NROP: A Trip to the Movies.

When was the last time you visited a movie theater?

Was it before, or after the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread?

I, for one, have not been to the movies for a while. I am not even sure if I visited a movie theater in 2020 at all. The last time I went might have been in 2019. No, I do not go to the movies all that often. Sometimes I go twice a year, sometimes there are years in between my visits. Unfortunately, due to non-existent revenue due to the pandemic, the movie theater I would frequent is now permanently closed.

But, we should all stay vigilant and avoid places like the cinema so as not to spread/ contract the virus. Right?We all know that things that we cannot have call out to us that much stronger. A couple of months ago, I even thought of renting a movie theater for myself and a couple of other people… Because, why not? AMC starts its rentals at $99. (Now that I opened the link, it is beckoning me again…)

How many of you pay for streaming services (and/or cable)? How many subscriptions have you bought since March of this year? Did the government imposed lock-down influence your decision? As you might have predicted, knowing how big of a rebel I can be, I have NOT given in. Even though everyone around me seems to subscribe to every streaming platform available, and tells me that I need that to live, I remain skeptical. As if I did not have enough things taking up my time already… Yes, it is easy. Yes, it is convenient. But do you really NEED it? Please do not boast about all of your subscription if you are going to complain about your financial situation in the same conversation. I am allergic to lack of reason.

My next question was going to be whether the pandemic has affected you or not, but I realized that it has touched all of us in one way or another. Some of us might have felt its effects more so than others. While some see it as something 100% negative, there are those that see the silver lining in the social distancing and the increased awareness of personal hygiene.

Whenever a politician tells me to do something (or not to do something), I cringe. When I hear “words of advice” from celebrities, my skin crawls. Why? Because, as much as we are all equal, they are… more equal than I am. Sad, I know. One would think that with this great blog of mine, I would be among those VIPs… Anyway, as I was saying, I do not pay a lot of attention to these people because I know that their lives are different than mine. Yes, we are all humans, but we all have different circumstances. When a movie star that rakes in millions of dollars for a single movie tells you to stay home while you do not have the ability to work from home, yet need to earn some money so you can put food on the table, it makes me angry. They have enough money to survive longer than the average Joe.

Once the pandemic continued for longer than a couple of weeks and I heard about filming being postponed, I prepared myself for the whining of the Hollywood elite. It did not happen right away. I almost felt proud of them. Matthew McConaughey took some time off and wrote an autobiography of sorts. Good for him. However, the pandemic has finally impacted some of the richest people and they are NOT happy.

Warner Bros announced that every movie they release in 2021 will be available on HBO Max the same day as in the theaters. Years and years ago, you would go to the cinema to watch a new release. After a long time, you would get a VHS cassette, if it was a movie you enjoyed. Then, we started getting those movies on TV sooner than on VHS before. We also had Blockbuster, where we could rent DVDs if we could not wait for the TV airing. In the age of computers, some movies are available on the Internet pretty soon after the theater premiere. But this is unprecedented.

What is the point of going to the movies? To me, it is mainly about the experience. Yes, that includes the overpriced, over-salted popcorn and a Coke. It makes me think of the good ‘ol days when going to the cinema was something “special.” I realize that the same might be true for many. However, I do not think that applies to everyone. Some people go to the theaters because that is the only way to watch a movie they want as soon as it comes out. Now, with it being available on their electronic devices, they do not have much of an incentive to leave their house.

As of today, HBO Max’s monthly subscription is $14.99. That is around the price of a single movie ticket, if I remember correctly from the last time I went. There is no denying that buying the channel seems more economical than a trip to an old-school movie theater (let alone an AMC rental). The pandemic has been great for all these streaming services with all of this year’s subscriptions. People need binging more than ever.

How do actors come into play? Some of them, aside from their regular pay, also get a promise of a percentage of the proceeds that come from movie theaters. Basically, the more people see the movie in the cinema, the more money those actors get. Now, with the movies streaming on HBO Max the very same day they come out in the theaters, actors are worried that not many will leave their houses to go and watch the movies. They might not be able to afford their fifth island. I almost feel sorry for them.

Hollywood is complaining about missing out on their money. What they forget to think about is… people are still not back to normal. Movie screenings are not being viewed by as many as pre-pandemic. Additionally, HBO Max is to pay a licensing fee, which is meant to substitute those box office pays for some of the actors.

Ultimately, movie theaters are not like they used to be a decade ago. Times are changing.

  • How do you feel about Warner Bros’ decision?
  • Do you go to the cinema a lot?
  • Do you have a subscription to HBO Max?

Stay golden,

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37 thoughts on “NROP: A Trip to the Movies.

Add yours

  1. It’s hard to care about movies when we’re approaching 300,000 deaths from the virus. I guess I dgaf what Warner Bros does, nor do I miss going to movies much. I went much more frequently than you did, often going alone to an early weekend show to enjoy the lower price and an emptier theater. But it’s the least of my worries. I share Prime and Netflix accounts with my daughters and those provide more than enough choices. YouTube offers free movies too (with ads)… did you know? Now that I work alone, I sometimes put one on for a bit of background in the silence. Take care!

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  2. I can’t remember if I’ve bitched with you about streaming services. I have two, by default. I picked Netflix; Amazon includes one when you sign up for Prime. I won’t be adding others and I have a certain level of rage about the whole thing.

    Especially HBO Max. Because I can’t get it in Canada, which I would for Wonder Woman 1984, which I would go to if my province and town weren’t essentially frozen because of the spiralling COVID numbers.

    But I think if you are going to release something to home-viewing that would normally be available to all, you should make it still available to all. Without a new contract service. Because that just looks greedy and selfish.

    As to going to the movies a lot, yes. Once a week, almost every month. Saturday matinees. By myself. It’s half a pathology and half a thing I love. Maybe I should write about it.

    I do love movies.

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    1. Ah, yes. the article that I read did mention that it only really affects the US, and other countries will have to do it the old way (cinema). It’s interesting for me to hear about all the restrictions in Canada from different people.

      So it sounds like you get NO entertainment. No streaming and no theaters. Wow.

      I’d be curious to read about it. There was a time when I would go to the movies by myself. Still do, sometimes. I thought I was the only one, but through blogging, I discovered multiple people who do the same.

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  3. I can’t remember the last movie I watched a movie at the cinema, OMG has it been that long? Easily 3years +
    Not that I haven’t been watching movies 🤣🤣 thanks to streaming services particularly of dubious legality I have been able to keep up with world of movies
    I haven’t subscribed to anything, how can I when the VISA card I got from my bank does not transact internationally (not that I even have the $9.99 to spare on Netflix)
    My favourite movie house closed down years ago they could not afford rentals as the business wasn’t turning much of a profit it became a church well apparently those rack in a profit and they can afford the rentals of the theater complex

    But there’s still a couple of other cinema places currently closed due to the pandemic I would not be surprised if they never opened again, imagine a city without a cinema before corona I would have said it’s impossible but now my hunch is that people are going to start their own drive in type “cinemas” you hook up a projector to a laptop or media player and boom movies (most likely of the pirated variety)
    Maybe that’s me waiting for a projector I ordered online and instead of just using it for myself thinking of charging neighbourhood kids a dollar to come watch Christmas movies with popcorn and our version of kool aid 🤣 but not the poisoned variety of course

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          1. We still get outages but the duration is around 2hours unlike those 18 hours of no electricity from way back ,(at least that’s a positive of the lockdown and having industry close down) so in comparison it almost feels like we aren’t having them 🤣🤣

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  4. It seems to me that streaming services and texting have very similar effects on the brains and lifestyle of those who overuse them. For example, a conversation over the phone used to have a clear beginning and end. It began when one person called another, and it ended when they hung up.

    A cinematic experience also used to have a clear beginning and end. It began when a person entered the theatre and it ended when the movie was over (unless you hung around for repeat showings). Most people would pick a day of the week to go to the movies, spend a finite amount of time inside the cinema, leave, and carry on with life as normal.

    Today, neither of these experiences has clear boundaries. A text chain can continue indefinitely for days/weeks/months with any number of interruptions or intervals of silence, and yet our minds are never fully detached from the constantly “ongoing” exchange. Likewise, in a world of streaming services, our cinematic experience can continue beyond the end of a single movie or episode– we can keep binging for hours on end! We are ready and able to immerse ourselves regularly in the world on the screen, as if it is an ongoing reality that we cannot pull away from fully. And when we do pull away, often it is with a sense of reluctance toward returning to the real world.

    I am guilty of both of these behaviors at times. I have found, however, that books do not have the same effect on my brain chemistry. While a good book draws me in, I do not struggle to avoid binge-reading on a late night the same way I might struggle with a good show.

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    1. I never thought of it that way, but you are absolutely right. Phone conversation and outings to the movies used to be special. Now that we can text and watch movies continuously, there is nothing special about it. It loses the charm. And that, in turn leads us to a search for something else that will satisfy our brain. I think that’s a reason why some people are depressed – there is not much that makes us feel truly joyful.

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  5. I have been to indoor movies twice this summer and a couple of outdoor screenings (and even a car cinema), this was all during times where Corona seemed fairly manageable where I was living, cinemas are now closed. I do think, however, that a cinema is a fairly easy place to make sure everyone is safe by keeping seats in between groups empty. Btw if you want a great new movie, check out Palm Springs, definitely my favorite out of all the ones I’ve seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen Palm Springs it was decent.
      I wonder if Drive-In movies will make a comeback due to COVID-19. It’s weird to watch movie from your car, but it’s also neat how you can make yourself more comfortable, bring snacks, etc.

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  6. I have been more into watching series the past few years, so I don’t miss the cinema that much.
    But I do thing the cinema is a perfect occasion for a first date.
    Then at least you have something to talk about afterwards and if it works out, that movie will always be special for the pair of you.

    A lot of people have lost their job, gone bankrupt or cannot find a new job due to COVID.
    Apparently that includes actors. But I can’t help to not feel bad for them. If they have done their investments well they should have a few millions left.

    I think all streaming services are reasonably priced and if you play it smart, you can easily share.
    And there are plenty of options. Otherwise they can knock on my door for good film/series suggestions.

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    1. I never understood why people went to the movies on a first date. You don’t get to know one another. But, I guess it’s a good excuse to go for drinks (or tea/coffee) afterwards to discuss. That, however, would mean that the date would be 3+ hours long. And that’s A LOT of time to spend with someone new.

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      1. I’d say it suits the more introverted types. I worked for me at least.
        Personally I have always been selective about my dates. If I didn’t think I could spend 3 hours with someone, I wouldn’t be on that date anyhow 😉

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  7. “Please do not boast about all of your subscriptions if you are going to complain about your financial situation in the same conversation. I am allergic to lack of reason.”
    Ha! You sound like my sister… She’s allergic too.

    I’m very fond of streaming, especially for series. But going to the movies makes for a much more interesting, interpersonal experience than the place you spend every day in… Plus, it’s just plain classic. I haven’t gone a lot though.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’m not that thrilled by movies either, in a cinema or streamed home. But I did go quite a lot to movies because I always had friends who wanted to go and there was nothing else to do. Then the prices went up, before the pandemic, a ticket was close to 20€ over here! 😅 A bit too much. On Netflix, I gravitate towards series that I can bingewatch rather than movies.

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  9. I miss escaping to see films on the big screen but I don’t miss rude people who care more about their phone than the $$$ film they paid to see. I saw two films in Jan/Feb Parasite and The Invisible Man and one social distanced Experience in June for The New Mutants. I am a film buff, so for me seeing three films in the theater for an entire year is a record breaking low point. Lol

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  10. While I’m grateful for the digital premiere access of movies during this pandemic, what happened with HBO and Warner Bros seems much more complex when you dig into since, apparently, directors and crews were not warned of this decision or consulted for it, making them lose a lot of money that they hoped to recuperate through box office (see Nolan and Tenet). I’ll personally always be for a cinema experience though and I’m sure that will never die.

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  11. I’ve been to two. Thankfully, things around here a low it but we are still wary. As for subscription, I have a few…regret it every time they renew. Too much stimulus these days and far too little substance.

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