There has not been a time in my life when I considered going vegan (or even vegetarian). Imagining a future without meat just is not something I am capable of. Sure, there are meals that I eat that are vegan, but it is not something I do on purpose. I just eat whatever I have a taste for.

Someone offered me some miso soup with tofu the other day. I hate both. Later, a conversation ensued, during which we discussed vegan “meat”. Throughout the years, I have had various veggie burgers just to give it a try. Some were decent, some were just plain terrible, but I would never eat one INSTEAD of a beef burger. They have such different flavor profiles, different textures, etc. Because of that, it boggles my mind when I hear/ read about vegan meat alternatives. There is this hype about making vegan meals taste as much as the real deal as possible, and various YouTubers recommend such products. Yes, I have also had spaghetti squash. I did not really like it the first time, but got used to it the second time. Still, it in NO way replaces pasta. Yet people claim that it tastes JUST like it, and that their kids could not tell the difference. Well, maybe there is something wrong with your/ your kids’ taste buds…

Even though I am not a fan of tofu, I have nothing against you eating it. However, it does make me curious why people are trying to disguise it as meat. Does it not sound like you are depriving yourself of something you crave so badly? Because if you were not craving real meat, why would you care if your tofu tasted like turkey?

I already hear people telling me how they cannot condone cruelty against animals. I get it. I like animals, too. Sometimes I like to eat them, though.

If I did not offend enough people already, I will take it a step further and compare women to animals. Please, this is just for illustrative purposes. NOT to put an equal sign between the two.

If you decide to be a vegan because of cruelty against animals, you should not be eating meat substitutes designed (and marketed) to imitate meat. Is it not considered objectification? Yes, maybe you are not eating that meat, which was once a part of a living animal, but you are fantasizing about doing it, and tricking your brain into think it is, in the process?! Ultimately, you objectify the animal. You propel the notion of it being a source of food. If you are a fighter, who would like to free animals, would you not want it to be free of being objectified? Maybe a cow does not just want to live (and not die and be made into various delicious foods)? Maybe it also wants to be able to walk down a meadow and not see your hungry eyes staring at it, or hear you salivate over meatless meatballs.

In my opinion, eating a balanced diet is key. Eliminating specific food sources based on health trends seems a bit silly, and arbitrary. To eat cheese, or drink milk, but not eat steak is peculiar. I know people who do not eat red meat, but they do eat poultry. Where is the logic behind this?

Are there any vegans among WP bloggers?

Would you be capable of becoming one?

If you already are, please share the reason for “Why?” with us.

If you would not be able to live without meat, or cheese, why is that?

Stay golden,



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38 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts

Add yours

    1. I know, right! I’ve thought about this so many times…But in the end nutrition is nutrition and if get it from animals then be it. Also, meat tastes wonderful.

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  1. Grin.
    I like how you express yourself.

    Although I understand your point of view, I have been a “vegetarian” since I was 9.
    Not because of diet or because it’s considered cool.
    We lived near a slaughterhouse. The screaming of the animals and smell confused me.
    Then mum, who was raised up at a farm, told me about the reality of farm animals.
    It all became too much for me.
    Everyone thought it was going to be phase, but I feel disgusted even thinking about eating meat.

    Yet, I eat fish occasionally.
    Such a hypocrite.
    I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how my brain works.

    And what about cheese and milk? Do animals suffer at all in the process of making that?
    Not milking a cow seems more inhuman to me.

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    1. I remember reading that you were vegetarian, but I didn’t know the backstory. Interesting. I also thought that maybe you eat meat every now and then.

      I’m glad you admit it (that eating fish, but not other meat is weird). It really is a peculiar thing. Supposedly fish are not “warm blooded”, so they are not the same as other animals. But then, would you eat dolphin meat?

      I completely forgot about EGGS! Do you eat those? Do you not feel bad that they never became chickens?

      As far as milking is concerned. I am aware that not milking a cow can be very painful for cows, and cause complications. However, because of the human demand for milk, the cows do not feed their babies. Instead, the babies are fed replacement milk from a bottle. Why are we more important than them? Also, it’s discriminatory for male calves. Because they do not have milk to give, they get slaughtered. Moreover, the cows on milk farms are not milked manually… I’ll leave it at that. And, to get more milk, they are forced to breed over and over again, which shortens their natural life span.

      Make no mistake, I am not trying to have you stop drinking milk. I’m just debating.


      1. I think my vegetarism (is that a word?) comes from “trauma” rather than feeling actual sorry for the animals.
        I could stop eating fish. Don’t think I would miss that much, since I eat it only sometimes (5x a year or so).

        It’s not often that I would make myself an egg, because of this feeling of guilt, but of course eggs are in so many products.
        But then it doesn’t look like an animal at least.

        In all honesty, I have been buying vegan cheese and milk. Maybe again the guilt.
        I don’t taste a difference than from the actual thing.

        I will be honest, I don’t like to have mean within my eye sight. That’s why I often skip lunch at work. I am not too happy when Jasper buys meat either, so he eats that as much as possible at work 😉
        To make up for that, I do put a lot of effort in the food that I make and make sure it’s completely satisfying!

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        1. I actually enjoy almond/ coconut milk.
          I know a couple that’s like you – one person is a vegetarian (and extremely animal loving), while the other person is a meat eater. They make it work. Somehow.


  2. I was vegetarian for 4 1/2 years in my teens (my sister has remained a veggie for 45 years). In my family it was ‘almost’ normal, my grandmother ate fish but no meat at all and I’ve a cousin whose family were all raised vegetarians.
    I reverted back to eating meat after I started craving it – right before getting pregnant with my first child. I’m happy eating veggie options, though. I think I would find it easier being pescetarian these days, but when I didn’t eat meat I was horrified at my food touching meat products and was extremely strict over how my food was cooked. I don’t think I could participate in veganuary, it might not be so extreme if I was already a vegetarian, but as a meat eater, it is quite a step, particularly as I’ve never really learned to cook with lentils!

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    1. I’ve never heard of Veganuary. Interesting, yet dreadful.
      It would definitely be different if I was brought up that way. I see young kids eat veggies and I am in awe. It took me a while to get used to them, but if you start young, and are surrounded by people who eat this, but not that, it’s how you’re shaped.

      I’ve been thinking of cooking lentil soup for months. Never got to it. I’ve done it in the past, though.

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  3. “I like animals, too. Sometimes I like to eat them, though.”

    This line deserves an award! 😂 😂
    So funny!

    I don’t have anything to contribute to this post. I just want to say I really enjoyed reading this one 😁
    Love how you expressed your thoughts.

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  4. There’s a lot to unpack in this post. First, not all vegans/vegetarians want to eat fake meat, and not all of them want to eat pretend bloody burgers.

    Second, not all vegans/vegetarians have chosen their diets because they care about animals. Some just want to lower their cholesterol by eliminating a main source of saturated fat. Maybe some in this group want to try the fake burger. I’ve heard it’s tasty, though it doesn’t appeal to me.

    For the record, I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian, though I don’t eat meat often. While I enjoy tofu, I don’t like the fake meats, with one exception. There’s a restaurant here called Vegan Nirvana that makes fabulous fake fish tacos, and I love them.

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    1. Truthfully, I do not have too many real vegans in my life, so I cannot ask them. I go by ads and social media postings, etc. If there is such intense marketing for fake meat, then someone must want it. I’ve never heard anyone say: “Try this. It tastes nothing like meat”. But of course, there are outliers in all groups.

      I am fully aware of various reasoning behind why people choose this, or that diet. “Main source of saturated fat” I’m not sure I agree with that. There is lean meat, and there are things that have more fat than meat. I agree that fake burgers don’t sound appealing to me, either.

      It sounds like you keep your options open and mix and match your diet, which I think is really great. We all have different needs, but that’s what I was thinking.

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  5. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian but I have had many veggie dishes which were a lot better than meat dishes. I don’t really eat beef burgers anyway, but I occasionally love a veggie burger. You may think that vegan alternatives cannot taste just like meat and that may be true; in some cases, they can even taste a lot better (usually when there’s no Tofu in the mix!). I don’t understand why it is ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’ for vegetarians to eat things that taste similar to meat although they are in fact not meat – they choose not to eat animals but may still like the flavor.

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    1. I’m not saying non-meat options cannot taste good. It’s all about spices. It can definitely be better than something fried in oil that had been used a million times.

      Well, if they like the flavor, then they don’t eat it because of health reasons (I get that), or moral reason (I get that, too, BUT). If the second, then like I said, it’s a bit like lying to oneself. You’re tricking your brain into thinking you’re eating meat, but you’re convincing your conscience that you are righteous. That kind of dichotomy is weird to me.


  6. I have been trying to lead a plant based lifestyle for a while now. I’m about 80% plant based at this point, but haven’t been motivated to go fully vegan. I don’t want to stop eating animal protein I just want to eat much more veggies. 🙂

    I agree that many substitutes have very different flavor profiles and textures. I think this alternatives are for people that want to convert but can’t because they miss certain dishes too much. I think that when people eat a burger they often don’t think the animal they are eating. I think this disassociation from the food source it’s to blame for people not making choices that are better for them. For example, if people had in mind how most chicken, cows and pork are raised they would eat more cage free/grass fed alternatives.

    There are studies about pretty much everything out there, And people that don’t eat “read meat” (cow) based their decision in many studies that say red meat is bad for you. But they are many that say chicken is bad (hormones), pork is bad (cholesterol), fish is bad (mercury), etc LOL!

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    1. 80% is impressive. See, I like your goal – to eat more veggies. I think it makes sense. “Not eating meat” seems like something a lot harder to do.

      You make a great point – people’s reasoning is wrong. They go about it the wrong way.

      And you are exactly right about studies. It’s kind of funny. Like with eggs – there was a time when eggs were considered a deadly source of cholesterol. The next day (exaggeration, but still), they were considered OK, but in low quantities. Then, we found out that they are alright, and even great. Of course, nothing should be over-done. Nowadays everything is bad. Do people not know the amount of pesticides on their veggies?

      Thank you for your engaging comment!

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  7. I too eat whatever I have the taste for and believe to each their own. Archie became a vegetarian at age 11. The rest of us continued our animal eating practices. He recently became a vegan. All I can say it’s damn near difficult to keep up. Silken tofu makes a mean chocolate pudding though. I was pleasantly surprised.

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    1. Good for you that you are able to have A eat whatever they want and you what you want. My cousin is a meat lover and his wife is a vegetarian. Somehow they get along just fine. I often read about kids becoming vegan and then parents switching over. I mean, if you want to, go for it. But sometimes it feels like the kid ends up imposing the rules, which I find weird.

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      1. I struggled with anorexia as a teen and then became overly concerned with working out after becoming a mother. I’m so relieved to finally be free to eat what I darn well please and my kids love it 🥰

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