Blue lives matter.

What is up with the increased hate towards police officers? Yea, they have always been called “pigs”, but in today’s day and age, they seem to be public enemy #1. Whenever any protests occur in the U.S.A. (it seems like every day, recently), the cops have to abandon their usual posts and go patrol those protesters. It is so very interesting to hear that the cops are the bad guys in those scenarios. “Victims” demanding that they be fired.

What prompted me to write this post? An article on the “noise” weapons used by the Police to control the oh-so-peaceful crowds. A quote from the article: “On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that the sound it emitted could be considered a form of force.” What isn’t a form of force anymore? The truth of the matter is that police officers are starting to be scared for their lives. Not only their health, but also their carriers and their families. They worry that if they pull out a gun too late, they will get killed and potentially many more will be hurt. They worry that if they pull it out too soon, that their name will be smeared, their judgment questioned, their career put in jeopardy. They might be on trial; their families might get death threats. This is not an easy spot to be in.

It seems that whatever they do is considered “excessive force” and/or “profiling”. Yes, you have the right to protest, but you do not have the right to vandalize whatever is in your path while doing so; be it a trashcan, a store window, or another human being. It is understandable that you get riled up in the heat of the moment, but in those scenarios, you DO need a cold shower to wake you up from the Amok. No, cops do not just bash your head in for calmly walking down the street. Yes, there are exceptions from the rule and some cops abuse their power, but a great majority of it is warranted. What you forget is that they undergo all sorts of training. Aside from the physical side of it, they are also taught psychology to expect certain actions in certain situations. Heck, if you’re a random bystander and you’ve seen enough of those protesters, you know that chances are someone will do something stupid and endanger others around them. Yes, that happens – protesters injury other protesters on the same side!

Whether you like it or not, the Police should be the one to pull a gun out sooner than you. Otherwise, what good are they? Of course, I do not condone unnecessary violence, but I have seen enough and am now disillusioned about humans. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Wouldn’t that make us insane to think that certain situations will stop being dangerous all of a sudden and we will all live happily ever after? That is why police officers are trained in the psychology of different situations and their possible outcomes. We can only hope that their judgment is better because of it.

So after seeing the “noise” weapon article, I wondered: “What IS the adequate weapon?”. I welcome you to make suggestions. If you think “hugging it out” (as some “celebrities” say) is going to stop the bad guys, you need to think again! Any physical force (be it a simple touch) can be misconstrued as “excessive” force by fame hungry people willing to sue for “emotional damages”. Tear gas is bad, noise weapons are bad. So what is good? What should we use to control violent people??? The question remains…

13 thoughts on “Blue lives matter.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. The police in Canada also find their reputations tarnished just for doing their jobs. Yes, as you say there are people who abuse their power, that happens in every occupation but the majority of police officers are dedicated to protect citizens from harm, harming themselves and/or others. They deserve our support. Thanks for writing this.

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    1. What I find disheartening is the decreasing lack of respect on all fronts.
      I’m not submissive towards authority, but I recognize it. When a cop tells me to stop I stop. Why is it so hard to understand?

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