Block Party – Conclusion

A few weeks ago, I announced the Block Party, which was to serve as an ice-breaker between people I follow, myself and those who follow me.

Many thanks to those that joined the Party! It was such a fun experience for me, and I would love to carry on getting to know you through your writing!

The responses I received were far beyond what I had imagined. Even though I did not get a response from everyone I reached out to, I was positively overwhelmed and humbled by those that took the time to respond to me. Often time there was an actual conversation (back and forth) that went on after me reaching out to some people. I feel like the whole experience brought me closer to some of my fellow bloggers. It brought the “human” element to this digital experience of Word Press. While it was time-consuming to organize all of this, to track the activities and now, compile the results, I sure hope to do this on a somewhat regular basis as my narrow circle of WP exploration grows.

Fun fact: I enjoy trying things out, giving feedback and suggestions, which came in handy in this process, as well. I can proudly say that I have helped enhance various WP pages during the Block Party assignment. Feel free to contact me if you want me to look at yours and give you creative feedback. Whether you are looking for a new design/ layout, or you just wonder what other people think about your page.

Below, you will find something about the participants, links to their pages/ blog posts, my questions and their answers. Hope you will enjoy it!

Now, without further ado, I present to you THE RESULTS OF THE BLOCK PARTY!!!

 In no particular order:

  • SimplisticInsights
    The author writes: “This blog was created in hope of giving the reader a unique yet simplistic point of view to inner human mechanics which are usually overlooked, and provide a different perspective of thought, and understanding, to help highlight the simple factors that contribute to our journey of life.”
    I would like to recommend: one of the featured blog posts, which I particularly enjoyed. Go take a look!
    My question: “If you had a “get out of jail free” card, what crime would you commit and why?”
    The answer: Well I would love to somehow expose and bring into the light where all the modern/western world taxes that are paid by every working-class individual are actually spent and how much doesn’t get spent. I feel that the modern world is overworked and all the fees and taxes paid are not well spent. I believe that the western world is too overworked and within a system that is made to have control over each individual. I believe there is more than enough for everyone however the system is designed to keep it all segregated. World hunger could be solved if everyone worked together to be equal instead of always competing. Just imagine the new generation were taught this way, it could be a movement to world peace. Also if there was a way to destroy all the nuclear power as I feel it is all too dangerous to be in man’s control and if ever used it could extinct us all? So why even hold such a devastating thing as the temptation of man is unpredictable.”
    Such a selfless and heroic mind!
  • DaisyMae2017

    I am also a  country girl and just love it. I don’t live on a farm just way out in the country. By living out in the country, I have the opportunity to see all kinds of different animals.” Crystal posts lots of pictures of the animals that live in and near her house.
    I would like to recommend: a photo post, which stopped me in my tracks, forced me to smile and take life in before embarking on my journey of that day.
    My question: “When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time and why?”
    The answer: “I normally have more than 30 minutes of free time only because I’m unemployed at the time. However, when I worked I would come home from work, eat, and crash on the couch in front of the television.”
    My answer to the same question, as asked by Crystal: “When I look at the 30-minute question, I think of what I would like to do most in my free time that could fit in half an hour. Depending on where I was, the weather and my mood, I would love to go for a walk in the forest, or on the beach. Reading a good book would also be a viable option for me.
    Crystal also likes reading – just like me!

  • TwoGalsAndABook
    The author writes: “This blog is about the love of and for books.” Pretty straightforward and explanatory!
    I would like to recommend: a review of a book I now added to my “To Read” list!
    My question: “What would you name the autobiography of your life and why?”
    The answer: “I’d probably title it “God, a Garden, and Great Books: The Life of a

    Lady with Three Great Passions”, or something like that. A little long, but it fits. It conveys my main focuses and interests, and proclaims them loudly from the cover so that potential readers know what they’re getting into when they flip to the first page. I’d put Cicero’s famous quote, one of my personal favorites, in the beginning: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” And I’d follow it up with a Bible verse (verse not yet determined).”
    Covers all the bases. I’d read it!

  • OhSweetChaos
    The author writes: “I am self-diagnosed with something I’ve named as Multiple passions disorder. So you will see my blog cramped with a wide range of subjects. However, my current favorite things to write about are food, travel, art and mostly, life. I like questioning conventional beliefs and breaking stereotypes. I absolutely love making lists so you will find a lot of my posts in points or numbers.”
    I would like to recommend: a post that reminds us of how to build lasting relationships.
    My question:
    “If you could breed two totally different animals together, what new animal would you create and why?”
    The answer: “I love red pandas because they are cute and they can be lazy (like me) and are mostly vegetarian. I am also a huge dog lover. So I would be delighted to see how an offspring from these two would turn out! Also because RPs are endangered and it would be great to see new and evolved versions of them.”
    What a fun, but also scientific idea!
    My answer to one of the questions (“What are you known for?”)from OSC: “Hmmm… I am not known on the international arena just yet. However, to those around me, I am known for being reliable, on time, but also creative and silly. They know I will always find time to listen to them and try and help with whatever they are struggling at that time.”
  • HowToAddict
    The author writes: “This blog is basically space where I’ll try to express my creative side without imposing too many limitations. (…) Unifying quality is that every post will aim to be “how to” on a certain topic.”
    I would like to recommend: A piece, which reminds us to keep our focus.
    My question:
    “Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island and why?”
    The answer: “Well, depends really. Most likely I would prefer to get off the desert island so in that case, some expert that has know-how on getting to the civilization would be my choice. If I, however, want to stay on a desert island then the prettiest woman in the world would do for obvious reasons. Now, don’t ask for me to share who the prettiest woman in the world is… can’t give that away ;)”
    Such a witty analysis! But so true.
  • SoniaGMedeiros
    The author writes: “Sonia G Medeiros is a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. (…) she wrangles home life with (…) one part-alien half-chihuahua, a Siberian husky/german shepherd/tornado mix, three cats, and two turtles who battle each other for world domination.”
    I would like to recommend: advice, which you could use when you are stuck in a rut.
    My question: “What sound do you love and why?”
    The answer: “I love cello music. The strings instruments are beautiful in general, but there’s something about the cello in particular that speaks to my soul. The sound is deep and sweet. It crawls right inside my bones and makes my being hum. There are a few pieces I especially love that I’ve shared on my site. I also love Yo-Yo Ma. One of my favorites is (Yo-Yo Ma and Katherine Stott playing The Swan). Exquisite.”
    Exquisite indeed!
  • MomentaryLapseOfSanity
    The author writes: “There is no rhyme or reason to the order of my works just like my life seems to be, oh so random. (…) My heart and soul come through my fingers and unleash fantasies locked in my brain into a twisted reality called: Momentary Lapse Of Sanity.”
    I would like to recommend: a beautiful piece about every-day inspiration.
    My question: “Do you get along with your next-door neighbor(s)? Why? Or why not?”
    The answer: “Yes, I get along with my neighbor. He is a homicide detective. He has the most intriguing stories ever from his job I could listen to his work stories all day long.  He and his wife bring us bread once in a while, at the holidays he bakes and brings us pies, he bakes from scratch and it is a blessing to have such kind people living next to us. They have taught my children to ride horses since they own some. He is always watching over our home and even when we aren’t home and he is fast to call if something is amiss.  He and his wife have a lot of similarities to my husband and me.  I came home one day and there was a huge pit bull on the road and I was with my son.  He saw us pull in and I didn’t want to chance to get out of the car so I was just going to sit in my car until it was safe.  He hollered over to me that he had our backs to go into and he had his gun pulled on the dog in case anything bad might have transpired.  My husband and he get along well.  They treat our children well.  We trade barbecue back and forth, if we make something we give them some and if they make some they give us some to try.  He makes homemade knives and he has sharpened knives for our children to bring their knives back to life.  I am blessed to have such good neighbors in our corner.  They were here when we moved into our home and we have been here a little over seven years now.”
    Loved the details to the story!
    My answer to a question (“Are you happy?) from MLOS: “I did not expect such a difficult question, so I decided to take a minute and think about it before shutting my eyes for the night. Often times, I get angry, or I get sad, and it pains me that those emotions prevent me from feeling happy. However, that is how I feel at the moment. When considering happiness, I picture myself on my death bed at a hundred and ten, looking back on my life. Since I make it a point to appreciate the little things in life, I consider myself to be overall happy. I am very fortunate to have what I have and be able to do what I do. No, my life is not perfect. Yes, there are some things missing/ I would like to do/ acquire during my lifetime. I know I should not push it in time. I should just chase them now, but… ???!!! So, to conclude, even though there is still room for improvement/ more happiness, I AM happy.”
  • TexasLawStudent
    The author writes: “I’m a first-year law student blogging about my crazy and sometimes overwhelming experience as a first-year law student.”
    I would like to recommend: various quotes that he posts.
    My question: “What do you think is the greatest invention of all time and why?”
    The answer: “The nail is the greatest invention of all time! It was invented by the Egyptians thousands of years ago and has stood the test of time!”
    Quite an out of the box thought! Hit it right on the head 😉
    My answer to a question (“If there is one person (any person living or dead) you could have dinner with, who would it be?”) from TLS: “It would probably have to be one of my Grandfathers, whom I never met since he died before I was born. It would be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. He was the greatest, from what I have heard… Also, it would be quite interesting to have him see the current world; to get his opinions on technology, economics, and politics of today; to hear the stories from back in his day and to get some fun stories about my Mom from her childhood. I am sure we would have a blast!”
  • ReasonsToResist
    The author writes: “I want to inform. (…) I want to educate, support, and provide a jumping-off point for people who are just starting to learn about these really important issues.” It’s an economic/ political blog.
    I would like to recommend: an in-depth article about student loans.
    My question: “What chore do you absolutely hate doing and why?”
    The answer: “I hate doing dishes. In fact, to make it easier, I say that while I’m doing it. My wife thinks it’s hilarious. I think it’s just the repetitive movement and getting my hands all soapy and wet. I run twice a day 3 times a week and lift 4 times a week. The last thing I wanna do is carefully bend downloading glassware or putting away dishes that, for some reason, my wife insists go in a cabinet near the floor. Either 1 dish 6 times (6 squats) or 6 dishes at one time. Okay, anyone who explains it THAT WAY clearly hates it. However, in winter, what I hate most is showering. I just know I’m gonna be cold when I get out.”
    This made me laugh. During winter, I make a mad dash from the steamy bathroom to my bed and bury under the covers until I obtain equilibrium. 
  • StripSearchLA
    The author writes: “I’m a lover of words and of the wonderful randomness that is life. (…) Stories about the people, places, and things that make up the city of Angels.”
    I would like to recommend: a unique post about a Mexican family reunion.
    My question: “What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?”
    The answer: “My favorite mode of transportation would have to be public transit. It is a writer’s paradise in terms of people watching, listening to their conversations and simply looking at the landscape outside the window. The sound created by the chatter, the rolling of tires (on the road or on tracks), and the displacement of air as the bus or train parts through it is a perfect cocktail of white noise that I find conducive to writing and comfortable for reading. It’s also an inexpensive way of having someone else drive you around. It beats taking Lyft or Uber.”
    Could not agree more!

WHEW! That was exhausting! Time-consuming! But I am happy. Glad about the results and connections I have made.

Run along and visit some of these interesting blogs!

24 thoughts on “Block Party – Conclusion

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  1. I am so thankful to be part of this fantastic exercise! I hadn’t expected that there will be so many details about each of us who took part, kudos to your effort in making real human connections Floatinggold. I know what my #100happydays post for today will be! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for making me and the blog a part of your Block Party! It was fun. Such a creative idea! 😀 I’m glad to get to virtually meet you, and you have certainly introduced me to several very interesting new blogs.


    P.S. Glad you liked my review of the historical fiction novel Brother My Brother! That book is free for anybody to read on the link I give in my blog post, and it is so skillfully written and historically accurate, but it is virtually unknown! I’m hoping that more people read it… it is a book that really should be read. By sharing about it like you did, maybe you can help people discover this hidden gem as well. Thank you for that! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for making my personal students have access to your website post. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated. I’ve got some ongoing projects and I wanted all these students assist me with it. The only way they could do this was carry out some exploration on the internet so as to help make my work faster. They came across your site along with the content on it, specially this blog post, seriously helped them to come to good conclusions on things we needed to carry out. Of course, I will continue to visit the site for new updates on this major and other issues useful.

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  6. Hi, Sam!

    I see by the presence of my avatar in the list of post ‘likes’ here that I’ve actually been here before. I don’t remember any of it, which I guess is unsurprising given that I’m ‘LTTP‘. That fact does underscore my belief that some posts that wallow in the obscurity of age still have value. I arrived here today as a result of my role as a member of “?RandomRaiders!“, attempting to practice what I preach (and, yes, in the hope of drumming up interest in that).

    So it’s particularly interesting that I ended up here, where you’re expounding your ‘Block Party’ initiative.

    When is the next one?

    … and now, I shall take your advice and

    Run along and visit some of these interesting blogs!

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