CW: An apple of my eye.

The prompt for this CW piece can be found at the bottom, for fear of spoilers.

I was quite young when he was born.
He had a bad rep, so I was torn.

Here I was, sitting on a tree,
when he came by and sat next to me.
We spent a couple of days talking,
with all my friends gawking.

He was funny,
I was sweet as honey.
He would whisper into my ear
that I had nothing to fear.
He desired me madly,
and I wanted him badly.

First, he stuck his head in,
since that was no sin.
Then, he took me by surprise,
and got in quicker than I could realize.

I felt sick.
He was such a prick.
Once he was inside me,
I could not flee.
He ravaged me for three weeks.
Tears on my cheeks.

Then he was done.
And just like that – gone.

“Write a poem about a worm meeting an apple… from the perspective of the apple” 
– a prompt for today’s piece

P.S. “The Codling Moth lays its larvae on the developing fruit and leaves of apples (…). When the eggs hatch, the young caterpillars feed on the surface of the fruit for a few days, then burrow into the center. They feed about three weeks, then tunnel out of the fruit and find a place to spin a cocoon.”

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