Just a couple days ago, we celebrated New Year’s Eve. This time around I spent it in a small group of family and friends. We had some drinks, some food, some laughter. Not much more. No dancing. Nothing fancy. We did the countdown to midnight, toasted, sipped some champagne and then we split.

Since today is #ThrowbackThursday, I wanted to throw back to some of my old NYE parties. What I recall when I think of such celebrations, I think of clean clothes, sparklers and non-alcoholic champagne. Us kids would try and get as much TV in as possible while the parents were distracted having a good time. At midnight we would light up our sparklers, while the grown ups lit up a couple of real fireworks, we all drank some champagne (non-alcoholic for kids), and then the kids were expected to go to sleep. Most of the time we did, because staying up so late was a challenge in the first place. We all wanted to be adults as soon as possible. Grow up, stay up late, drink real champagne, and play with fireworks.

When that happened – meaning when we grew up, suddenly the NYE parties were not so appealing anymore. The forbidden fruit truly does taste the best. If it is within our reach, we do not feel the need to pick it.

The memorable NYE was the 2k one. All the media predicted the end of the world on the night of December 31st, 1999. Just before midnight, the electricity went off in the whole neighborhood. Even the adults were a little unsettled. But, as you can see, we are all still alive and well today.

Any memorable NYEs you would like to share?

How did you spend it this year?

Stay golden,



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41 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday

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  1. Growing up with a super strict father even when I was old enough to hang out I had to still be home before midnight, usually way before midnight. Every NYE as I listened to other teenagers plan their outings I was so sad that I couldn’t be a part of it. I couldn’t wait to get older and move out so I could make NYE a grand event of all night partying and revelry….Well, those grand events only lasted a couple of years, for the most part I’m always home on NYE watching the Times Square ball drop on TV…So much for the excitement. Yup, you’re right, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. 😀

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  2. For the past 20 years (which is a really long time for you youngsters!) my hubby and I have gone to our best friends’ house and had chili, cinnamon rolls, corn bread, nachos con queso, beer or soft drinks and chocolate. We play Balderdash for about 5 hours until we’re sore from laughing, then at midnight, we have a glass of champagne. Among our favorite words over the years were: saroon, sapsago, and busker. The game is that you, the dealer, produce a word from a card, and the players try to come up with definitions. You write down the correct definition and collect the definitions from the other players. They vote on the most likely definition and you get points awarded and you move around a path. We actually don’t care who wins at this point as the definitions are so hilarious.

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  3. We would shoot shotguns up in the air at midnight. This year however, I was working. I am that guy who goes around saying “I haven’t seen you since last year, how have you been”? Most roll their eyes, but some get a genuine chuckle out of it, that alone makes it totally worth it.

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      1. Yes, I was. My wife and I have a goal to pay our home off in the next 2-3 years. So, I’m trying to pick up as many hours as possible. We want our freedom as soon as we can get it.

        Once our home is paid off, I no longer work weekends, holidays and I get to dictate my schedule around my family and our events!

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  4. Ohhhh that must have been worrying ! 😄😄😄😄
    We usually spend the NYE the same way, will a lovely dinner amongst us, many presents and to bed by 10PM

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  5. My NYEs are pretty much always boring when I spend it with my family alone. But it’s ALWAYS lit when we travel to my village to visit my relatives.

    It’s like a tradition here for everyone to travel to their hometowns and villages for Christmas to connect with those family members they might not have had the chance to see during the year. And it’s always an exciting experience when we travel home.

    Sadly, I haven’t traveled home since September 2016, so 2017, 2018 and this year’s NYE was dull and boring for me. Not even the fireworks could lighten up my mood.

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    1. I did, too, because I was curious to see what the end would look like. Can you imagine the traffic there would be to heaven and hell if that was to happen? Angels would have to work overtime.
      I don’t think I’ve seen it bad at 10. Or maybe did, but didn’t realize it until probably 14ish. I remember telling my younger sibling about the youth being worse than in the past and I was looked at like I was an old person. Just a few years later, my sibling came to me, and admitted that I was right. It was so funny.


  6. Eek. that must have been a bit worrying to begin with! I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with NYE. In my younger days I would go out and usually have a good time, but as I got older the appeal wore off and the nights were usually quite disappointing. These days I don’t really do much for it, in fact I usually struggle to stay up to midnight (and this year I didn’t!)!

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    1. I hate it when what is supposed to be a celebration turns out to be disappointing. Maybe that’s why I’m not into huge parties anymore. They would usually let me down.

      Did you have any bubbly before, or after bed?

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  7. As we’ve aged my hubby and I do nothing more than make a nice meal drink some beer (him) and maybe something fizzy for later. I didn’t bother with alcohol this year (I was a bit migrainey) and drank tea instead! Our children are adults now so enjoy spending time with their friends – they always call us around midnight, though.

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  8. Lol I do remember the big deal that was made for 2000. I did not really believe the world would end but was curious about all the speculation of it in the news. I live within an hourish subway ride to Times Square but I’ve never been present there during New Year’s. It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to even find a place to squeeze in there with way too many people. I usually just watch the celebration live on tv, though I don’t go right to sleep after the ball drop because people in my neighborhood light firecrackers and that keeps me up for another hour.

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    1. If I lived anywhere TS, I would keep away during such celebrations. Like you said – it’s a lot of trouble for tiny amount of space. Also, strategically speaking, it’s a dangerous place to be.
      People with fireworks annoy me. Go ahead, light a couple, but don’t get overboard. You don’t need to do it for hours. Trust me.
      Do you play with fireworks?

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      1. I can only imagine the horror of getting home after the TS event. The closest experience I had to that was probably on the 4th of July this year when I went to see the fireworks. Had I not been meeting up with friends for it, I probably would have not gone. But it turned out to be crazier than I thought. I was bunched up in a sea of people to the point I couldn’t reach my friends and was basically stuck there until the fireworks were over, so even if I wanted to leave I couldn’t lol. I did play with firecrackers when I was a kid but it was not very frequently.

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