Hello, my name is Sam. Sam Kirk. But my friends call me Goldie.

Welcome to the Daily Flabbergast where we take one day at a time to stop a whirlwind. Whatever that might be for you at any given moment.

There are no strict rules here. Only guidelines. To know more about the structure and content of this blog, please check out the following posts:

If you prefer to dive right in without reading the manual, head on over to my Home page where you will find all my posts.

If you want to contact me/ ask me something/ provide feedback please do soΒ via my Contact page.


If you would like to own a book with my first-ever published story in paperback, check out Lulu, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

An e-book version is also available on Lulu, Apple, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.Β 

I would love to know what you thought of the story!

Static Dreams vol. 2 cover
Static Dreams vol. 2 cover

Whatever you do, remember to ‘Stay Golden!’

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      1. Hey! As far as I know the name Liebers (my husband’s last name) is German and the name means love or lover. I was just wondering if you had that last name. Enjoy your blog! I am just getting started with the whole blogging thing!

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    1. I laughed out loud, because I went to see YOUR About page and it seems like all I was doing was scrolling. And scrolling. And then scrolling some more. (Hilarious pictures you got in there, btw.) And then, at the end you write “As I said, I talk a lot. lol.”. πŸ˜€

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  1. Hey, Goldie! This was the first time I checked your About page and I’m so surprised. I always imagined you to be an old wise guy! I’m sorry if that is offensive, though.
    Great page! And I don’t think you’re an AI.😁

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