
Static Dreams vol. 2 cover


53 thoughts on “About

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    1. I laughed out loud, because I went to see YOUR About page and it seems like all I was doing was scrolling. And scrolling. And then scrolling some more. (Hilarious pictures you got in there, btw.) And then, at the end you write “As I said, I talk a lot. lol.”. 😀

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  1. Hey, Goldie! This was the first time I checked your About page and I’m so surprised. I always imagined you to be an old wise guy! I’m sorry if that is offensive, though.
    Great page! And I don’t think you’re an AI.😁

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