If there were three things that I would like you to know about me, it would be that:

  1. I cannot live without expressing my opinion,
  2. Honesty is one of my key characteristics,
  3. Creativity is something that I love to explore.

Why should it be relevant to you?

Those three things, combined with almost 2,000 subscribers, have the potential of shining a spotlight on your product, which in turn translates into exposure for your company and potential sales. Yes, word of mouth is still an essential marketing tool, especially in the day and age of social media. We no longer have a handful of friends. We know people all over the world.

If you would like me to review your product, feel free to reach out to me via my Contact page (or the Contact Form below). Once you reach out to me directly, we will go over your goals and objectives and see what I can do to meet them. If we come to an agreement, I will try out your product and then post a review on this blog.

Basic guidelines:

  • I will not accept any gender-specific products. I would like everyone to be able to use your product, regardless of their gender. Moreover, I would like to keep mine a secret for now, which might be impossible when reviewing products meant for a specific gender.
  • My word is my bond, and I do not intend to lie to the people who read my blog. We will not be a great fit if you expect me to bend the truth about your product. It is alright to suggest what I should focus on while reviewing your product. It is not okay to tell me what I should/can and should not/ cannot say. I will either publish an entire review or nothing at all.

Why should you consider me to partner with you?

This is not your typical review blog, which means that your product will not get lost in a sea of other product reviews. I plan on doing reviews only occasionally, which means that your product will have more room to breathe.

Due to my blog’s versatility, I am not closing myself off to anyone. Because of that, I attract people with different passions, which means that you can share your product on my website and not worry about a lack of interest.

What do I mean by “product?”

The sky is the limit. It can be tea, a book, or a language course.

If you are relatively new to this blog and would like to get to know me better, please check out my About page, and maybe even browse through some of my latest posts.

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