HW: #MondayMotivation; Do not let failure stop you.

You have been on a roll as of late. Everything you touch turns into gold, which motivates you to try and tackle one more thing. You go into it believing that you will come out victorious but, unfortunately, you trip and fall. Once you dust your knees and get up to your feet, you start wondering about what happened. You were motivated, and you had a positive mindset, and yet you were not able to achieve what you set out to do. Life…

Now what?

What you are probably expecting right now is for me to say: “Try and try again.” Is that correct? Sure, I definitely encourage you not to give up, but this is not what this post is about. Today, I would like to look at what happens next; about how one failure can either stop you in your tracks and mess up your day or it can just be a pebble in your shoe that you shake out and continue walking.

It seems to me like self-discipline is a significant component of being able to take failure on the chin and move on. If you are lacking in that department, you will use any excuse to hide your head in the sand for the rest of the day/ week/ month/ year/ life.

Well, I tried” – you say.

Yes, you did. You deserve a round of applause. Sometimes failure is so overwhelming that we do need some time to ourselves to recover. However, I urge you to prioritize. There is time and place for everything. Say you messed up at work, and you got in trouble with your boss. It is not ideal, but it happens and anyone should be able to deal with it. Your first reaction might be to take the rest of the day off or to at least delay some of the other tasks you were asked to complete. Your ego got bruised and so you are trying to protect it now by not giving anyone any ammo. But guess what? By not doing your job you are making your situation worse. It might be a better idea to shake off your previous failure, work on other things as well as you can and then focus on yourself in the evening at home. Hopefully, by that time, you will feel better.

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up incapacitated. Me being me (i.e. stubborn), I opened up my computer in hopes that I might write something. Within a split-second, I knew there was no way I could write my NROP post. I felt defeated, but I closed my computer and went back to bed. For a moment, I thought about skipping the post altogether, like I would have done a year or so ago, but this time around I could not. That post was published later in the day. Would anything happen if it was not? No, nothing would.

But that is just how I am – I try not to let one thing stop me.

What do you do when you are running late? Do you try and minimize the delay, or do you throw your hands up and say: “Well, I am going to be late anyway. Who cares if it is 10 minutes of 20?” I definitely try to stick to the lesser of two evils. It is my goal to amend my mistakes. It is not only because I do not like others thinking negatively of me, but because I strive to better myself every chance I get. Throwing in the towel is just not for me.

Do you know people who will refuse to do anything for the rest of the day just because one thing went wrong? Are you yourself such a person? If you are, do not worry or be embarrassed. Acknowledging this fact will help you fight this in the future. Just because one thing did not go according to plan does not mean that other things will not.

If you do not try you will not fail. However, if you do not try, you definitely will not succeed, either. Admittedly, failure hurts but is it not worth taking a risk in hopes of tasting the sweetness of victory? You cannot say you do not like green beans just because you do not like broccoli. It just would not make sense. Would it? The same applies to trying other things. Green beans =/= broccoli.

Do not let a single pebble ruing your whole day.

Next time you fail, turn around, and go back home, think about this post. Think about what Goldie said – “Losing a battle does not mean we have to lose the whole war.” Once you do that, walk right back out and face whatever comes next.

Stay golden,



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20 thoughts on “HW: #MondayMotivation; Do not let failure stop you.

Add yours

  1. When I make mistakes, and God only knows, I make a lot, I just dust myself off, laugh them off if possible, learn from them and move on. That’s really all you can do. You can’t let one small mistake or mishap ruin your whole day. Life is to short to worry about all these little things that happen.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I guess there are a few types of failure.
    One is the obvious, e.g. you failed an exam.
    The 2nd is the one where you didn’t reach your own expectations and the 3rd where someone else thinks you didn’t reach their expectations.

    Usually people are hard on themselves. That’s why I stopped going out of my comfortzone. My comfort zone does expand, but slowly. And that’s fine enough for me.
    So I don’t have many issues in that department.

    Achieving other’s ecpectations however….
    That’s why I started taking distance from others.
    I can’t avoid completely, unfortunately. Especially at work. But as you know, i have take steps to change that 😉

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  3. I guess it depends on the gravity of the failure itself. I make minor mistakes all the time and don’t even think twice about them anymore. More serious mistakes, I keep on going, but I beat myself up mentally for them and try to work out what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Really serious mistakes have been known to bring me to my knees—sometimes for a short bit, other times for longer…then licking my wounds and healing myself becomes the priority. I’d love to claim I’m immune to all the bumps and potholes in the road, but life keeps proving me dead wrong.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A very valid point. The bigger the issue at which you failed, the deeper the hole out of which you need to dig yourself. I was mostly talking about superficial things. Keep getting up, Heather and stay golden!

      Liked by 1 person

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