NROP: Humanity in Times of Presidential Elections.

Most of the world probably knows that November 3rd, 2020 is Judgment Day. No, not really, it is jut the Election Day here in the US. But it sure feels like it could be the end of the world with all the hype that has been building up for, well, about four years now.

Yes, I have already voted. As you might know, crowds are not my thing, so I cast my vote the other day when the wait time was 0 minutes and 0 seconds. In and out. Nice and easy. No crazies. I hope your voting experience was/will be just as smooth as mine.

It is an important election. You know it, I know it, and, again – most of the world knows it, too. Is it not funny how we live in sovereign countries, yet we still care about the government of nations far, far away? It is understandable that we want other people to be happy and free, but it seems that lately US politics have become personal even for people from different corners of the world. It kind of boggles my mind. As much as I care about people in foreign countries, I do not engage in their politics. Mostly because I am not there and do not experience things first hand. How can anyone argue anything solely based on Internet news anymore? There was a time when you used the World Wide Web to get the hard facts. Nowadays, you can find ANYTHING there. The good things, the truth, the bad, the lies, and the in-between.

We all know about the unspoken rule regarding the topics we should not address at the table – politics and religion. Growing up, those topics were WIDELY discussed at my table. The talks were VERY passionate but both sides usually agreed on core things. No fist fights ever broke out. I guess you can call it a privilege of sorts.

Once I became an adult, I proceeded to talk about any and every thing wherever, whenever. Soon, I discovered that discussing politics and religion is fine, as long as you do not mind a headache. We would talk, we would argue. Sometimes, we ended up agreeing with one another, other times we would agree to disagree. Next time we would meet, we would either stay away from the topics that divided us or presented some new arguments we thought of since the last meeting. Whichever route we chose, we always walked away peacefully.

Do you agree on everything with everyone? I sure do not. Why is politics and religion so taboo, then? It is a topic we can agree on or not, just like any other.

Do you decide who to be friends with based on their favorite ice cream flavor (It has to be the same as yours!) or on who they are as a person? Can I be friends with someone who loves strawberry ice cream? Of course! As long as the person respects the fact that I prefer vanilla or chocolate, we will be just fine.

I trivialize this a bit, I know. Politics can be a bit more serious. But are they, though? Are they serious enough to make us hate each other? To break family and friendship bonds?

You are no longer my mother,” the headline I saw last night read.

It was like someone squeezed my heart for a brief moment. It was so painful. Fully aware of what I was getting myself into, I dived right in. The article talked about the riffs between us caused due to current politics. A woman from Wisconsin, who was traditionally voting Democrat, was told by her son she was no longer his mother since she decided to vote for Trump this time around. She admitted to worrying that they might not reconcile because of how bitter their conversation was.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Two adults, who have the right to free speech, turn against one another at a drop of a hat. I wonder about this often – Whatever happened to loyalty and respect?

The woman also mentioned other people who no longer talk to her because of her political views. Time and time again, we shut down the opportunity for a discussion. We insist on living in our own bubble. We identify people with what we think their candidate is. We no longer see our friends or family as our loved ones, but as monsters. Is that really the truth? What have they done for you to picture them that way? Do they simply prefer a different ice cream flavor?

Another woman, who voted Democrat in 2016, said that her brother did not notify her of their mother’s death and that she found out from an email from her sister-in-law. All because they disagreed on politics…

“Unfortunately, I don’t think national healing is as easy as changing the president.”

Jaime Saal – psychotherapist

I wholeheartedly agree. No matter who emerges victorious from this year’s presidential election, the nation will remain fractured. Why? Because people have forgotten how to be open to different ideas and opinions. Forgotten about compassion and understanding. In the era of brand boycotts, we have learned that either people align with our views or they get into trouble. Is that not the definition of blackmail?

We need to open our eyes, ears, and hearts. Even those that do not agree with us might be good people. I thought we were striving to be diverse? Or is diversity good as long as it includes us but not others?

I want to leave you with something to ponder:

Presidents come and go, but the people around us will still be there tomorrow. Or at least that is the hope.

– Goldie
  • How passionate are you about US politics?
  • Have you cut ties with someone due to their political views?

Stay golden,

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36 thoughts on “NROP: Humanity in Times of Presidential Elections.

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  1. Times have changed. In the good old days we used to be able to have an intelligent discussion with differing opinions and we could speak openly about it. Nowadays if you have a differing opinion you risk being ostracised, labelled, and ‘cancelled’. Seems to apply to everything – politics, religion, culture, covid, the environment, what we eat, right down to how we should think. There really is something fundamentally wrong with todays society…

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    1. I’m glad you said that. Sometimes I wonder if all that I remember from “before” actually happened or if my memory is “skewed.”

      You’re right, it does not only encompass politics.

      I am just saddened by all of that.

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  2. I have three different types of relationships when it comes to talking politics. Those who I talk with and we largely agree. Those who I don’t agree with and will change the subject because I value the relationship. Those that I don’t necessarily agree with but we can have a civil conversation and consider each others point of view. I will be going to my voting location tomorrow to cast my vote. It is in a small precinct and I have never waited more than 20 minutes before so I don’t expect to wait long. I just want to see my ballot go into the counting machine. I agree that whatever the outcome it is not going to bring healing to our nation. Prepare for the worst – pray for the best.

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  3. The result of the US election will impact other countries too, since the USA is such a large part of the world. If Europe was United like that, it would probably be the same. But other than the 5.5milion people living here, nobody is going to care who rules Denmark.

    This is an unpopular opinion, but you know what I think about voting.
    It is a popularity contest.
    Because honestly, do people vote for a party or the person?
    And the president can pretty much count on the majority of the votes of the state they are from. Unfortunately for Biden, Delamwere is a tiny one.

    People like to say that Trump handled Covid badly.
    I’d be interested to know Biden will handle it.
    Put the country in lockdown, businesses will go down, poverty creates criminality and the result… people die.

    We need a medicine, so hopefully who ever is in charge, will invest in research in that.
    Or the body needs to create the antibiotics on its own. But that might take a long while.

    Both have their pros and cons.
    I am happy that I don’t have to make a decision.

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    1. True, what happens here does impact others based on certain trade agreements and currency and stock changes. However, I don’t think it will affect an average foreign citizen all that much. People just like to hear themselves talk and want to get involved in everything.

      Once could argue that Europe is united like that, too. (the EU). Their goal was to be like the US. Some things work, but some never will. Europe is too diverse. So are the States, which is why we’re having the issue that we are having, but at least we are one country. Not much can be done about that. In the EU, you can always exit.

      Yes, people voted for the party for a long time. Now, I think people are either voting for the person or against them and therefore for the other person. That’s why Kanye West was actually getting support – because people wanted to vote for someone who was not Trump but also not the Democrats.

      You are absolutely right regarding the pandemic handling. No matter what you would have done, someone would have thought it was wrong. It’s something we’re dealing with for the first time in recent history. It’s not like we deal with this every couple of years. Different people have different ideas. From what I’m seeing – no matter what you do, people still get sick and some die. It’s terrible to say, but true.

      There are some medications that work better than others. I don’t think we can become “immune.” It’s like the flu – every year there is a slightly different strain so your vaccine might work a bit or not at all. I think this virus will keep on mutating, too. But that’s all speculation on my part.

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      1. I asked you if the election of 2016 impacted your life. You gave me a solid enough answer, but still I wasn’t completely convinced. I have been an official adult for 12 years and have seen both left and right wing parties ruling the country. Never noticed any difference.

        Some years were better than other.
        So do I have the prime minister to thank for that?
        No, because it is a lot easier to be prime minister when there is no war somewhere in the world or the economy is stable.
        No war equals less immigrants or refugees, which equals less racism.

        But hopefully we can compare covid one day with a regular flu. People die from that, but usually only those with a fragile health.
        I don’t many people with a regular health see the flu as more than something as an inconvenience.

        I agree that people want to hear themselves speak. I wish there was a freaking mute button though.
        Danes are mainly against Trump, do they have been praising Biden.
        Not ling ago someone told “Biden will secure many jobs with his renewable energy plans”.
        Try telling that to the 9000 people that are going to be layed off before the end of the year in the Oil&Gas department of Shell.
        There is always more to a good sounding promise.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m voting tomorrow. I’ve seriously considered the options, and I have made my decision. I fervently and honestly believe that my vote will be in the best interest of the country. That’s a belief that is shared by everyone who is close enough with me to discuss these things, even if they disagree with my choice. We live in a world where people who vote differently than us are somehow portrayed as acting nefariously. That’s just not true. We can disagree on politics and still have the best interest of the country in mind when we cast our votes.

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  5. Sorry, anyone person at the highest ranks of power who does not believe in science needs to be publicly shamed, preferably in the stocks, tomatoes and rotten cabbages handy. So, if you don’t feel that way, then put-em-up, mister.

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  6. Interpersonal strife does not suit me much; so naturally, neither does politics. Well, generally. I have opinions here and there, as you’ve no doubt seen, but why share something when it can only be detrimental? My mother is much more into it; my brother is much more against it. At my mother’s behest (patriotic duty, etc.) I’ll be voting this year (theoretically), but personally, I’d much rather stick my head in the sand than a powder keg…

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    1. I know that “fear” is often speculated to be the reason. But I don’t know. It seems to me that people really believe that others are their enemies. That they will destroy them if they don’t do so themselves first. I guess that is fear…

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  7. I’ve heard lately about people my age who for political reasons have been disowned by their children and denied access to their grandchildren! This scares me, although I doubt any of my kids would stoop to that kind of pettiness. There’s a lot to be said for “agreeing to disagree.” It conveys respect for the other person. I’ve also learned my limitations, and a go-to response for me is “I don’t know enough to have an opinion.” … although I notice there are plenty of people who don’t know much but don’t hesitate to give their opinions, anyway.

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    1. Absolutely terrible! I can’t even imagine that!

      There’s not much I don’t have an opinion on. But, I’m curious, when you say that, they leave you alone? I’d think that would be a perfect invitation to help you to get to know more.

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      1. I’m always open to learning new things, but people should know that when they paraphrase what someone allegedly said, I don’t just take their word for it. If it’s something important, I’ll look up the whole speech and read it in context. (Same with a single verse of Scripture used to “prove” an opinion.)

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  8. Our polling place opened at 7am when we got there at 6:30am we were 70th or so in line. Better than another township we heard about on the way over that had over 50 folks in line at 6am. This is an important election.

    I love my hubby to much to discuss politics. Oh, we do have a few discussions. And agree to disagree most of the time. But my vote as well as his is private. Though I think we canceled each other out….

    One thing we both believe in though that who ever gets elected, they need to be respected (OK to a point…if you are going to act like an idiot you should be treated like one… but I digress…)

    Our American constitution and way of making or changing laws isn’t easy, but if you follow the steps and the rules you can do it!

    I strongly believe there should be a cap on both time and money when campaigning for any post. And if you can’t say anything nice keep your mouth shut. If you can’t run on your own merits, step off the soap box and be quiet. And there shouldn’t be any information about counts until all the polls and all of the votes are 100% counted.

    We have quite a bit of diversity in our family and acceptance of differences keeps some of us closer than others. If I wanted to disown any family members it would not be just over their political point of view, but because ‘they’ had done something extremely hurtful or stupid. You can love your relatives, know they exist, but not like them – keeping distance because political difference is just shameful.

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    1. WOW! Yes, I’ve heard of crazy lines.

      As I wrote this post, I thought of some other married couples that I know that would traditionally vote for different candidates. They were still married once the results were announced. I think it shows great strength and respect of the union.

      The polls are ridiculous. I agree with you that we should only know the final outcome. But, people like drama, hence we get live updates from a million different sources with different outcomes. I also agree that merits should be enough. Unfortunately, that is not what works for many people. Stories sell. And the louder they are, the more successful.

      You’ve said it well. I am pleased to see that some of us are able to live among people whom we disagree with. That’s why I enjoy this community so much – it gives me some hope.

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      1. ….One of our ‘unions’ is a couple where the firefighter and police officer live together! Never mind any of the other issues like religion or politics. That’s drama right there *giggle – giggle*

        It is a said commentary that some folk actually believe some of the sensational papers as 100% truth. If we all believed in those papers 90% of us would be offspring from alien planets.

        So far with all the lawsuits and counts there is still no definitive answer to some of the major elections. All one can do is …hope for the best.

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  9. I am not passionate about US politics but seeing as I have couple of US dollars in my wallet I wonder how the outcome affects the value and availability, I read that the US intends to rethink its trade agreement with Zimbabwe and what would be the next president’s position I know one’s definitely called our countries shitholes..
    I see Florida man out there doing his thing…

    There’s a meme that circulates about someone who is having a medical check up and the doctor asks does anyone in your family suffer from mental illness?
    The person replies… “well they voted for ZANU PF”


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