That day when Nietzsche interviewed me…

I was nominated by Ray to do this Q&A. It took me long enough, but I finally got to it. Nietzsche would be proud that I did not forget about him.

1 rule – do NOT lie to Nietzsche.

1. What makes one heroic?
Heroism is doing something against all odds. Something others would not expect you to do. Something others would be afraid to do. Something you do for selfless reasons.

2. In what do you believe?
That is a very non specific question. because I am a religious person, I believe in God. I also believe in myself. But I am not sure what else I believe in. Everything around us can prove to be a lie in one way, or another.

3. What does your conscience say?
My conscience is pretty clean. It used to ask: “Are you sure?”, or say: “That is not a good idea.” in the past, but now, I am able to intercept these questions with sure actions.

4. Where are your greatest dangers?Β 
Too much confidence can leave an aura of arrogance, and that is what some people complain about. They form their judgement based on misconstrued information.Β 

5. What do you love in others?
Not much… I am pretty jaded. However, I do love a good sense of humor. The fact that someone does not take themselves TOO seriously. I adore it when someone does not get offended by any and every thing. Intelligence is a huge turn on.

6. Whom do you call bad?
Bad are people who are evil for no reason. I do think that some people are misunderstood. They can do “bad” things, but there is some valid reason behind it. I do not excuse this type of behavior, or condone it, but reason is very important to me. Being bad for no reason is pure evil.

7. What do you consider most humane?

8. What is the seal of liberation?
Being free was something I was born into. Never witnessed war first hand. Never had to be imprisoned, or in hiding. However, I do not see myself as fully liberated a lot of the time. I still feel like a slave because of the need to work for a living. Other people expect things of me; which makes me a slave to them. Politicians impose different rules and regulations onto us. My own head tells me to do, or not to do some things that I WANT to do. Sleeping in is a great stamp of approval. So is walking around your house naked. Other than that, I am NOT liberated.

I dare YOU to pick this challenge up and knock these questions out of the park.

Feel free to compose a new post with your answers (remember to pingback, so your post does not get lost in the shuffle), or just answer some (or all) in the comment section.

Stay golden,



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35 thoughts on “That day when Nietzsche interviewed me…

Add yours

    1. Totally. I’m glad you used the word “realistic”. Some think I’m pessimistic, but that is not true. I was raised to be weary of things, but not in a pre-judgemental way, but to step around carefully as I gather my data. That kept me from getting jaded. However, because I like to study human behavior, every now and then I would just give it a go and dive right in, because others told me to give it a try. So I did. And proved them wrong. Not everyone is wonderful.


    1. Valid questions. You’ve got a good point. I re-read my answer and realized it wasn’t complete. A reason =/= reason, meaning what the offender considers a valid reason may not be a valid reason for me. Let me use an extreme example. A person gets up and decided to go shoot a random person on the street, because they are bored, or mad with someone else. To me that is something a “bad” person does. I see no REAL reason here. However, if a person wakes up and decided to go and kill someone who tortured them, then I don’t see it as black and white anymore. To me that is a more valid reason. Even though I consider killing a generally negative thing.

      Yes, it needs to be a conscious decision. Otherwise, the person isn’t as bad, as they are stupid.

      I strongly recommend that we all study ourselves, so that we do understand why we do what we do. Otherwise it’s just silly.


      1. So… do you suppose criminals, repeat offenders in particular, tend to be (very generally speaking) ineffective but rationalizing decision makers, impulsive decision makers that do not understand themselves, or decision makers that simply do not care to rationalize?

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          1. I don’t fully know. I grew up in a neighborhood of isolated and troubled kids. At the time, it appeared to me that the common denominator was the absence of a parent. Why be good when nobody was around to reward or impose consequences and when there were so many tantalizing naughty things to do?
            But then…
            I went to the Corps and found young men that just seemed to make the same bad decisions over and over, despite the no joke consequences.
            I didn’t think much more about people like that until this little girl came into my life. She just turned 8 years old but has the extremely volatile temper of a 3 year old. We’ve seen counselors, established an IEP, changed schools, talked, yelled, evacuated…. there must be a way to get through to her the need to be good, right? To inspire her to care about herself? That’s possible because she is still just 8 and has so much growing and forming left, right?

            Or, am I overly optimistic and under experienced? Do more people than I realize actually just not feel the remorse of wrong doing and simply accept consequences as a steady state of their existence rather than effects of their own actions?

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            1. I totally understand your growing up situation. Not that I was in such a situation myself, though. However, throughout my life I met a lot of such people, who just needed a sense of direction. It was as if they were stumbling around in the dark, taking blind shots, etc. I would like to think that I made SOME kind of impact on some of them. Even if just momentary.

              That must be a difficult situation. Some people need more time than others. You just need to be persistent. And yes, 8 is young, and has a lot of potential and time, so I would not give up.

              However, from a psychological point of view, there are psychopaths. People who feel no remorse. People whose judgement is not like ours. Whose moral compass is skewed.

              I’m not in your situation, but my experience shows that they all need to feel like they are worth something. Sometimes it takes a VERY long time to get through to them, but it can happen. Once they start believing that, and seeing that not everyone is against them, they start to change.

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              1. πŸ‘ thank you for your thoughts!
                I feel a lot like my communication with the world is a one-way grid. Everyone who’s really listening isn’t saying anything and everyone who’s talking to me really isn’t listening.

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  1. These are definitely more advanced questions than the regular award questions!

    I do agree that people are insulted quickly these days!
    But, I’m not always fan a of certain type of humor.
    People often claim they are sarcastic, but actually they are just wasting my time and are not funny at all.
    So often here I am offended quickly.
    I’m not, I’m just tired πŸ˜‰

    I was raised religiously, but I think I’m slowly losing my believe.
    I feel like I’ve been disappointed too many times.
    I don’t want to sound too Buddhist, but I only believe when I see something.
    I wish I could in myself, but my mind is too messed up right now to trust it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If one day you come up with an example, I might be able to judge. Let me know!

        My “sarcasm” is the kind when someone is bragging about something, I’d say something like “clap clap” or “let’s buy you a medal”.

        I don’t know if it will ever fully straighten, but I hopefully the first step will be soon.

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