NROP: Quick tips on how to have the Internet destroy you.

Every time I write about technology and the Internet in a negative light, there is always someone who defends its virtue. Sure, there are many advantages to the Internet and the technological progress in general. It is not hard to admit that people did stupid things before the Internet came along. However, if it was not for the Internet, a lot of the stupidity would remain local. People on the other side of the world would not be inundated with foolish acts committed by people who do not impact their lives in any way.

Without the Internet there would be no WordPress. Sharing my thoughts with you would probably not be possible. Making connections with you would be out of the question. But on the other hand, some people would not lose obscene amounts of money to people they have never met if there was no World Wide Web. Some would not be arrested for part-taking in and distributing porn in Cambodia.

What happened this time? Three guys killed a mountain lion on the grounds of Yellowstone National Park. It is protected territory and hunting is forbidden within its limits. Supposedly the chase after the animal started outside of the park, but the culminating point (i.e. the killing) occurred inside. The kill was registered with the Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks office in Bozeman, but the hunting district on the report was false. In truth, the kill is said to have occurred 2.5 miles South of the designated location.

The reason their true actions were discovered was *drum-roll* THE INTERNET.  I expected to read that they explicitly boasted about getting a kill in the safe zone, but it looks like their only fault was posting the pictures with their trophy on various social media platforms. The scenery from their photos was recognized by other social media users, who turned them in. Officials confirmed that the kill was made on the park’s grounds. The mountain lion is said to have been shot eight times. In the beginning, it ran up the tree to get away from the hound dogs, but was soon “knocked out” (?) by one of the hunters. Why did they not kill it then? I am not sure, but it sounds like they wanted to the dogs to have a little bit of fun first. The second time the mountain lion went up a tree, it got shot. It ran. And then more bullets came. Reading the article I wondered if the animal knew what it was doing. That it was running towards safety. Towards protected territory. Only it was not safe or protected.

The young hunters were interrogated and found guilty. Aside from paying a fine and being on probation for a while, they also lost their hunting and fishing permits for a few years. I wonder what their favorite pastime is now.

Another way to get yourself surely in trouble is to listen to a stranger on the Internet and kill for them. This is what happened to a girl in Alaska. One day she met a guy online, who portrayed himself to be a millionaire. Being a millionaire was not the only thing he lied about. He also used a fake photo and said he was from Kansas while he was really from Indiana. They exchanged messages and grew closer. And then the 21-year-old man told the 19-year-old girl that he would pay her $9 million if she was to kill someone and videotape it. And so she did. She killed her best friend, who was mentally handicapped. Two people aided her. A 16-year-old pulled the trigger and another 19-year-old provided a vehicle. They were to split the $9 million among themselves. The victim was taken to a remote location, shot in the head and then dumped in a river. The man received photos and videos of the crime as the three teenagers went along with the killing.

The Alaskan teen also provided the Indiana man with pornographic pictures taken by her, as well as videos of her sexually assaulting others. Those were also to be requested by the 21-year-old. They are said to be from after the killing. The mastermind was blackmailing the teen from Alaska with the evidence from the murder she had sent to him.

Thankfully, they were all caught and will face the punishment they deserve. But why do these things keep happening? Have we not learned to be weary of a Nigerian Prince who wants to gift us millions of dollars? Why do we not find it suspicious if a relative we have seen yesterday emails us from the other side of the world claiming that they need money because they have been robbed? Why do we fall so easily for someone who shows any kind of interest in us and are sometimes even willing to commit heinous acts in their name? Finally, do you not know that whatever you send to others or post on the Internet can be used against you?

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27 thoughts on “NROP: Quick tips on how to have the Internet destroy you.

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    1. Thank you for a genius slogan: “Goldie and DailyFlabbergast – better than morning coffee. ”
      My apologies for raising your blood pressure like that. Which part did you find the most “blood-boiling”?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably the teen getting suckered into participating in the man’s sick agenda. Just when I think humanity can’t get any worse, or that kids can’t get any stupider …
        Don’t worry about my blood pressure, it’s typically low. Sometimes I have been turned down for a blood donation because of it. I’ll have to reread this before my next trip to the Red Cross.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow. I hadn’t heard about these terrible things, but nothing surprises me anymore. People are no more “civilized” than they ever were, despite all the scientific and technological advances. We’re still greedy, selfish, and amoral… creature of the jungle. Worse than most animals because they only kill to survive, not for sadistic pleasure.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. The brain comes with the body. Nothing more than a biological spacesuit… Souls, on the other hand, have a conscience. They will be held accountable.

        Ever read Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls? Reading it, now.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It”s so incredible that it’s hard to believe it. Lack of love, lack of attention and lack of acceptance lead people to commit such terrible acts. Moreover, the internet supports unrealistic portraits of successful people who are nasty rich and bold. Young people let this illusion become their life goal. They want to feel important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What is sad and terrifying to me is that people do not seem to learn. How many more scams and tragedies do we have to go through to stop committing the same mistakes?


      1. We stop when it touches someone we are close with. We don’t care for tragedies of people we never met and who live thousands of miles away from us. They seem unrealistic. Like living in a different world which has nothing to do with ours. It’s just when a tragedy hits me and you when we get the real lesson.

        Liked by 1 person

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